Lunch Dinner Ideas For A 11 Month Old

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lin7604 - September 25

he is likeing people food more now but still isn't great with textures. he loves bread, yougart mashed potatoes, those shaped potatoe things, but willnot eat cheese or cut up fruit yet. what else can i feed him, any suggestions.


suze42 - September 25

try some of these: **Cheese toast or grilled cheese cut up in small bites** diced canned pears/peaches/mandarin oranges** penne pasta noodles plain or with b___ter and parm cheese**natural applesauce**


SaraH - September 25

Jelly sandwiches cut up small, Mac and cheese, carrots -if he has enough teeth to chew them, cellary (sp?), green beans, peas (frozen peas that aren't cooked much can be good finger foods or just cook the peas and beans for him), steamed frozen broccoli or cauliflower, sweet potatoes or yams. Depending on how healthy you're trying to have him eat hot dogs cut up very small, Cheerios and other types of cereal, chicken removed from the bone and cut up into small pieces (a rotisserie chicken would work great here), beans (some beans are very healthy just if you buy canned since that's the easiest way to get them I'd check the salt content and make sure I rinsed them) mashed up or if they are a firm canned bean they could be done as finger food.


lin7604 - September 25

thanks, that was the other one he would eat yet, pasta. i have tried pears, kiwi and bananas an no go yet either but i will try the grilled cheese or cheese toast.


lin7604 - September 25

i tried chicken tonight and no go ( as we had chicken legs). he loves cheerios and puffs, i am going to try the peas and corrots tomorrow and hope for the best. I find it hard as i don't eat much ( and picky) and i hate cooking for one most of the time, so it makes it even harder.


KLT - September 26

Not sure what I can offer as far as suggestions. My son will eat just about everything. He's also 11 months. Oh, you can try rice porridge.. thats easy and you can add ground meat for flavor. He also eats regular rice.. any kind of soup, loves Cherrios (is addicted)...I guess I could list everything. But try the rice porridge. That goes down easy. Does he have teeth yet?


lin7604 - September 26

yes he has 7 so far. I tried rice at dinner tonight and he liked it but he would only eat it off our fork?


Perl - September 27

Lin7604, what are shaped potatoe things? Are you talking about tater tots because I was wondering about those.



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