May Mommies We All Finally Made It

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RMC - June 2

Here's to all us May mommies who finally had our babies! Congrats to Red, Victoria made her May debut with one day to spare (: How is everyone doing? I am on a mission to lose my last 8 pounds and it's killing me! With my previous 4 pregnancies, I bounced right back. I'm 28, can usually eat whatever I want and maintain my 105 pound frame, but I am struggling so hard this time ladies! And I'm getting married in 12 days so I'd really like to be able to fit my clothes and be able to breathe at the same time (:


RMC - June 2

I went to your myspace Red. She's gorgeous.


ChattyKathy - June 2

Hey, RMC! There is another May mommies thread down below, but we can use this one! Things are going pretty well with Gavin. But silly me, I thought newborns were supposed to sleep! He's not fussy, he just refuses to sleep. And if he isn't sleeping that means mommy isn't sleeping!


CgGirl - June 2

I feel for you Chatty Kathy! Mine does cluster feeding (i.e. sometimes 3 hours in a row) and then will sleep for 5 hours straight. However, there is no way of knowing if that 5 hour stretch will be during the night of course! :-)) RMC: Wow, congrats on the wedding!!! Lots of action in your life! How old is your lo? 8 pounds left only is really good!


RMC - June 2

SOrry about that chatty, I didn't even go far enough down to see the other thread! I have the same problem with Christian sleeping. He sleeps in like 30 minute intervals - if I'm lucky and he likes to wake up for 2-3 hours around midnite every night. Fun for me (: CgGirl - I know I shouldn't be complaining, because I really have dropped most of the weight, I just hate the fact that my clothes are so tight and I'm having such a hard time when I never did before. He will be 6 weeks on Wed, time flies!


wv_red - June 2

Hi ladies! How is everyone?? RMC congrats on the wedding! Chatty congrats to you on hitting it on the mark, lol. Sorry dont have much time, Victoria is doing good, her bruising on her face is cleared up. She got that from coming down the BC a lil too fast is what I was told. Last night was a little crazy just cause I am so sore and tired and she didnt not want to sleep at all. She wanted to use me as a paci just to sleep. I finally gave in. I felt like I wasnt giving her enough to eat you know. She is eating about every 2 and a half hours for an hour or more. and like Cgs Victoria my Victoria also like to cluster feed and then sleep for a long period of time. Last night it wasnt until 4 am that she finally wanted to go to sleep. Well ladies I will holler at yall later. Need to go wake her b___t up so she will sleep somewhat tonight. Bye!!!!


RMC - June 3

Wow, I feel for you b___st feeding ladies ): I have formula fed since I had my first one, so I just kept going that way. Christian is pretty good though. He eats about 10 or 11, and then around 3, and then 6, so it's not too bad.


Mely12 - June 3

Hey girls! I had my baby boy on May 14 at 10.20pm by c-section. I went in to get induced the night before and I dialated just fine but I pushed for 2 and 1/2 hours and he never came down! He was having decelerations so I had to have a c-section. It wasn't easy for me b/c I lost a lot of blood. I lost like half of my blood and had to spend a week in the hospital. I'm still not fully 100% but i'm getting there. I'm just happy that he's here and very tired!. He sleeps when i'm awake and a soon as i want to lay down he seems to be wide awake! What ever time of day it is he always wants to be awake when I wanna sleep! Congrats to all of you!!!


RMC - June 3

Congrats Mely! I'm glad to hear you're doing better (:


reneenay - June 3

Hi ladies! Well, yesterday was just horrible...I had clogged milk ducts on one side. It hurt so bad and gave me a fever. But I am feeling so much better today. Yesterday I had a mini meltdown about b___st feeding. It's been harder than I thought it would be. Steven is almost 3 weeks now and other than for one painful week, I have been using nipple sheilds. I have given into the fact that I might just use them the entire time I nurse, even though they are a huge pain in the b___t. But other than that, things are going great, and I'm so glad we are all finally at home, holding our babies! Steven is almost 3 weeks old now already!


ChattyKathy - June 3

Hi, ladies. MELY, sounds like a scary birth story but I'm glad to hear that both you and baby are doing well. -- Gavin did eventually go to sleep. The first couple of nights he had the same type of schedule you ladies were describing. He'd feel on the hour for a while, sleeping only about 30 minutes in between and then he'd get a good hour or two in between feedings a couple of times a day. Yesterday that totally switched to him being wide awake for a bit, cluster feeding for a bit, then sleeping for a good three hours. He did that again today, but I made the mistake of not napping because I was feeling so rested from the day before so I'm sure I'm in for a long night! RENEE, sorry to hear about the frustrations with b___stfeeding. I really considered getting nipple shields after mine became SO sore from latching problems. Its gotten a little bit better. I used to have a home made shield to put in my bra so that the fabric didn't rub on them but since my milk has come in full force that isn't a good solution anymore. I've woken up a couple of times with my shirt SOAKED because the shield would prevent the pads from soaking anything up. --- How many of you had a v____al delivery? How long did it take to recover from it? I had a 2nd degree tear with st_tches and when my baby was born he was facing sunny-side up. By the end of the day I feel so much pressure down there and my tailbone just feels sore from sitting a lot. It surprises me because its been a week and it seems like recovery is taking a bit more time than it should. I just DON'T feel up to par. Is that normal after a week?


reneenay - June 4

Hi Chatty. As you probably remember I had a c-section. But I have read about sunny-side up births and have a friend who had a sunny-side up baby and it's a tougher recovery. I don't know if your Dr told you or not, but you are lucky that Gavin came out v____ally! Most sunny-side up presentations end up in emergency c-sections. So, don't worry, you'll feel better soon, but it will take a little longer than the normal delivery. If it makes you feel any better, I'm still really sore around my incision and it's been 3 weeks. Ugh.


wv_red - June 4

Mely Glad everything worked out for you. Congratulations. Chatty I am also having the same problem but mine is a little fresher, I too was wondering how long it is going to take for me to heal up. I tore really bad when they were pulling her shoulders out. Doc was two handed trying to pry her out, lol. But I cry everytime I go pee just because it hurts so bad and nothing is working. I too feel pressure and actually finally went #2 this morning, that was killer in its self. I actually been jumping in the shower and sitting on the base just to reduce some of the pain while going pee. Sorry yes I pee in the shower but only cause it does help a little bit. Last night I think I got maybe 2 hours of sleep. Victoria literally emptied one side switched to the other emptied that side and was still hungry. As huge as my b___bs got you would think I have enough milk, but not even 15 mins later she was hungry again and went back to the left side, and then nursed for 15 mins before finally detaching and falling asleep. I was reading on DDT's post that they are saying they can do this up to 3 weeks. wow. Yeah she defiantly has her days and nights confused. Well Ladies I really cant believe that we are all here and all of our babies are healthy hungry little miracles. I find myself crying when I look at her just because I still cant believe that this is real. I now know the love a parent feels for their child and it is something that I am so glad I can finally experience. Renee I cant believe its already been 3 weeks. wow I wish time would pause for a bit. Talk to you all soon. Nap time :-)


CgGirl - June 4

ChattyKathy: My dd is now over 3 weeks and I have just started to feel better since less than a week. I had an episiotomy and it is still a little swollen. It doesn't hurt anymore, but it did take at least 2 weeks. Red: I still cry when I think about the delivery. I just realize now how stressed and worried I was towards the end of the pregnancy and I try to be grateful just to be able to hold a healthy child! Mine is also feeding a lot... but she's gaining weight just fine, so I guess everything is OK... Mely: Welcome!


Mely12 - June 5

I'm soo tired! I wanna go to sleep but Matthew is still awake! I fed him and he slept for like 30 min but he woke up again! He's been waking up like every hour and a half! Before I would feed him every 2 hours now he want to feed ever hour and a half! I bottle feed b/c I as too weak to b___st feed. I feed him between 2 or 3 ounces. He's 3 weeks now and he still wakes up a lot during the night. What do I do? Sometimes he's just awake and does not want to go to sleep even though he's fed, and changed and i'm sure nothing hurts him! He just wants me to hold him. And if I don't pick him up he cries!


ChattyKathy - June 5

I am worried about taking him to his first doc appt next week. He eats so often I'm sure i'll end up having to feed him while I'm there and I have this vision of not being able to walk in the exam room b/c I'm stuck in the waiting room or the doc not being able to examin him because he's feeding. BF is going to have to work too so i'll be by myself. Its got me anxious, not to mention a little upset that i cant even take a shower without having to run out of the bathroom because BF yells that he's hungry. I'm practically confined to the couch all day because he also refuses to sleep in his ba__sinet and I have to hold him!


Sims1 - June 5

Here you ladies are. Congrats RED!!!! You finally had her lol. Congrats to all of us, the wait at the end was becoming unbearable. I'm so jealous of you who got your babies to latch on. I'm still struggling with Kesar to get him to b___stfeed. which i'm so sick of pumping, and formula. it's driving me insane. i've also started to feel bits of postpartum. i feel sad that he's not in my belly anymore, and i miss being pregnant and having that special status. sometimes when he's fed and changed and still crying i feel at a loss.......thank goodness my mom is here and i can pa__s him off. but i'm not sure what i'll do when she leaves at the end of the month. i'm hoping he's a bit bigger and i feel a lot more confident. not that i don't know how to take care of him, i know better than most people. i also miss dh and i time. i miss how we used to be so into each other now with baby, i miss my husband. and i miss him holding me. i know i sound silly, and this is probably amplified because of hormones but wow can't wait till it's pa__sed. other than that, most of the time i am quite happy and feel really blessed.



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