Lots Of Questions From First Time Mom

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Missy - October 10

I had my little one on 10/4. I am br___tfeeding her and have just started pumping a bit so I can give her a bottle at night. My first question is - should I let her sleep through the night if she wants to, even if that means a gap of more than 5 hours from feeding to feeding? Also, will me feeding her a bottle at night rather than my br___t slow my milk production? Also, she only will sleep the night through if she is in my bed with me - please don't give me trouble for having her in my bed, I have done my research and am (respectfully) asking you respect my decision - but my question is What is the best way to train her to sleep in her bassinette? Also, what is a good way to teach night from day? Sorry there are so many questions - I am a first time mom and am just looking for some reassurance - I am sure you all have been where I am at now (if you aren't currently there with me!). Thanks for your support - may you all be blessed with healthy babies and happy lives!!


Steph - October 10

I'll start here....I don't think at this point, since she's so little, that she can distinguish from night and day, that will come as time progresses...If you baby is sleeping, even if it is more than 5 hours at a time, let her sleep. She will wake up and let you know when she's hungry. There's no need to wake here up, there's that saying from so long ago, "let a sleeping baby lie"...anyways, with regard to bottle/b___stfeeding, how come you are not b___stfeeding at night like you are in the day time? I know a lot of women felt that is the easiest way to feed as opposed to making a bottle in the middle of the night. Learning to sleep in a ba__sinette kind of depends on the baby. For me, my daughter never would, so it was a waste of money. She slept in her swing swaddled up for about four months, and then until she was six months or so, I had to swaddle her and rock her to sleep at night. Hopefully others will be able to give you some other ideas on getting her to sleep in her ba__sinette. Good luck!


mimi - October 10

Yr baby is still young, I think 5 hrs gap between feeding is too long. When I had my newborn I used to feed him every 2-3 hours even when he was sleeping, that's what the doctor in children's hospital told me to do.Just like my baby sometimes he was hungry but he was to tired and didn't cry,yet when I offered him the bottle he finished it. So I think you could try that to yr baby, my son fell asleep rite away after I fed him. I don't think feeding him with bottle at night will slow yr milk production as long as you feed him with yr b___st at days or keep pumping every 3 hours for the first 3 weeks.I can't answer the ba__sinette question cos I've never use one. As for teach night from day, I read from this book that we should not make eye contact with the baby/ be boring/ try to sing lullaby and rock her gently, then she will know that night is time for sleep.I think she would eventually learn herself. My baby used to wake up every night until he was about 1 mth, and now he is 3 mths and sleep through the night, but everybaby is different though. Hope this will help, congrats on yr newborn:)


Narcissus - October 10

How often you need to feed your baby depends on how well she is gaining weight. Talk with her pediatrician about this issue. I think anything longer than 6 hrs is too long, at that age. If you sleep through the night without pumping or bf, your milk production will change, but that is not always a bad thing. It should adapt to how often you choose to feed. I also slept with my baby until he learned to roll over. I found bf to be the most convienient at night bc I could roll over to feed and stay half asleep. He wanted to be as close to me as possible (whats wrong with that??) and I was foolish to think that I should ignore his needs just bc some people have strong opinions about not doing it. They did not have to stay awake all night with my baby and suffer the consequence. He is 7 months now and he went to his crib without any fuss. It was an overnight thing. Each day he spent longer periods of time in his crib and now he loves to take naps and go to bed at night.


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 11

I'm with you Narcissus, my 8 week old will sleep longer and better and therefore I do too when he sleeps with me. I actually swore before I had him I wasn't going to do it, but things don't always work out that way, especially when you have a fussy baby who never sleeps. He will sleep on his own in good time, but for now he gets to cuddle with me. As far as feeding, my son never goes longer than 3-4 hours without eating ever, but if he actually would sleep longer I would let him sleep and wake when he is hungry. They know when they are hungry, that's just my opinion. But then again if he ever slept longer than 4 hours I would have a heart attack. Just joking for all the people with no sense of humor.


Jamie - October 12

First of all, congratulations! Now...your baby is only 2 weeks old, if I'm doing my math correctly; this is too young to introduce a bottle. If you do, it will cause you a lot of problems with b___stfeeding. I know, been there, done that - it took me 2 months to correct the nipple confusion. So, wait another 2 to 4 weeks before you introduce a false nipple. Next, about the 5 hour sleeping thing...I personally hold to the belief of never wake a sleeping baby. Since the baby sleeps in your bed with you, lay down next to it and offer your b___st...squeeze your nipple a little so that a drop of milk forms, then rub the baby's nose with your nipple - if she's hungry, she'll open her mouth, and you can help her latch on without her waking up. But, don't force the feeding on her. Your life will be a lot more pleasant, and she'll actually do better, if you let her nurse on her schedule. Also, at this very young age, you need to sleep when she sleeps, regardless of whether it's at 3 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning. She'll adjust, and you'll get more rest. In training her to sleep in the ba__sinet - if she falls asleep while you're nursing, put her down in the ba__sinet. If she wakes up, pick her up, calm her down, get her close to sleep again, and put her back in the ba__sinet. Eventually, she'll stay asleep in the ba__sinet. But, you might find that the co-sleeping is actually more convenient and easier on you til she sleeps through the night. Just be safe about how you co-sleep; keep blankets, pillows, etc, away from her face and her hands. (I say her hands because my daughter has a tendency to grab stuff and pull it over her face) I also keep my daughter in the middle of the bed, so that she won't roll off. My husband is a heavy sleeper who doesn't move, and I'm a very light sleeper, so I don't worry about either of us rolling onto her, but if that's not the case for you, put a pillow between the heavy sleeper/mover and the baby, so that the sleeper will roll onto the pillow, not the baby.



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