Luvs Diapers

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BreaunasMommy - January 30

Anyone use these brand of diapers? I bought a little pack to try cause you get more diapers for less money. Just wondering if anyone had any complaints or good things to say about them. Thanks!


Renea - January 30

I have heard both good and bad about them. I personally use them and love them. The only problem I have ever had with them is that the newborn ones don't work with little boys. Otherwise, they are the only ones I buy!


Brittany - January 30

They're alright, it's nice that they don't leak or get bulky when peed in but I didn't like how they didn't have stretchy tabs. All you can do is try different brands though, pampers, huggies, luvs, store brands. You'd be surprised, sometimes store brands work great too and they're even cheaper.


drea - January 30

I HATE them. I will never buy Luvs again. They have leaked every time I've used them. I personally like Huggies. Every baby is different though. Hope this helps


USMC_wife - January 30

My dd pees out of them and I don't like the tabs. I am now officially a diaper snob. I'll only use Huggies Supreme from now on. I used them with my first dd, and because of a momentary lack in judgement I strayed and tried Pampers and Luvs. Needless to say my oldest dd has plenty of diapers to use for her dolls!!


BriannasMummy - January 30

I used them with my frist dd and they worked awesome. I would use them with my dd, however I cant find them that small..they only start in size 3 around here.. WEIRD! They fit her perfectly, they didnt leak, and they didnt bulk. Im also a huge fan of pampers.. they work about the same as the Luvs. Huggies didnt work for us at all, both of my girls are allergic to something in them.. my first dd got yeast infections from them and my new dd got bloody blisters from them. To me they sag way too much! ~Kristin~


mandee25 - January 30

I prefer pampers or huggies but I have tried several cheaper kinds. Luvs is only sold in the US right? I never tried those.


mosley12 - January 30

ive used luvs. they were fine while i used them, but i recently got a card to sams, so i can buy the pampers swaddlers in bulk and they end up being the same prize. once he's out of the swaddlers, probably in a month or so, i'll probably go bac to luvs cause i dont really like the huggies. my neighbor, however, has a 17 month old and she said that the luvs are fine until they start walking and moving alot, then they tend to leak, so im not sure about that. i also dont like that they dont have the strectchy tabs. which brand does have stretchy tabs besides the swaddlers


DeeJay - January 30

they (Luvs) are ok for home but not going out in or overnight. I don't trust them!!! To many poop b__wouts!!! So I buy "exspensive" diapers for going out and when she is in nice clothes or overnights, and "cheap" diapers for all other times. The store brand used to work good when she was just born, but now it leaks. But I really think it depends on each babys shape and size. My dd is skinny so I need really good stretchy tabs. But I do buy the luvs for around the house and I buy Huggies supreme for going out, pampers work ok too.


ash2 - January 30

I dont like them at all. They leak on me. I use parents choice from walmart.Huggies will not stay fastened for me and pampers tight for his belly, but loose in his legs ! Go figure !!


jwhite - January 30

They suck... I guess they do the job but you use more of them than youdo Huggies cause they get soaked worse.


EricaLynn - January 31

I dont know what people are saying about them not getting bulky, man my dd can fill those babies! They dont absorb poop very good I have found, they do get really squishy and saggy when very wet. They are tight around dds belly (she has a pot belly) and not so snug around the legs. We have had some b__w out issues with them also.


maryl14 - January 31

i'm using huggies right now because they were the only ones that worked w/ my dd's but now my ds is so skinny and tiny that they just dont work he has b__wouts constantly and thats getting old i used pampers 1st and i loved them for ds but they are really expensive but i guess i have to go back to them luvs they didn't work to well for me because my lo's are so skinny and the tabs just dont give enough adjustablity but any other suggestions would be helpful


Erynn21 - January 31

I don't know if any of you do buy your diapers online, but I get mine at and I get expensive diapers for way cheaper than a lot of places out there. I personally use Seventh generation and they are spendy if I don't buy them there. I also use Pampers cruisers and they are a good price. I have not tried luvs, but have wondered the same thing, we got some for our dd from my uncle, but they were size 1 and she was in 2's so I returned them. It's funny babies little bottoms are so different some ppl like Huggies I HATE them, poo everywhere, but in the diaper. I am a diaper snob, and I am okay with that, it creates less work for me. I'll cut costs somewhere else to save myself the grief caused by leaky diapers.


bekysu - January 31

Both my kiddos are Huggie Supremers. I've tried Luvs and I never had any leaks but they do not stretch and that sucks. I would think that would be like sitting around in my Pre-prego jeans!


ITSABOY - February 3

My favorite is pampers but i have nothing bad to say about luvs when i am low on money thats what i buy.The only kind i really really hate are parents choice man they suck so bad and white cloud i had a sample one from the hospital when tyson was born and did not like it but luvs are ok.


carol23 - February 3

i've been using luvs for a while now. For some reason, ds had been having incidents where the poop goes halfway up his back. It's disgusting. I tried Pampers and they work WAY better.



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