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mandee25 - January 30

Memory After Giving Birth ---Does anyone have any stories that make you think you have early alzhemiers? I was grocery shopping by myself one day and suddenly I looked down, checked my arm and realized my purse was nowhere to be seen. I left my cart filled with groceries where it was and went out to my car to thankfully find my purse on the passenger seat.What a relief! Did I ever feel like a knob just leaving my full grocery cart and heading out the door. lmao I did go back in and finish shopping though.


sahmof3 - January 30

Awhile back I was making myself a grilled cheese. DH had the kids at his moms so I could get some things done. Well, I wasn't thinking and I made grilled cheeses for everyone lol.


vonzo - January 30

I'm always doing stupid things, the best one though was putting the dog in the car seat and not realising it wasn't the baby until i was strapping it into the car. What an ar*e!!!! I was in a rush and had sooo much to remember i wasn't even thinking...obviously!!!!


BreaunasMommy - January 30

right after I had dd and was home from the hospital I was napping one night and I woke up and was like wheres the baby and dh was like sleeping and I was like where is the ba__sinet, dh siad its right there and I was like no the other one at this point I was hysterical and dh was like what are you talking about. I was like the clear one. Well I was talking about the one from the hospital lol. Then I realized we were at home talking about feeling crazy. Dh was so worried about me he was about to take me to the hospital lol thinking back on it its really hilarious but at the time I was wiggin out lol


mandee25 - January 30

vonzo, you made me laugh out loud girl! Good one, doggie in the car seat! Priceless.lol BreaunasMommy, I had times like that when we first brough Noah home from the hospital where I woke up in a panic and thought "where's the baby?" and as soon as I saw him sleeping peacefully in his ba__sinette I was okay. I don't do that anymore.


Lisastar9 - January 30

I got such mommy brain I can't even remember anything to post about.


bradylove - January 30

We co-slept a lot with both our kids, but when we transitioned them into their cribs, there were nights when I would wake up in a panic thinking that the baby had somehow rolled off the bed or that dh had rolled onto the baby because I couldn't find him, until I would finally realize that he was safe in his crib. I hate that middle-of-the-night brain!


aurorabunny - January 30

SAHMOF3----LOL!! Right after Brody was born, there were several occasions when I went to the store only to arrive there and have completely forgotten why I went. Had to start making even more lists, haha. I also put our portable phone in my purse a couple times instead of my cell.



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