Meal Time BATTLE Help

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ssmith - March 1

My dd are getting into a battle each time I try to feed her. She starts crying and whining, and lately ~~ spitting her food out. I refuse to get into a battle with her, so I usually quit. My thinking was, she would (in her own way) tell me when she was hungry for lunch. But, she doesn't. Two days ago, she skipped lunch altogether! This is also throwing off our br___tfeeding. She hasn't nursed since she woke up (8:30am). My plan was to feed her lunch then nurse her shortly afterwards. However....I have just tried to give her lunch, which was a big NO-GO. But, if I nurse her now....she'll never want lunch. I don't know what to do. I don't want her to get into the habit of throwing a fit each time I put her in the highchair. Soon, she will come to figure that all she has to do is scream ~~ and I will get her out. Also, what do I do about the nursing? OMG HELP!! I don't know who this child is....but she is NOT my daughter LOL


LisaB - March 1

Does she eat any finger food like gerber puffs or cheerios? Does she like them? We would sometimes give ds a puff or two to lure him into the high chair then we used the high chair as play time or to watch us in th kitchen cooking and such so the high chair was never a battle. Does your dd enjoy solids? How often is she nursing and how old is she?


ssmith - March 1

She's 10 months. She used to LOVE solids of all kinds, and had a big appet_te. I don't know what's happening. We are only nursing about 4-5 times a day now. However, the solids are causing great struggles now. I am wondering if part of it has to do with the fact that she just doesn't want to sit. She wants to be free to roam around the place. Yes, she does love Cheerios, but I know that if I give her some....she will totally refuse solids and just want Cheerios.


kellens mom - March 2

Kellen is just shy of 10.5 months. About a month ago, we went through the exact same thing. It lasted roughly a week. I know your frustration. Our doctor said "meal time should be fun. When it is not fun, stop doing it" My sitter has run her in-home daycare for 36 years said "Don't worry, this happens regularly. She will eat normally again soon". They were both right. She did eat again...and it was fun. All week long, I had prepared normal sized meals only to have her scoff at my efforts. The day that she decided she was finally hungry, I had only made a small portion. I had to race back into the kitchen to make more...with a hungry child starving in her high chair. Go figure! She did eat cheerios, graham crackers, and regular crackers. Hang in there - this will pa__s.


krnj - March 2

I had the same problem with my son when he was around 10 months. He would scream and fight me everytime I put him in the highchair. I gave him a little toy or something to distract him and that seemed to help. I also just put the straps around his waist. I don't think he likes to be confined. He's a little better now but sometimes he still fights me. Once he's in his highchair he was fine & ate. Sorry I don't have any other advice! I guess if they're hungry enough, they will eat. Best of luck!



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