March Lucky Charms Our Babies Are Here

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BriannasMummy - March 31

Hey ladies, since all of our babies are here now.. i thought it was time to move on over. Now instead of getting to share all the aches and pains and anxiousness of pregnancy we get to share all the milestones of our sweet little babies!! YAY!


BAF - March 31

Yeah Kristin, thanks for starting our new thread!!! How exciting that we all have our babies now. My lo is sleeping away in his swing so I am anxiously buzzing around the house working. My Mom came before I had Ford and left this morning so I have been so spoiled. She has been doing all the laundry & dishes so now I am on my own. It was so nice to have her help and support. Bye for now, I'll check in later!


mahagen - March 31

YEAH, we have all made it through the pregnancy and now to cherish all our babies milestones together!! My little guy is doing fine he just has had a few things going on the last 24 hours and I think it's my fault posibly :-( Has anyone ever taken milk of magnesia while b___stfeeding the lo??


ACG - March 31

Hey girls! It's good to be over here in the infant care area. 'Glad we're sticking together still. Thanks, Kristin! Just wanted to say hi. Jack's waking up and hungry now. 'Talk to y'all later! -April


Question - March 31

Yeah! We our babies are all here! Good idea Kristin! I'm so loving Hannah, she is now sleeping though the night! Her new cousin born 3 days ago weighs, 8lbs 7oz! They loolk like twins. Need to send a pic of these girls together. My insision is healing wonderfully. My doc says I have lost 25lbs, but my total needs another 15! So I had no idea that I gained 40lbs with Hannah! House work is much hard with infant and toddler. I have to wait for the both to be sleeping! Erica


surewinwilliams - April 1

Hey there all! I am so glad to be here! Just to get things straight, lets have an age/weight/s_x/name list of our lucky charms. I will start... 18days/8lbs7oz/boy/Cooper James! Hope everyone is enjoying motherhood!


BAF - April 1

Hi surewinwilliams - what's your first name? Welcome to our March Mommies thread. My name is Brandy, my lo is 5 weeks/he weighed 7lb 1oz at birth & is probably around 9lbs now/boy/Ford Benjamin. I work at home & officially started back today. I am just doing part time stuff but am excited to get back in the groove. Question for all the Mommies. Any advice on getting my lo to sleep in his crib? I know it's my fault as I have been letting him sleep in our bed from day one. I am trying to let him nap in there but some days he won't even do that! Any advice/help/tips would be greatly appreciated! Have a great Tuesday.


ROBYN - April 1

Hey all wow we are here never thought i would be posting on here. Welcome to everyone and congrats to all of us we made i cant believe we started together on the 1st tri and now we are on Infant care WOO - HOO. BRANDY - well... Justin has yet to be in his crib we have him in a co-sleeper next to our bed. I am not ready to put him his room yet though i dont think he personally cares where he sleeps. One thing to remember i have done a lot of reading theres no way at this stage that you could spoil Ford or Ford could be manipulating you guys that he knows that hes in your bed. not until around 6 months they say that they understand what they are doing to us YEAH RIGHT we say LOL. But i have a boppy pillow that i will place Justin in between in our bed when Jason leaves for work sometimes but mainly hes in his co-sleeper which if you are unsure about putting him in his crib i totally recommend. The bed comes right up to your bed and its level to you so you reach over and pick him up. Its great for bfding though i am not doing that. We had purchased a cradle and that cats made it a play toy so they kinda broke the locking mechanism and when Justin would sleep in it he would roll to one side. SO... we invested in the sleeper. ERICA - glad you are doing well i still have pain in the incision area mainly i should say soreness when i lift things that are too heavy. I too lost 23 lbs already but thats just pregnancy weight i want to lose a ton more which is not pregnancy related. I believe Justin is up to 10lbs already he goes in 2 weeks for his 8 week check up. I go tomorrow for my 6 week pp check up. I understand about getting stuff done around the house though my 9 year old doesnt count but with a newborn i am always waiting for him to be napping. Or my DH will tell me to leave everything for him when he gets home from work he will do it. I feel guilty because he works all day but he doesnt look at it that way. As soon as he comes home he goes into daddy mode and takes Justin for the rest of the night he cant to be with him. Do any of you have the carrier that you place the baby in and walk around hands free? We have it and Justin absolutely LOVES it. Jason wears it all the time with him in it. I took a walk around the neighborhood yesterday with him and he pa__sed out in like 5 seconds. Ok i have rambled.


surewinwilliams - April 1

Hey there again! My name is Karry. Mahagen...I took milk of mag while I was PG..and boy I'll never do that again! Can you say explosion!!!! (tmi?) Colace did the trick for me pp. Brandy, my dd is 2.5 now and she was one that had to be VERY gently put in her crib when she was that age. I would rock her to sleep first or bounce her on an excercise ball, then slowly put her in the crib. Something that helped her feel less vulnerable was to use a sleep positioner. My new lo is still next to the bed, but I already want to put him in the crib because he is a loud sleeper! So he's getting the boot soon! Hope that helped! Good luck.


ACG - April 1

Here are my stats: Jack/boy/6 lbs 8 oz at birth/5wks old tomorrow. I'd guess he weighs around 8 lbs now. As for sleeping arrangements, he goes back and forth between the cradle in our room and our bed. I'm happy with that for now. During the day, he naps in his bouncer - he loves the vibration mode. Robyn: we have a wearable carrier, and Jack goes to sleep about 4 seconds after we start walking around with him in it. Karry: We also use a sleep positioner in Jack's cradle, and like you said, it seems to help him feel more secure and sleep better in there. I'm so glad to have this forum and you ladies! I'm at home, just me, Jack and the dog all day, so I need the interaction! -April


ACG - April 1

What's everyone doing for feeding: b___st or bottle? It was really important to me to bf, so I read all the books and took a cla__s. Everything seemed to go well at first. Then Jack lost too much weight. I've been working with a lact. consultant since his birth, but no matter what I try, I can't seem to make enough milk for him. I've been on several different medications and currently have to pump after every feeding to keep the milk up and have something to give him via bottle at the next feeding. We also have to supplement with formula. I'm disappointed about how this is going. Pumping all the time is really wearing on me, and if the milk doesn't get better soon, I'm gonna call it quits on bf-ing. We can't go anywhere or do anything b/c feeding takes so much time and energy. Thoughts, anyone?? -April


surewinwilliams - April 1

April; Im sorry you are having trouble. all I can say is keep trying. I went through this with my dd and with my newborn. It always seemed that when I was worried about my supply, it went down, and then i would talk to somebody about it, feel better, and my supply would come up. If you are worn out from pumping and worrying, your supply will go down. So try to relax (hard I know), and know that even if you have to supplement it is not going to be the end of the world, and the thing your baby needs most is your love. Enjoy the time that you are nursing, and supplement if you need/want to. Best of luck! karry


ROBYN - April 1

April - bottle feeding here i am sorry you are having troubles i cant offer any advice. It sounds very difficult i honestly never had the desire to b/f it sounds like its alot of work but i am sure its rewarding for you when it works.


Question - April 1

April- I know pumping is exhausting, I have done this to often w/ Hannah and Alexis. Alexis had didn't except bfing what so ever . Hannah was all for it but Alexis needed me when I couldn't be there for her.. I had to even out my time w/ both girls. So bfing is out, of the picture for me, even though I wanted that special bond w/ Hannah. I'm still pumping every 4 hours til Hannah is 2 months. It's draining and but I think you can increase your milk supply if you pump every 4 hours and drink lots of fluids, see if that works for Lil Jack. Maybe this can cause more bfing and not as much pumping for you. What you may decide, it will get easier. Hand in there. Robyn- I also have soreness from time to time. I used Neosporin+ Pain relief and it works well. Your dh is a wonderful man to be helping around the house and caring for Justin at night.. He is the super daddy of them all! Wow Lil Justin is doing marvelous with weight. He has become handsome lil prince in the recent pics! Thursday Hannah has her month ap so we'll see her how much she's grown. I hope Sarah and Claire are doing well, we miss you!! Erica


BriannasMummy - April 1

Hey ladies.. I just love seeing you all over here posting. Its so strange not to talk about pregnancy, but to talk about the products of our pregnancy instead. So for stats.. 4 weeks on thursday/Boy/he was 8lbs 6oz at birth and as of late last week he was up to 9lbs/His name is Kayden Walker. BRANDY: I know what you mean.. Kayden sleeps with us as well, I think its because he yearns for the close warmness. A lot of people swear by swaddling. You can buy a swaddler or you can just get a nice warm blanket, wrap him up tight and place him in his crib.. it works for us. APRIL: Im a formula feeder. Im just no good with the b___by feeding, and its was a personal choice that I used formula instead. The best thing I can say is.. DO NOT put yourself through a horrible time to b___st feed. A lot of women regret working so hard on b___stfeeding, and it not working out. It puts a lot of stress on you, if you dont start getting adequate milk soon.. i say let it go. Youve done a fab. job of letting him have b___stmilk up until this point.. so he got the important colostrom. Be happy thats the focus!! ROBYN: We dont have one of those sling things, I think we should invest.. kayden ADORES being held nice and close all cozied up in his blanket.. so I think that would have the same affect. Where did you get yours.. do you recommend a specific kind? ERICA: Id love to see these pictures of the "twins" they both sound adorable. Anyway.. i have a raging headache.. Kayden will be awake in about 8 minutes for a bottle. He sleeps from 12 until 5 am.. hes such a good boy!! ~Kristin~


mahagen - April 2

Hi ladies, it's me ds is 2 weeks on thursday/birth weight 8 lbs 7.1 oz/Kannon Mikeal/ probably weights about 9 lbs now but I will find out for sure later today. Robyn and April what kind of carrier do you have. If anyone has suggestions on what brand carrier they would recommend I am up for it. I have to juggle an 18 month old and a newborn without a double stroller so I am thinking a carrier might be more idealistic so my dd who is 18 months old can sit in the stroller and I can keep better track of her. Well its very late and I really need to catch some zzzz so I will chat later.


ROBYN - April 2

Morning girls i have my 6 week post partum checkup today. Jason is going to leave work and go with me to watch the baby. Plus its hard for me to lift him in the carseat puts too much strain on my tummy still. OH the carrier we registered for was a Jeep carrier its awesome and so easy to use. I actually put Justin in it yesterday and did housework for an hour he pa__sed out immediately plus with those carrier they face either way he LOVES to face forward he see everything better. Oh and Jason registered for the Jeep carrier because it was the "man" thing for him he picked it out it also said Parents Top Pick and Babies R US. But i think any carrier is fine. SO did your LOs find their hands yet and start eating them? Its hilarious. How about smiling Justin started it last week and it increases every day its soooo cute. Last night he slept really well though the only time he wakes at night is to eat and he goes right back to bed but lastnight he pa__sed out at 830pm woke at midnite and then woke at 415 am i couldnt believe how long he slept in between feedings.



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