Loves Jumperoo

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nickie13 - February 21

My 4 month loves her jumperoo, Its another type of a jolly jumper. I was woundering how long is to long for them to play in it at a time.Or you just let them in it untill they fuss.(This my be a stupied ?) Imjust scared she would get obess with it


lin7604 - February 21

my ds loves his jumparoo like crazy too. i put him in it for 20 min a few times a day or if he gets fussy i take him out sooner. she won't get obess with it, they are burning a lot of calories jumping.


mandee25 - February 22

I put my ds (13 weeks) in my friend's baby's jumperoo this week for 15 minutes or so and he liked it a lot so I think I will get something like that too for him by the time he is 4 months old.


BriannasMummy - February 22

Holy smokes.. my dd LOVED her excersaucer (kind of like a jumperoo).. and she would spend at least an hour in it at a time.. i really really really think that is what helped her walk.. she was a walking machine at 7 months old. ~Kristin~


dee23 - February 22

i read that if they are in there for too long, their spine may get not really too sure on the info, but you can google it. i heard max 10 minutes.


dee23 - February 22

and i guess it makes sence too...if there not ment to be walking, there definatly not ment to have all that hard weight on there feet bouncing. also my doc recommended we dont use it.


BriannasMummy - February 22

Hmm i dont think dd spent that much time on her feet in the excersaucer.. she kind of stood there sometimes bouncing up and down.. and then other times she sat there with her knees bent just playing with the toys on it. Neither of them make it so the baby HAVE to just stand there.. i dont know how to explain it.. all i can say is.. youll see when your baby is in it.. Good luck! ~Kristin~


Bonnie - February 23

Mason goes in the Jumperoo twice a day for 30 minutes each time. I put teletubbies on and he jumps and watches TV while mom gets a little break. Usually I think they stop liking them once mobile. But Mason is a year old and STILL loves that thing!


mandee25 - March 12

nickie13 I didn't know that was you until you told me your screen name lol


Kara H. - March 12

Our peds office actually recommends Jumperoo or a doorway jumper in their 4-6 month hand out. Max spends 30 minutes twice a day in both his jumperoo and is excersaucer. When he is in the excersaucer, he pulls up his feet, leans back, chews on his toys and watches the world go by outside the window. If it wasn't for the Jumperoo, I would never get a shower!


drea - March 12

my dd LOVES her jumparoo, she goes crazy in it. It is only bad for them to be in it too long if their feet are flat to the ground and their knees are bent. They should only be able to touch the ground with their tip toes (thats what I heard).



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