Making Liars Out Of Us

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MM - February 26

Hello! My ds is 15 weeks old. He's been able to roll over from front to back for about a week now. He also started to laugh a few weeks ago. Yesterday we were at my in-laws for about 7 hours & we tried everything to get him to laugh... he came so close, but wouldn't do it. The one day we were over there & he laughed, but only after my mil left the room! He also WOULD NOT roll over yesterday. He's trying to make liars out of dh & me!! Well, today he laughed & rolled over... the little imp!


3babies - February 26

Get used to it MM, if he does it now he will only get better lol... I would swear that each of our kids were talking for about 2 weeks before dh heard anything! They would just look at me like I was mad when I would try to get them to say something! Also, our first son walked at 11 months, (as in about 15 steps) promptly sat down and did not take another step for 6 WEEKS ... didnt we look like idiots after ringing all our family telling them he could walk. They know how to make us look silly all right!


punkin01 - February 27

yes they do my DDis 16 mos and she can say several words when we are around family /friends she will not say anything!!!!! but at home she says drink and points to the fridge.....or brings her cup to you and says more.....hey ,bye bye ,mama, dada ,bubba ,baby jos ( i am 25 weeks preggo with a boy and we are telling her that is her baby bro josh while patting my stomach) cat , dog, and even tries to say angel the cats name .....gosh and lots more i cant think of but when we are around family she will not....she knows 4-5 body parts and will point to them .....if you tell her help me find your paci 90% of the time she will go straight to where she left it.........but she will do none of this for anyone to even got back to us that a family member said something was wrong with her because she wont talk and we need to have it checked!!!!!!!! the nerve............


julieB - February 27

that is sooo funny... you will have to get it on film... lol... I love taping my ds as much as I can.. Funny... My son was never shy as a little baby , but now he is almost 1 year old and he shys all the time in front of people and just wants me to pick him up and hide his face... funny



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