Making Your Baby S Food

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pregnant76 - October 30

I am thinking about making my baby's food. I just bought a book with a bunch of easy puree recipes but my dh thinks I'm crazy. I figure that I can make a bunch and freeze for the week. Anyone else doing this? Any advice? What is your experience with it?


wailing - October 30

I plan on doing it. I would look on for some info. I also just ordered the book Super Solids. I haven't read it yet, but I've heard tons of people talk about it. I don't think it sounds crazy. Good Luck!


DDT - October 30

Oh it works SO well and is so much tastier than the jar food. I also have a book call "So Easy Baby Food" which is the best I've found so far. Once you start off you might have to make a few batches more than you usually would just so that you have a stock of variety going. After that you just replace as things start getting low or when you want to introduce something new. My lo is 8.5 months and I've been making his food since he was 5.5 months. At the moment I have such a supply that I only need to make new batches 1x a week sometimes every 2 weeks. He definetly appreciates the home-made...jarred usually doesn't get such a open and willing mouth. The only thing is that now some fruits are out of season I've either had to buy the frozen fruit (which can be expensive) or resort to the jarred fruit. It's fun and not crazy at all! GL!


DB - October 30

Oh yes!!! It's sooo easy and cheaper and tastier! Once you get to meats you realize how much better tasting (and smelling) fresh food is. Would you want to eat jarred meat!!??? Not me!!! I don't plan on ever letting my dd eat jarred meat!! HA, it's like catfood!!! I'm with DDT about the's hard this time of year, she eats lots of Gerber fruits, but I LOVE making squash and sweet potatoes, parsnips, etc... and once your LO needs more texture it's easier to make your own texturized foods. IReally, all you need are some ice cube trays and a food processor (I spent $40 on mine and use it weekly). And you can just mash up bananas, avocados easy and tasty!!!! Good luck!


DB - October 30

and take a look at


alida - October 31

DDT- I have been meaning to post to you... :). How do you prepare Tofu? I bought it but haven't opened it yet... do you just mash it up as it? I bought soft not that right? TIA..


DDT - October 31

Hi alida! Yes, I just mashed the soft tofu with a fork very well and then added some fruit to it. Hope your lo likes it!


alida - November 1

Thanks DDT... I need to buy the book you have. I'd like to start meat too and might make it myself. I a__sume you just puree the meat w/a little water to smoothe it out? I'd love to hear any tips you have! :)



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