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G - February 13

Ok, maybe a silly question. My daughter is both br___tfed and we are starting to use formula for a couple of feedings per day. I have been using the ready to serve formula that we got from the hospital. Im all out and now only have the powdered type. Can I use tap water, should I warm the bottle? Do I have to boil the water and let it cool? So many questions, help....


Jamie - February 13

Whether or not to use tap water depends on the water in your area. Since I won't even cook with the tapwater I have here, I certainly wouldn't make a bottle with it. The bottle should be "blood" temperature - that is, when you put a drop on your wrist, you shouldn't be able to feel it. It's your discretion to use tap water, bottled water, or boiled water. Can I ask, why are you giving formula instead of pumping b___stmilk?


G - February 13

I have decided to do a combination of both b___stmilk (expressed and directly from b___st) as well as formula. It is actually just a choice that I made for myself and my daughter. I do not plan on nursing during the day (or using expressed milk) once I return to work, therefore we are trying to get her adjusted to the formula as well. Thanks for your response.


Jamie - February 13

Cool beans...probably a good idea. I never tried to get my daughter used to formula, and now she won't take it at all, which poses a huge problem for me if I can't pump enough.


Bonnie - February 13

Formula doesn't HAVE to be heated (mine takes his room temp), but she will probably only take it heated if you b___stfeed since that is what she is used to. As Jamie said, boiling water just depends as well as sterilizing. I was using tap water and not sterilizing (other than the first use)...but then Mason has now come down with a bad case of Thrush and I have no clue why (I did not give birth v____ally, he is healthy and was on no antibiotics so the only thing I can conclude is germs ><). So at this point I am buying bottled water and sterilizing everything! (regardless of what the books say)


Jadyns Mommy - February 13

We would buy bottled water at room temp and just use that without heating the bottles.


tiffani - February 13

I am also b___st feeding and bottle feeding. I use Spring Water to make Dylan's bottles, and I microwave them for 26 seconds (for a 4oz. bottle). With my other kids, I b___stfed exclusively for about 4 months, then switched to formula and they did just fine with room temp. formula. Dylan won't drink formula at room temperature, i'm guessing it's because he's used to the warm b___stmilk. One more thing, if you do opt for bottled water, buy the store brand. I get a (3) 1 gallon containers of Spring water at Walmart for about $2.00. Oh yeah, forgot to mention... when your daughter turns about 6 months, or sprouts her first tooth, switch to bottled water that has flouride (helps strengthen teeth). It's usually sold as "nursery water" and can be found in the same section as regular bottled water. :o)



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