Making Formula Away From Home

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Nerdy Girl - March 8

I was just wondering how you girls mix up formula when you are out for the day with your baby. My son is on Gentlease, which as far as I can see is not available in "ready to feed" format, so we use powder. If we are out for the day and I need to utilize several ounces of water, I feel like I am carrying so much stuff with me! I figured that when we are out I would not want to use water from a drinking fountain (way too cold) or from a public bathroom sink (way too gross), so I am carrying a large bottle (like an adult's athletic water bottle) of room temperature water from home and then just pouring it into the baby bottle as needed. Just curious if anyone else had a better idea.


SonyaM - March 8

I don't know if it's a better way or not, but I just put the correct amount of water in each bottle, then I add the formula as needed. We also heat the water up before leave the house, really hot that way by the time we need it, it's still a little warm. I usually don't ever take more than 2-3 bottles for the day of errand running or shopping so it's not much to handle.


TRP - March 8

I usually just prepare the bottle with really hot water at home, that way, by the time she's hungy, it will still be warm. I just have to figure how long I'll be gone and when she last ate before we left. I've also boiled water and put it in the bottle and wrapped it aluminum foil to keep it warm, which works well. And just brought along the formula in a small container and mixed when needed.


natalia - March 8

I bring hot water in a thermos. I know its one more thing to carry around :( Or if I go to the mall, I just ask (buy) a cup of hot water from one of the restaurants.


C - March 8

I use one bottle with the right amount of formula and then I have those Avent bottles with the storage lids and I put it in the other compartment in the diaper bag. I never usually go out long enough to need more than one bottle. This works great for me so far because I don't have to worry about carrying a huge thermos. Another thing I do is I always have bottled water in my car. I only use it once in a great while but it's nice to have in an emergency.


KrisD - March 8

I pre-fill the bottles with water as well. I can usually guess if I will need one, two, or three bottles. I've asked for hot water at coffee shops./restaurants before. Also, just last week I bought a cigarette lighter bottle warmer for the car. $9.99 at ToysRUs and it works great. If we go to the grocery store, I plug it in and it's warm when we get there. I also wrap the bottles in tin foil...


KrisD - March 8

Oh - and I also usually carry a little jar (a jelly jar) with a 4-6 scoops of formula and one of the measuring spoos in it. Works great!


Tamara-031306 - March 8

Well I have a formula separater w/ 3 I can bring 3 bottles. I use room temp water as I was told to do that right from when ds was born so he got used to it that way. I just prefill the bottles with water then when needed I put one section of formula in the bottle and shake. It works very sister in law does same.


Jbear - March 8

I premeasure enough powder for each bottle into a snack-size ziplock bag. Then I carry a 20oz bottle of water in the diaper bag.


jg - March 8

I bought a small (500ml) thermos for my son and put water at the right temp into it, and have a formula separator. I carry a small "eski" bag with all his feeding gear in it - bottles, bibs, thermos, formula. Then I just leave it in the car and prepare a bottle as I need one.


Zacks Mom - March 9

How do any of you wash the bottle after feeding? I washed him in the toilet sink but always felt grossed about it after that. I also kept extra bottles in the car just in case.


jg - March 9

Zacs mum, I carry enough water in the thermos for a quick rinse, or just take a couple of extra bottles.


HANNAHs Mom - March 9

A friend of mine did the thermos thing like jg. She carried a small thermos of hot-boiling water and a water bottle. She mixed the two waters with equal parts plus the formula powder and it was the perfect temp.


The real Lissi - March 9

I can't help with the formula question, because I always use ready made cartons when I'm out, but in answer to Zack'smommy, I don't wash them until I get home. I take as many sterilised bottles as I will need with me. There's just nowhere clean or convenient to wash bottles when we're out.


PaigeMeagans mommy - March 9

I do the exact same thing as Tamara. They sell the seperator thing at Wal-Mart and just about any store with baby stuff. Works great!


Zacks Mom - March 10

Zack would not drink the ready made ones. He prefers concentrated or powdered formula. Don't understand why since they all taste same to me. Since I cannot store the concentrated one when I'm out, I would bring along a small flask and powdered formula. I also have a cig lighter bottle warmer in my car. PaigeMeagans mommy, what is that separator thing?


SHelly - March 10

In the baby section u can find that "separator thingy" Its just a little container that has three parts that u can pre measure power and the top twist around to pour out the powder. I saw it for about 5 bucks at target. I just bought little "glad" ones for about 3 bucks and i pour the powder in it and carry the little scopper in a plastic baggy. i keep water bottles in my car.



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