Membranes Stripped HI GIRLS

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livdea - June 25

hey girls! Its so funny to come over here and see the same women I talked to but who've now had their baby! I love it! I was just wondering who had there membranes stripped and what your experience was with that? did you have your baby soon after? did it hurt? just whatever info! My dr is interested in doing it but I don't really know what I think? Thanks a bunch Girls and good luck with your little ones! I'm sure I'll be over here soon!!! almost at 38 weeks!!


Dia_ - June 25

Hi Livdea! I had my membranes stripped (did NOT hurt at all) during weeks 37, 38, 39, and 40...obviously it did nothing for me!! I ended up being induced when I was 1 day overdue because of early pre-eclampsia. When my doctor broke my water it took water bag was super tough so the membrane stripping was not likely to work for me. Good luck with whatever decision you make!!


bbelmore - June 25

I had my membranes stripped three times, starting at 38.5 weeks, then again at 40 weeks, then for the last time 6 days post due date,thursday, and I went into labour at 4am saturday morning. It didn't send me into labour, but I believe it helped with dialtion and effacement. It felt kinda like a pap, no pain. some women bleed, I didn't. I would do it again, for me it upped the anticipation cause they say that it can send you into labour right away, so you sit there waiting hoping something will happen, I loved it.


Mary - June 25

I had my membranes stripped. It was a little uncomfortable but it didn't take very long at all. I had them stripped when I was almost 38 weeks. I started having "real" contractions (compared to the braxton hicks) about 24 hours later. I had my baby 3 days after I had them stripped. That was definitely what sent me into early labor for 72 hours. Good luck.


flower.momma - June 25

I had mine stripped, but still went late and had to be induced.


ChannY - June 26

I had my membrane stripped at 38 weeks and 2 hurts like hell i'd tell you:|..than 2 days later i ended up in labor..yay!


taral - June 26

Hi Livdea, I had my membranes stripped at 39w and 1d. Lost my mucous plug 6 hours after stripping and went into labor 4 hours after that! I'm definitely a big Membrane Stripping Fan!!! Best of luck.


LisaB - June 26

I had mine stripped and a couple days later my water broke- I can't remember how long it was before water broke but it didn't hurt at all. Doctor said she could tickle babies head so I don't know if it didn't hurt for me cuz there was so much pressure. I forgot all about that, thanks for reminding me :)


livdea - June 26

Thanks girls!


JLO - July 1

I had mine stripped and felt cramping like mestrual cramps that whole day and went to hospital that night in full active labor. I had my dd twelve hours later. It worked for me and soory but I thought it was painful!


erenimi - July 1

I had mine stripped. It didn't hurt at all and 2 days later i had my baby. Its doesn't hurt anything, so i would let your Dr. go ahead.


nora11 - July 1

I had mine stripped on a Friday and water broke the following Friday. I was having strong cramping all week. I now know that it was actually contractions. So, I think it probably helped...


Nicole1 - July 2

I had mine stripped at 39 weeks @ 12:00 water broke that night at 2:30 am DIdn't hurt too bad.



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