Mason Has Gained

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Rabbits07 - January 12

6 oz. the past 2 weeks we found at the dr. today so he's up to 17 lb. 4 oz. YAY! The dr. said that was very good gain for 2 weeks and to continue the pediasure. Anyone know anyplace I could buy it at a discount? It's costing us around $11.00 every 3 days which will average out to around $110.00 a month.


LisaB - January 12

Thats great!!! Did you ever try avacado? I don't know any place to get pedisure for discount but I see it on sale at Wlagreens alot.


Nerdy Girl - January 12

Congrats on the gain! What great news. Years ago I used to work at Abbott (the parent company of Ross, who makes Similac and pediasure). We used to get a hefty employee discount by bringing the receipts into the credit union and getting cash back. Do you know anyone who works there? The company has 80,000+ employees worldwide, so I thought I would just ask. if not, I would think that you could call them and ask for some coupons or checks.


kellens mom - January 12

If the doctor feels it is medically necessary, maybe you should contact your insurance to see if they will pay. You would have to coordinate a little with the doctor so he could set the stage for making the "medically necessary" stance. I know that our insurance will pay for eye medicine (over the counter drops) and other stuff because my dh is blind in one eye and has issues with the other. All we have to do is ask the eye doctor to contact the insurance company. Just a thought. I hope you are lucky enough to have insurance!


kellens mom - January 12

One more would likely be happier to partially pay for the pedisure over having to cover Mason's "failure to thrive" hospital stay. They may see this as a cost savings in comparison to the alternative.


kellens mom - January 12

This is pediasure's 1800 number. Call and ask. Maybe they ship to a warehouse near you were you could buy it by the case at a cheaper cost. 1-800-227-5767


Nita_ - January 12

YAY for mason as well! Congrats Rabbits07!! see, you after all are a great mom! How lucky is Mason to have you. :)


Lisastar9 - January 12

WTG Mason make your Mommy use her muscles more,keep gaining or packing in the ozs.


Emily - January 12

Good news....did you try sams club, I know there is a fee for joining but I hear it can be worth it.....


Emmie - January 12

At walmart they have a generic version of pediasure-I think it is parents choice. Its should be a little bit cheaper


sahmof3 - January 12

Woohoo! Good job mommy and Mason!


jillianT - January 12

that is so awesome rabbits! i bet if you call, email or write to them you can get some coupons or something. YAY Mason!!


lexa - January 12

That's awesome!!! Keep up the good work! I'm glad to hear things are getting better for Mason. I agree with everyone on calling to see if they will send you coupons for the Pediasure. Or even if you look into the Walmart brand as Emmie said. I know every little corner that you can cut means a world of difference financially! Good luck and keep up the great work! YOU GO MOM:-)


shelly - January 12

im not sure where u can buy it ,i dont auctually know what it is even but its great that its working and mason has put on weight,must be a weight[no pun intended lol]of your mind, well done mason ,good luck with the pediasure,somewhere must do it discounted hopefully.


Heather F - January 12



aurorabunny - January 13

Yay!! Keep the good news coming. =)



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