Medication And Breastfeeding

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LisaB - May 30

I am not a fan of taking any pills but my allergies are so bad and it is affecting my sinuses so I need relief what can I take when bf? I asked pharm and he said to ask ob/gyn but I just moved and don't have an ob yet.


Rabbits07 - May 30

The pharmacist said to ask ob/gyn??? I always ask the pharmacist that stuff...they have info on all the meds and whether they are safe or not...rx anyways, maybe they don't on the over-the-counter. I know they won't comment on herbals, supplements, etc. I have always heard Benadryl is safe during pregnancy, but I don't know about b___stfeeding.


Sarahsmommy - May 30 always has great info, they have a section on what's safe to take when b___stfeeding. This is what I got off of it for you Zyrtec, Benadryl, Claritin,Vanceril, Beclovent, Beconase, Vancenase all of these are "safe", this is the safest Actidil, Actifed, Nasalcrom, if you need it you can also use Sudafed, but it has a slight possiblty of drying up some of your milk, it depends on how well established you milk supply is, I never had a problem, and since you're not feeling well anyways, just try to drink extra water.


LisaB - May 30

thank you


olivia - May 30

I went to a pharmacy to ask this weekend to ask if I could take anything (10 weeks pregnant). The pharmcist basically yelled at me like I was an idiot. I couldn't open my eyes because they were swollen and tearing all day, my nose was completely blocked, my ears were blocked, and this pharmacist was lecturing me on "if I am selfish enough to risk it some doctors say benedryl or claritin". But followed it up with that he would not recommend anything. I was so upset because I thought he could have at least been nice about it, I was miserable enough as it was. Anyway, I don't have an answer for you but I just wanted to vent at what a jerk this pharmacist was to me. He also said it was up to my ob, who I wasn't about to call on a Saturday Memorial Day weekend about my allergies....


LisaB - May 30

Olivia- I think we went to the same pharmacist!! Although I did tell my pharmacist that I had read (on that I could take benadryl, clartin, ect and he checked his computer and said he computer said no but hey if I wanted to chance it. Whatever- so needless to say I have been suffering here are the things I've tried that bring a bit of relief- nasal spray, the ocean stuff which is just salt water and the breath right strips so I can sleep at night. Also vicks vapor rub but only out of can- can't put it on chest as I don't think ds would be a big fan. Also tylenol it helps a little bit. It all helps a little am still pretty miserable thoug. Good luck to you and congrats!!



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