March Lucky Charms Our Babies Are Here PART 2

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ROBYN - May 6

Ok... now that are little ones are here this is the really cool part instead of comparing all our pregnancies now we can get the advice we need from one another with our precious little ones.


ROBYN - May 6



sarah21 - May 6

Wow so much to say I had to start a notepad so I wouldn't forget what I wanted to say once I go to the next thread! Claire is taking her first nap by herself (without me holding her) since she got home from the hospital a week ago. I am so excited! I did some laundry but am about to do more. I usually wait until DH gets home to do any cleaning plus my mom still comes one or two days a week to help with that. My problem has been getting dinner started. As for my daily routine, Claire usually goes to bed at 8 or 8:30, wakes up at 11:30, :30, and 5:30 or 6:30. Last night she went to bed at 8:30 and woke up at 2:40! Wow! I didn't know what to do with myself. Then she went back to bed until 6:00. Anyway usually she is awake for about an hour and a half once she eats at her 5:30 or 6:30 feeding and then I eat my bowl of cereal, then she takes a nap and I go back to sleep with her. We usually sleep for about an hour then we get up, she eats again, I take a shower and put her in her bouncy seat and then I give her a bath, by that time she is ready for another nap which is where we're at in our day now. Yesterday I left Claire with my mom for an hour while I went to get DH some lunch at work. Wouldn't you know it, but it was the one time she wanted to eat early and I had to way to get over there quickly and didn't bring any b___stmilk with me to leave with my mom because I wasn't planning on leaving her. Argh! But Claire survived. I had my checkup yesterday and got on the mini pill. But yeah like it matters. I swear I'll never be able to have s_x again! heh heh. Today though I am really going to work on getting Claire to at least nap by herself so that maybe we'll have a chance. Erica sounds scary with the sleep walking. And so not fair about Hannah's sleep habits! I won't be able to sleep through the night with Claire until she has her operation since I have to give her meds every 6 hours. Bummer! Now as for getting back into shape, yeah well not doing so great here. Like I said b___stfeeding has kept my appet_te on overdrive. I am trying to keep it healthy but it's hard when I have a limited amount of time to get food ready and eat it.


Astra - May 6

Sarah, sounds like a great routine. Ethan's sleep schedule keeps us guessing. Sometimes he is ready to go to bed at 7 sometimes at 9. He is up at least three times at night and I get the rearly morning feeding so after that I don't usually go back to sleep. I try to get up with the hubbie so that I can get a quick shower and organize a little bit until Ethan wakes up. Recently he started to take naps in his swing which is heaven for me because I can get a few things done while he naps. I also manage to do some laundry when I put him in his ergo carrier, although if he gets fussy it's harder. The hardest thing is that it takes him hours to eat. I have to burp him often or he gets ga__sy and after a few ounces he can get pretty fussy and it's harder to feed him. I also usually change him half way through a feed because he wakes up hungry and I don't like to have him wait, and also he tends to poop while he eats...So the whole process can take up to an hour and a half, then if I'm lucky he'll have a nap, but often he's ready to eat anywhere from two hours to three hours from the begining of his last feed. He also really changes his portion size. He can eat anything from 2 to 6 ounces. Through usually four will be enough for him. Today I spontaneously put him in his carrier and took him for a short walk outside. It was heaven to get some fresh air. I haven't been able to cook at all, I'm so tired by the end of the day, we're mainly eating out of the freezer and some take out. My hubbie is very helpful and supportive. Usually once he gets home I hand over the babe and take a break for myself.


ACG - May 6

Sarah, I hear you on the getting back in shape. I am no longer bf-ing, and I started back running four times a week. I've been doing that for 3 weeks and have lost 0 pounds - still 10 pounds up from my pre-preg weight - very frustrating. Astra, Jack's sleep schedule is a non-schedule as well. His naps are very erratic, and he goes to bed at night anywhere between 8 & 11PM. He does sleep for 4-7 hours at a stretch at night, which is nice! His eating is regular - 5 ounces every 3 hours on the dot during the day. I haven't been cooking at all. It's never been my forte, and with a baby I'm even less inclined. Dh usually comes home from work and fixes dinner, bless his heart. -April


sarah21 - May 6

Wow I can only dream of what it would be like to have my husband actually cook dinner. His cooking consists of: boxed macaroni and cheese, frozen pizza, corn dogs, hot dogs, and maybe a hamburger. Not exactly healthy or appetizing. Astra sounds like you have your hands full! Claire ALWAYS poops when she eats and it is so noisy. She farts with it and you hear the liquid coming out... it's so gross. Hahaaa! And she has no sense of shame it's great. I just can't believe how much I love that little girl. I just melt every time she grins at me. I love it when she's nursing and she just stops to look at me and grin and I see her little dimples on her cheeks. Makes me feel like a celebrity. Well I am going to get working on a shopping list. I've been able to lay her down for two naps today! We're getting there!


ROBYN - May 6

Hey all.. glad to see you are doing well and surviving. Justin is doing great and eating like there is no tomorrow. I swear within days hes gone from like 4 ounces in his bottle up to 6 - 7 ounces in like a blink of an eye. Hes laughing and cooing and he totally knows who we are. He slept awesome last night as well. Went down at 8p woke at 12a and 4a. No complaints here. I also have to brag hes not a fussy baby whatsoever he barely cries and when he does you totally know what he needs. Its been a very easy transition for us. As for the exercise my hubby bought me a treadmill i have been running 1 - 1/2 miles a day and have lost 5 lbs since Friday plus i am eating totally healthy again. Protein shakes and protein bars, egg whites, of course with the help of Hydroxycut for the diet pills. I totally changed my eating habits and feel good about it. Sarah thank you for the pics of everyone all the babies are precious we are due though for Claire photos. Anyway hubby is home is takes over as soon as he walks in. He makes dinner every night and does alot of the housework and tonite its bath night for Justin so gotta get going.


mahagen - May 6

Hi Ladies, It's me Angelina (Angie), remember me, LOL. I know you all do its just been such a long time. We are all doing fine my way. Kannon and Ava keep me busy every day. Kannon is just a little colicy so that is why he demands my attention at all times. I can hardly put him down and he starts to wimper. Of course I try to give him his binky and see if he will settle but nope he doesn't. He likes me to hold him. I just started to give him 6 oz of Soy formula just in the morning so I can get a moment to myself to eat breakfast and get my 19 month old Ava in her highchair eating too. Lord having 2 lo's so close in age makes life and daily duties very demanding. They need me every minute of the day. On top of taking care of the kids I have been dealing with haveing these gall stone attacks almost daily if not daily its every other day. I just had my consult today and we schedule my surgery to get my gallbladder out for Monday. I had my 6 week check up last Friday and got my Mirena put in. Tomorrow I have my 2 lo's well child check ups and unfortunatly they both have to get shots, Ugh. I will be by myself with 2 crying children :-( I will be the evil one for the day. I think I am going to start potty training Ava or at least introducing the potty chair to her but as busy as I am I will not be pushing it that hard unless she wants it. Kannon has been battling baby acne and some other rash that will not go away even when the doctor prescribed an antibiotic for 10 days. I am sure the doctor will try to figure some other treatment for the rash when I go in tomorrow. Well Kannon is demanding my attention again so I hope everyone is taking care, staying healthy, and loving every minute with there lo's including the little helpers some of us have. Take care and I do stop in the forum to check and see how everyone is doing from time to time. I hope everyone got the pics I send Sarah which knowing Sarah she sent the them minute she got them. Thanks Sarah! Miss you all. Ang


sarah21 - May 7

Good morning everybody. I am off with my mom to go get a haircut soon. I desperately need it! I tried to b__wdry my hair the other day and well I realized there is no way I will ever have time to b__wdry that much hair! So time to cut it off so I don't go around looking like an abandoned orphan. :) Claire slept by herself in her ba__sinet last night from 9-1:30. I was so excited. After that she kept waking up when I'd lay her down in it so I just took her to bed with me and she slept until 5:30. Yay! Now she is sleeping in my bed, hehe. She loves the softness I guess plus it smells like us. Well I better go check on her. Hope all you ladies are having a good start to your day!


ACG - May 7

Angie: So sorry to hear about your gallbladder issues. That a lot to deal with, especially on top of 2 lo's to take care of. Hopefully, your surgery will resolve it. Guess what? Jack slept from 9:30 last night to 7AM! It was awesome! Then, he ate and went right back to sleep until 9:30AM! I'm hoping this is a trend and not just a fluke. Now if we could just get regular, longer than 40-minute naps. I think oftentimes, his acid reflux wakes him up from naps before he's ready, b/c he'll still seem tired a lot of the time and will fall back alseep on me. I don't know why he sleeps so much better at night than for naps. Well, I'm off to post-natal yoga today. Jack gets to come too! Robyn: I think I need a treadmill - April


ACG - May 7

Yoga got cancelled. I didn't realize they had changed the schedule on me. It was at noon and I thought it was at 3 - d__n. I was really looking forward to that. It's so hard to get out and do anything with a baby, especially when you don't want to wake them up to move them to the car seat. - April


Question - May 7

Hi all Hannah is now weighing 10lbs 13oz and 22.5 inches long! Robyn- glad your feeling great and running. I ran 5 miles 2 days ago and I hurt my knee:( . I took it to far and suffered the consequences!!


sarah21 - May 8

Wow 5 miles! I don't even know what would happen to my poor body if I tried that. I'd be collapsed somewhere getting eaten by fire ants probably. Haha! I sent out some new pics of Claire. She was smiling like crazy last night. Well have a good day everybody!


ROBYN - May 8

Hey Sarah cant wait to see pics. I have taken a bunch more of Justin and will send them to you when i get a moment. OMG Justin slept thru the night. He went to sleep at 830p and woke at 430a for a bottle then 730a for another i was so excited i am hoping a new pattern is forming. He did something similar the night before. Anyway i spoke to soon he just woke from his nap so i gotta go give him his bottle. Love yas


ACG - May 8

Sarah: Claire's pics were great! She's such a cutie! Erica: 5 miles?! Are you nuts? Robyn: Congrats on Justin's sleep. That's awesome! Jack is a great sleeper at night these days - goes to bed around 9PM and doesn't wake up til around 7AM. It's his naps that are driving me nuts. Lately, he'll only take a good (longer than 20 min) nap if he's on me in the Baby Bjorn or in the stroller or car moving. As soon as we stop, he wakes up. If I put him down, he may sleep for another 15 minutes, but that's it. WTF? He sleeps so well at night, I just don't get it. I know he's tired during the day, 'cause he gets cranky and yawns a lot. He still seems tired when he wakes up from the cat naps, too. Anyone got any advice? - April


sarah21 - May 8

Well Claire has me wrapped around her finger for naps. She'll take 2 hour naps... if I lay with her. The past two days now she will NOT go to sleep unless I lay with her. I can hold her in my arms and she will barely be able to keep her eyes open but she'll fight sleep until I lay down. Oh boy. Well she is screaming now fighting sleep so I better rescue DH.


Question - May 9

Sarah I love Claires smiles, she is beautiful. I feel you of how much I love my lo. The smiles always melt our hearts, they are so precious and innocent. Yes, girls I have lost it running that long. I ran 20-30mins the first 3 days then one day, I ran an hour. I used to run like that every day, but now, it's going to take longer to get back now I injured my knee. I feel old. LOL. Anyway, do you girls still swaddle? I have always swaddle Hannah for the night and it seems to keep her comfy. I was thinking of not swaddling tonight to see if she is alright with it off. She's got a couple more weeks left in her ba__sinet, and by the time Hannah switches to crib, she will probably roll out of the swaddle. April, do you lay Jack tummy down? It helps Hannah for longer naps. Also, she has satellite ears and wakes from noises by her sister, having her lay tummy down seems to tone out the loudness for her. Time to feed Alexis breakfast, have a wonderful weekend!! Erica



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