March 22 Part 7

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newbabyras - February 25



newbabyras - February 25

Gretta - Walker had more hair when he was born than he does now...once all his newborn hair fell out he's been a bald little man. Both my little brother and dh were bald til 2 or 3, so I think he's SOL. I couldn't believe how tiny he was in those newborn pics...I miss it. It's been really warm here too - like 45 all weekend. Some of the neighborhoods around us are flooding because the 3 feet of snowpack in their yard is melting. dh is gone for a couple days too - he has to go pick up the trailer we dropped off last weekend - but only for a couple days. I'm thinking about planning a trip to san diego the end of march. I'm DYING to go somewhere warm. dh can't really take much time off, so I figure if we leave wed night and come home sunday that might be enough time. since that's right after walker's bday, we can just say we celebrated his first on the beach somewhere. I found a 2bed beachhouse for pretty cheap. when we all figure out when we're meeting up that's the way we should do it - some vacation rental somewhere instead of a bunch of hotel rooms.


zay28 - February 25

Answer: hey i am very mad, i send alexander to venezuela because i was traveling, i was preparing for my test and i was taking a course in baltimore. Well, the project is cancelled so no trip, i submited the application one day late and they told me that they will be sending back my application which mean I won't have the test. SO, alexander is in venezuela for not reason, i can;t go now and pick him up because is money, time invloved and i have to wait until april to have him back with me. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I ma very dissapointed and I miss him so bad. my mom does whatevr she can tohelp me . sending me pictures everyday, some videos and showing me him in the camara everynight. But that is better than nothing but not enough. So that is my drama for now... I saw thepictures of W Alexander palying with the toilet water, that is alexander favorite toy also. whenever he sees the door of the broom open he was crawling so fast to get there,.. Pictures of JT with sister are beautrifull also ...


newbabyras - February 25

Zay - are you KIDDING me??!!! That is horrible - I can't imagine how much you miss him. I just saw all his pictures - He looks like a little man - SO big. Oooh! I'm so mad for you - - How many weeks before he comes home? We have to keep all the toilet lids closed or Walker is in them faster than you can blink - it's not bad on the day the cleaning ladies have been there, but otherwise it totally grosses me out. He LOVES any kind of water - I'm really excited to take him to see the ocean. I bet W Alex is having a great time!


zay28 - February 25

jen, you will have a lot fun playing in the beach with walker. alexander was playing with the waves, whenever they were coming he was crawling back until they wet him. everytime he was claping and laughing. He also tryed the sand.. and he refuses to get out of the pool one nigth. he was crying because he wanted to be there. He is a water baby as dd is.. so we are palinnig our vacation to be around all inclusive resort either punta cana or palya del carmen .. i love being in the beach with him ... so uch fun.. yeas i miss him so badmore now when i found that tere is no need to him to be there. i am looking also for a day care spot for that time and i am on a waiting list..


Gretta - February 25

Aw Zaye - you must be heartbroken. I feel terrible for YOU! I know Alex - he will be fine but oh you must be sick to your tummy missing him and a whole month to go. Poor Zay!!!


jenn95 - February 26

hey girls!!!!!!!! i'm around every once in a while reading what's been going on with all of you and the babies. here everything is a-ok with me and the twins. they're just 1 year old now and sooo cute! they crawl around and are trying to stand (but not succesful yet). they're really small for their age, but i'm not worried , they've got plenty of time to grow. and i might as well tell you all, i'm 38 weeks pregnant with the next one! surprise!!!! it's only 1 this time- that was the first question i asked the dr at the first ultrasound! i'm glad everyone sounds good and all the babies are doing well, take care all, jenn95 from israel (you all remember me right?)


zay28 - February 26

Jenn95 first let me tell you that i am glad that you are still around, second congratulations with your new pregnancy, are you 8 wekks pregnant or 18? , third can you update the twins pictures and last can you keep us update with your pregnancy more often, there are some of us that are thinking in getting pregnant again.,..Hope you are doing ok with your pregnancy ... Congratulations again


Gretta - February 26

Hi Jenn! OMG Did you say 38 weeks preggers! You are due like now! HAHA Congratulations and I hope all goes well. How exciting. Glad to hear the boys are doing well.


newbabyras - February 26

Jenn - Wow! great to hear from you - and how exciting - you're due any day now!! How was this pregnancy compared to the last one? yes-please update the pictures of the boys on the website -we still have their itty bitty pictures on there. We've all been super excited about first birthdays. Take care and let us know how the new little one is - - BTW, boy or girl?


newbabyras - February 26

I ended up taking Walker to the doctor today. His cough was getting really wet and yucky sounding. There's so much c___p going around I figured better safe than sorry. We ended up in the waiting room for over an hour, and I'm amazed he didn't have a melt down - i almost did. Plus I was a wreck trying to keep his mouth off everything --figured if he wasnt' sick going in, he would be coming out. Doc said he's not worried yet, and said if he gets a fever or stops eating to bring him back in -or if his cough changes. Since we waited so long and he was running behind I didn't have them weigh him, and now I'm wishing I had. have we lost Irene in the transition to part 7? Where are you - is everything ok. You know if I've had time to post twice it's been forever since she's been gone. Zay- how you holding up? Tara - how was the party?


Gretta - February 26

Irene has been gone for ages - I hope all is well?


jenn95 - February 27

hi girls. yes that's right what you read -38 weeks! that's like due pretty soon! i know, i kind of don't believe it myself. the ultrasound said girl this time, but like i always say, i'll believe it when i see it. this new baby will be # 7. i'd love to put of pics of the twins but i can't remember the website , i have the pa__sword written down, but the name of the site i forgot- tot something isn't it? sorry, i'm an idiot. about this pregnancy- well, pregnancy is always a pain isn't it? every time i've got some new thing to complain about. this time i've got this sciatic nerve thing when it's like a sharp pain shoots down your leg all the time. ahhhh, the joys of pregnancy.... but thank God besides that i'm doing ok. oh i remembered the name of the site- go me! ok, i'm going to upload some pics for you all, go check 'um out!


newbabyras - February 27

#7! Holy cow - i don't remember you telling us that. Wow - you're awesome. The new pictures of Mendy and Binyamin are great! You should put one of the whole family up - 7 - wow. Please keep us posted if you get a second after the new baby is here.


Gretta - February 27

Oh my the twins are gorgeous! Such beautiful brown eyes too. Jenn - how do you do it? Aren't you exhausted? I have my hands full with one!


Gretta - February 28

CHloe just took her first step!!!!!!! OMG!!!! She just pushed her walker to me and let go and I held my arms out and she took 1 little step and plopped down! OMG


iemc19 - February 28

Doesn't it make you so excited and give you a right feeling of achievement - even though it was your little one who did it!!!!!! Aiden did it last night! He's been so close for weeks but last night he did it for ice cream!!! As Duggie said. 'figures! tempt a Collins ( my maiden name ) with food and everything will happen! ' He did it 3/4 times with just me there and then I ran shouting for all to see, and EVERYONE got super excited and OTT and Aiden did it partially for them - he did 3/4 steps for me and just 1/2 for them - and then he got super excited - I'm so pleased Duggie grabbed the camera and filmed it - not any good walking but his excitement!!!



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