Meme Infant Potty Training

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Jamie - April 28

Hey, I just wanted to say, you are actually in a position to be more successful than I have been at potty training your infant. I didn't start questioning diapers until my daughter was 6 months old - but the best time to learn their signals is when they're newborn. By leaving our infants in diapers, we are teaching them to ignore the sensations that indicate a full bladder or the need to poo. Then, when they're toddlers, we expect them to just start paying attention to those feelings again - which is why potty training a toddler is more difficult than potty training an infant. If you start from the day your baby is born, you can learn how your baby behaves before needing to eliminate in the first week of life. Your baby will never learn to ignore the sensations, and you might never need a diaper! You don't have to go completely diaperless that first week, either - instead use either a pre-fold or a fitted cloth diaper with no cover, so you're still immediately aware of the elimination, but the mess is contained.


MJM - April 28

You know I have read about this. My dd was pt by the time her 2nd b-day came along. Fully trained even at night. I feel that when our children are infants they have enough to take in each day. This is a whole new world and so much to see, hear, feel etc. I would rather not add this to my ds plate. I personally think that the reason that toddlers are harder to pt is because there is no consistancy. I started training my dd about 1 wk before her 2nd b-day and just stayed on top of it and she was done a week later. So this is my opinion. Instead of trying to make your life easier with pt an infant, and adding another thing on your infants life, wait until they are old enough to understand. I am sorry if this offends anyone, but like I said this is MY opinion.


Alycia - April 28

Hi, Jamie. I'm 38 1/2 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and I've been interested in the "diaper-free baby" concept since I discovered it several months ago. I've got a question for you: I have a three-story duplex (tall and narrow!) that has a bathroom only on the 3rd floor. Should I get something (bowl, infant potty, toddler potty, whatever) for the other two floors of my house? I'm not sure it's realistic for me to make it up to the third floor each time baby needs to go. As a matter of fact, I suppose I'll be needing a toddler potty on each floor eventually anyway - it's probably too much to ask of a 2 or 3 year old to make it upstairs each time... heck, I can barely do it now, I'm so pregnant!


C - April 28

I am confused.


Jamie - April 29

MJM - you're mistaken about's not another thing on the infant's plate, because there are no expectations. I don't get mad at my daughter if I miss her signals...I do praise her when she goes in the potty, but that's it. It's no different than her going potty in a diaper, except for the fact that she doesn't have to sit in her own excrement. Alycia, I have a potty chair that I keep in the same room as my daughter and I, wherever we are. I just carry it with me from room to room - but I have a one floor apartment, so it's not a big deal.



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