Meal Ideas For A Soon To Be 1 Yr Old

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Sprinkles - May 2

Hello~ My daughter will be 1 on May 27th and has recently been eating more regular food in place of baby food - I am not really the cook every night type so I wondered if anyone has any suggestions of easy foods to get together that will be considered a meal for her or any overall suggestions on what I could prepare for her for dinner or lunch etc. So far she has had small pieces of grilled cheese when I make that I will cut it in strips and trim any harder edges off and she will eat that or she likes pasta but I am at a loss after that ..I don't feel I should give her pasta every night lol so what else could I give her - I have the Gerber mashed potatoes but then what meat would I give her with that? any suggestions are welcome thanks so much!


jaa - May 2

I know, it's tricky getting started cooking for a baby. To avoid daily baby-cooking, I brown a whole pound of meat (making sure to crumble it really fine), then freeze it in little stage 2 jars. Each jar is good for my DD for 2-3 meals, depending on what I mix it with. Besides that, I'll make a cup of rice and keep it in the fridge, and that will last several days. (When making the rice, I use about 1-1/2 times the normal water, which means you have to cook it longer, but that makes it a little softer). Then, at meal time, I'll just nuke some frozen peas, mix in some rice and meat, and done. Just for variety, I may put in some pasta sauce, or pureed carrots, or whatever, and even a little little little bit of a seasoning (not salt!). You can see endless possibilities with this basic idea. That's what I do for DD for 1 meal a day. The other meal might be spaghetti, or whatever else comes to mind. I'll be looking forward to other responses to get some new ideas myself!


DDT - May 2

Well, for meat my ds2, Jaxon (12 months on the 31st May) eats it all just cut up small. He eats chicken, hamburger, pork, beef...everything. I just make sure the meat is not too tough and I cut into into pieces about the size of then end of your finger. He loves meat and shovels as much as he can into his mouth. Usually I just cut stuff up from my own plate and give it to him. It's very easy to go and buy a bag of frozen veggies and then when it's meal time boil some for a few mins and offer them to her. Jaxon likes munching on tiny broccoli "trees" and red pepper. He also loves fruit. Go and buy some fruit and cut it into bite sized pieces. Jaxon LOVES pineapple so I cut wedges for him and he goes at it. I haven't given him babyfood for a couple of months now. BTW invest in a crock pot! it makes the food soooo soft for babies to eat and it takes such little time to prepare the food. I make chilli, beef stew, roast beef, chicken a la king ect. Prep time is minimal and it gets the house smelling so good. Jaxon also likes soup like tomatoe or mushroom. One of his fav meals is shephard's pie. So easy to make and soooo yummy.


Sprinkles - May 3

Thank you for the ideas I will try them out - I bought some waffles yesterday so today I warmed up a waffle put some b___ter on it and cut it in strips and she ate that and really enjoyed it ! DDT I really should get a crock pot that sounds like a great idea too and Jaa I had wanted to give her rice the one day but didnt because I wasnt sure how it would go over but I didnt even think to cook it for longer to make it softer - so I may try that too..thanks!


stefkay - May 3

I am having this problem too. My dd is starting to eat more table type food and both her dad and I rarely cook at home. I would eat a banana for breakfast and then maybe a frozen meal for lunch then we eat out for dinner whether it be subway or out at a restaurant. I eat healthy, just not cooking at home. So, it's been hard to get into making stuff for her. For now I'm still feeding her the baby food I made that is frozen in ice cube trays. I did find that she liked when I bought some whole grain alphabet pasta from the health food store and then mixed it with pet_t diced organic tomatoes and then I froze that mixture in ice cube trays. I guess I am looking for more stuff I can make in quant_ties right now and store in the freezer like this. I LOVED that about the pureed baby foods as it was so convenient for me or whoever is watching her to pop so cubes in the microwave and feed her. Does anyone have more ideas on things that can be made in large batches and frozen that are beyond purees? I even made her last batch of purees really chunky so they are more like mashed food. They froze ok but it was kind of messy to prepare and put in the trays...


mjvdec01 - May 5

Nate is 9 and a half months and he eats everything. For breakfast he has a whole Kashi GoLean blueberry waffle, and either some cut up banana, peaches or mandarins. For lunch he has whole grain pasta-plain. Half a roma tomato, some kind of cut up fruit, and maybe a handful of cheerios. For dinner he has whatever meat I have prepared, a couple different veggies (steamed carrots, zuchinni, peas, brocolli, cauliflower), and some kind of cut up fruit. This week I am going to try cuc_mber. Babies this age don't need baby foods at all. You can however buy the Gerber Graduates pastas if that makes things a bit easier for you. Although, whole grain pasta is really what they should be having instead of the refined ingredients. It only takes 10 minutes to cook a handful of noodles and while that is cooking you could have already cut up all the fruits and veggies. Don't forget the 4ounces of b___stmilk or formula to go along with each of the three meals, and the two 8 ounce feedings inbetween. Happy eating!


fefer1 - May 5

Remember, you don't have to eat traditional "dinner" foods for dinner. :) Babies don't care. Here's a sampling of what Levi eats - and remember, he is just now getting his first two teeth at 10.5 months! Whole wheat waffle with strawberries or bananas and/or yogurt spread on top, whole wheat bagels with mashed avocado on top or chunks of it. Cheese cut in pieces, pieces of chicken (it's easy to cook a b___st in the oven and cool and slice up for lots of meals). Baked sweet potato (again, slice it up and stick in in the oven at 350 for about 30 minutes). Frozen veggies - peas, corn, whatever. Warm in the microwave for a few seconds or throw in boiling pasta water near the end. Pieces of potato, tomato/diced, steamed veggies of any kind, beans - you can buy the organic/sodium free or make your own by soaking over night and then boiling for a bit. Lentils or green peas are good and boil really quick...all sorts of fruits are good cut up. Yogurt, cottage cheese, mini raviolis (if you can find whole grain it's best but I can't always). Levi likes to eat everything himself so it's hard to feed him from a spoon - although he likes to try to feed himself with it. :) It usually ends up in his lap - but he's learning! Grilled cheese with avocado spread on it - or hummus - toast - chicken noodle soup. I try to make everything myself but it's not always possible. When I'm in a hurry I grab those raviolis from Gerber and a fruit...or something like that. You can also make your own ravioli and freeze them - they sell the wrappers at a lot of stores. Make your own macNcheese - it's easy and a lot better for them. I can't think of anything else right now that hasn't already been said.


stefkay - May 5

Thank you guys for the ideas! Mandi and fefer, do your lo's eat these things by themselves or do you feed them? I put cheerios and cheese on my dd's tray and she feeds herself but I wasn't sure about these other foods. Do you just cut up the waffles really small and all of the other foods?


mjvdec01 - May 5

I put them all down and let him do it himself, however, he prefers me to feed him. Some of the foods he will put in his mouth on his own, but alot of the time he will look at the foods, look at me and just open his mouth. I am trying to break him of that, but it's hard. I was afraid to give him table food until a few weeks ago. Fefer and I are friends and I saw her feeding Levi EVERYTHING, so I tried and he choked. I took him to the pediatrician for his well-check and was told to throw out the baby food and give him a shot with table food. I was actually holding him back because of my fear. Now I just want him to hurry up and eat it himself already! With the Kashi waffles, I put it in the toaster, spread Tree Top no sugar added apple sauce on top and cut it in to small pieces. The apple sauce adds some sweetness, and helps to make it a bit more soft. I fed this to our daughter when she was little too and she loved it... still does. I do whatever I can to avoid b___ter and refined sugars, they don't need it and if they learn to like the healthier option then all the better, right? I gave Nate cuc_mber today and he liked that too.


stefkay - May 7

Sounds good! Yes, I am so so so scared of the choking thing! I tossed the pureed peas and did frozen peas yesterday. I put them on her try and she proceeded to take her hand and wipe them all off on the floor in a grand flourish. Nice. Agh....straight up b___stfeeding was soooo much easier ;) I am finding my lo doesn't like to eat either that much. It is so frustrating. Most of the time I will offer her like apples and pears mixed with cereal for breakfast (or whatever other fruit) and she will clamp her mouth and turn her head. She makes this funny "i don't like it face" now too where she squints her eyes and opens her mouth in a silent yell. It's funny but frustrating. So I put it away and try again at lunch. Same deal so then I'll toss it and and make a veggie and sometimes I'll get a couple spoonfuls in. Then she won't drink juice or water at all. Maybe a sip then she hits the sippy or bottle when I come near her with it. What is up? I wish my dd would eat. It's so hard to get 3 meals in nonetheless snacks. I know the dr. did say that their primary source of nutrition to one year is bm or formula so I guess I should always do that first and if she won't eat, she won't eat?


Mari26me - May 7

Hey Ladies, my dd is 9 months old now. I have not given her finger foods yet, but wanted to start today. I am so scared of her choking. What is the safest finger food for her to try first?


stefkay - May 7

The very first thing I tried was the gerber graduates puffs (they come in a tall skinny container and kind of look like star shaped cereal). I read they dissolve quickly so they are safe. I also got some of the gerber graduates yogurt drops or whatever they are called. Same deal on the dissolving. I started by breaking those in half because I figured even if she swallowed it without chewing it would still be small enough to go down. She did well so after a few times I stopped breaking them in half. Then I got cheese sticks and cut those into small pieces and bought cheerios (sooooo much cheaper than gerber graduates stuff and more of it--i also think healthier too) and broke those in half for the first few times. Now she eats them whole no problem. I am not to anything else yet but I'm working on it ;) I'm so so paranoid about choking that everytime my dd has a well baby visit I have the dr. show me on her what to do if she starts choking according to her size. It was funny b/c the last time we were there she grabbed her up put her face down on her lap with her legs straddling her and her head below her knees and patted her on the back. My dd started howling it scared her so much but it made me feel better to see what to do (it's different for a 9 month old than a tiny baby). The dr. said it will pretty much always immediately fly out of their mouth.


Sprinkles - May 7

I started out giving violet the puffs too - then we moved on to the freeze dried fruits and she liked those alot - she is great with snacks and now that I started giving her regular food she seems to be taking to it really well. I take a slice of american cheese and break it in strips and she eats that like it is the best thing on earth - and with the waffles I cut them in strips and pa__s her one at a time cause otherwise she will throw them all on the floor too lol I can let her feed herself in moderation but if i give her a bowl forget about it - O and she also LOVES those arrowroot cookies - She Likes juice ..specifically the apple carrot organic juice and she drinks from the Nuby but she doesnt know to tilt her head up yet lol O and the other day I sliced up banana and while I cook dinner or whatever I am doing in the kitchen I give her one at a time and she lovvved it ! I am defrosting meat today to portion it out like you girls suggest - other then that everything is working out great!


fefer1 - May 8

They have french toast sticks too - and I have been getting frozen turkey meatb___s which Levi loves. You can make your own, cook and freeze and take out what you like. Rice cakes are fun too for snacks. I just give them the strips of french toast or waffle cut in half. At almost 11 months he eats pretty good by himself. Just keep trying to add the solids/finger foods. Eventually they will get the hang of it. Don't be so afraid of choking - they have to learn eventually. :) Levi would choke or gag on stuff all the time and it freaked me out. One reason to NEVER leave them alone with food. ever. Even after they've been good at it a while they still can choke.


fefer1 - May 8

and yes - avoid the b___ters and sugars if you can. They don't know what they're missing yet! :) You can do shredded cheese too if you're worried about choking or mash the peas a little bit -they won't roll off the tray.


Mari26me - May 8

Thanx for all the advice ladies! My dd still does not have any teeth, but I am pretty sure it is still ok to start fingers goods. I think she can chew good with her gums. I put some cheerios out for her yesterday, but she did not eat them. She was picking them up and trying to feed them to me. LoL I am sure it will take a while before she realizes she can actually eat them! I bought some graduate puffs, waffles, soft cheeses, and a bunch of other stuff. I will slowly try these food one at a time and she how she does. How long did it take your little ones before they actually starting eating their finger foods?


stefkay - May 8

Mari, I had to stick the food in my dd's mouth at first so she knew what to do with it then she started putting it in her own mouth. Thanks to all you girls who posted food ideas. This has been SO helpful to me. I had no idea there were so many easy foods to do for babies just starting solids. I noticed now where I used to be able to put cheerios on her tray and she'd eat them all now she just swipes them all to the floor! HELP! I loved that I could put a handful on the tray and then wash dishes or roll her into the office with me and work. Now I have to stand there and hand a few at a time to her. Does that pa__s or will it always be like that? i just don't get why she ate them ok before and now she wants to send it all flying. She wouldn't eat anything today. Can it have anything to do with teething? Her top 2 teeth are coming in and she's been not wanting to eat anything for the past 2 days.



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