Major Day Care Problem I M In Need Of Support

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apr - January 14

some of u may remember my post a couple weeks ago (maybe less) about my home day carer. anyways, well she tells me that shes going on vacation this whole week and she found me another home carer to take him. well i alled her and told her about my ds and told her ill bring him in at 8:00am. well ok, set up! so anyways, i knock on her door this morning and i ring the bell for 15 minutes and no one answers. after 15 minutes i decided to return home and give her a call. well she was yapping away in the lobby of the building. ok so i get to wrk 1/2 hour late coz of this... after an hour i called to check up on him, she tells me hes ok. i got back at 1:45 pm to fetch him and i asked her how he was etc etc so she tells me he slept all the time and didnt eat. i said thank you quickly and left. first thing i did was check hes breathing ok. he was! i was so p___sed and i started crying b/c i just didnt know wat to do. he woke up about 1/2 an hour after i brought him home and i made a bottle. he had literally one after the other. poor little boy. hes so cute and so easy to take care of. hes always happy unless he doesnt feel well. i just feel so bad. and i cant just quit my job. i love my job and we really need the extra money. wat did i do wrong? i feel like the worst mum on earth. well anyways tomorrow i'll be wrking from home until i find s1 else. sorry this is long. i just need ur support. thanx for letting me unload. oh and by the way if any of u remember, his diharrea (sp?) ended up being from the cereal i was adding to his formula. all gone!


Lisastar9 - January 14

Sitters who have no respect for routine. Letting a baby sleep all day soyou can be awake all night .. Sorry you are having a had time. Wish I lived closer to babysit for you. Hope you find someone.


apr - January 14



shelly - January 14

apr,it sounds like a nightmare, what is the usual sitter like, can u work from home until shes back from holiday, this one u had that let him sleep and didnt feed him sounds awful, what happened with the daycare,wasnt it run by your neighbour i remember u saying in the other post.


ash2 - January 14

I was in the same boat as you were about 3 weeks ago. I have taken him out of the daycare since. It was a private daycare with maybe 10 babies. Very upcla__s house and she was in babysitting for over 30 years ! My baby was like yours....very easy to take care of, didnt cry unless he wanted something. Well we noticed that after a while with him being there that he would have alot of food coming home with him that he was " supposed " to be eating. We would walk in the sunroom where the nursery was to find NO-ONE in sight. I remember standing there for at least 5-8 min. before she walked in the room !WTF !? The door was always unlocked and see through. Someone could just walk right in and take all the babies. I remember walking in one time and she was ASLEEP ! That was the last straw, we just had to take him out. One other time i walked in early and he had been crying so hard that his face was so red and he " sniffled " took me forever to calm him down...And do you know what was wrong with him ?? He was first of all cold, and second very hungry ! I tell would think they would treat them the same as their own ! We paid her VERY well too. So sorry you had to go through this, but just know and feel that you did the right thing. Your baby will probably be sooo relieved now to be under your care instead of her ....


apr - January 15

thanx for answering. just want to give u an update. well last night I spoke to a friend of mine whol lives nearby and has a baby 1 month younger than ds. she has a supervised home care which she is really happy with, so I spoke to her, I've met her and tomorrow he'll start going there. Thanx for all your support ladies. I appreciate it.


apr - January 15

oh, if any of you can give me some tips on what to tell the carer I was at until now, I'd appreciate it : )


apr - January 15



missy - January 15

Hey apr--I know how you feel-it is so scary trusting someone else with your lo. I have a babysitter for when me and dh are at work and she is the best!! Try writting down your lo's schedule and give it to them so that way they have no excuses!! Best of luck to you--and you sound like a great mom, you didnt do anything wrong!!


ashtynsmom - January 15

Just tell you old sitter that you have found someone more suitable to you and your sons needs. I would leave it at that. If she pushes and wants more of an explanation, tell her. Tell her you were unhappy with the care your son was receiving and that you couldn't feel comfortable leaving him all day with someone you didn't trust!


maryl14 - January 15

apr i would tell them exactly what happened and tell her that you dont trust them to watch your lo dont mince words they should take care of your lo as if it were their own you pay them good money for a trustable service you are a d__n good mother who shouldn't have to worry about you lo's daycare all the time good luck and congrads on find a new daycare with good recommendation from a friends


LisaB - January 15

Tell your sitter exacly why you are going elsewhere. Sometimes people get compliant in their jobs and it takes a little rattling of the cage to wake them up.



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