Lotion Recommendations Please

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Val - October 15

I'm wondering what baby lotions other moms are using for their babies? My ds is 4.5 months and has blotchy red patches on his front, and dry skin generally. (His doctor called it eczema). I've tried an organic calendula lotion and vaseline, but neither really is helping... any suggestions would be appreciated!


Krissy25 - October 15

Has your doctor recomended anything for the eczema, it would seem like you would need to put some medicated cream on it. Also if you are giving a bath every day maybe try and cut back to every other day if you can, baths can be very drying on the skin.


Carole - October 15

Hey chickdee! I emailed you back at Mossback farms, did you ever get it? I've been thinking of you, checked out your blog today. Dalton sure is cute. Carson has the same thing. He has it real bad on his arms side of his face and in his head. My dr. recommended cortisone cream followed up by Eucerin cream. Can we say disappeared within a couple of days? Try it, may do the trick! How are you? I am tired. Carson has been getting up a lot lately, restlessness not really hunger plus he has a cold too. Lastnight was better though. But him getting up 5-6 times a night and then my working the next day are hard! Write back when you can... Miss you xoxoxo


DDT - October 15

My ds had a few dry patches of skin on his legs and arms when he was 4-5 months old. I used Cetaphil (recommended by the pharmacist). It cleared up within 1-2 wks and now he's never had it again. (He is 8 months old). Even though you could cut back on baths my ds loved/loves them too much and has 2 baths a day. He has since he was about 2 months old.


kim00 - October 15

Both my dd have eczema. They both have prescription steriod cream to use on the major rashes, then I use Cetaphil after their bath. GL.


slackette - October 15

I swear by Cetaphil, for myself, DH, and now my little man. I put it on him (my LO, not DH...lol) after every single bath and his skin is SOOO soft. I used it on some dry patches on his hands and feet when he was a few weeks old (I would put it on like 2x a day) and the patches cleared up within a week or so....GL!


DB - October 15

We have used Aquaphor, Eucerin cream, Eucerin lotion and Aveeno with oatmeal and the only way my dd's eczema rashes really clear is with the Rx cream prescribed by my doc. The Aveeno is my favorite lotion though. You can buy OTC Cortaid which helps some, but I would ask your doc for a rx if it's REALLY bad as that can affect your babies sleep (imagine waking up really itchy!)...Good luck!


Val - October 15

Thanks for the recommendations! We only bath him every 2-3 days or so, so I don't think that's the problem. I think I'll try the cetaphil and go from there... Carole, I'll email you from my gmail account... :-)


Atira36 - October 15

My son also has really bad eczema. I am trying a few things out now...so glad you posted this thread. I actually just posted something before seeing yours. Question for moms who use the Cetaphil Cream. My doctor also recommended it- we bought a huge jug at Costco. I don't know if there are different types- but I used it on myself as a tester & it didn't seem very moisturizing. It's very thick & white- hard to rub into the skin. I only used it on him once & maybe should have tried it longer. I am trying plain vaseline right now.


Cathy2 - October 16

olive oil!


slackette - October 16

Atira, I use the jug that you get from Costco, Sams, etc......I have been using it religiously for about 2 years and I definitely see a HUGE difference in my skin's softness. I would say use it after every shower for 1 week and you should start noticing a difference. I use it after the shower b/c its easier to rub in. I use a good amount too so it takes a good rubbing to get it in, but my skin is still moist from the shower so that helps. With my son's dry patches, it also took about a week, but I put it on more than once a day to make sure it would work.


sophie elise - October 17

I recommend organic shea b___ter if you can find it. It's amazing and it clears up most skin problems like rashes, stretch marks, scars etc...it has wonderful healing properties. You need to make sure it's totally organic and not refined though, because once it's refined, it loses those properties....GL


ImpatientMommy - October 17

My daughter has really dry skin and I always used the Johnson's baby lotion that just comes in the pink bottle. I bought the Johnson's lotion that has coco b___tor and sheab b___ter and she has NO more dry skin at all after one use! I would definitely recommend it! plus it smells a lot better than the one in the pink bottle.



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