Merry F Ing Christmas

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chelsey - December 5

May I just say, that Christmas would be so much more enjoyable if they made tree stands that actually went together the way they supposed to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaahhhhhh! 20 minutes ago I was in the mood for putting up the tree, now I just feel like flinging that stupid metal tree stand across the street! Piece of sh*t, stupid freakin' contraption! In about 2 minutes I'm going to just nail and rope that friggin tree to the floor! Ugghhh.........sorry needed have my first venting of the Christmas season!


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 5

Tis the season to be jolly LOL! Sure it is. My dh wants to put up so many decorations and do this and do that, he just babbles and I nod my head, because it's the babies first Christmas! Yay, butLucas does not have a clue about Christmas, he is 3 mos old, we're still short on money from me being on maternity leave, now my house is even more of a mess with all the Christmas c___p everywhere, and I can't even get caught up on it in the first place. I am excited that its my new son's first Christmas, we've seen Santa and had pics taken, but I just can't get into it! AAAGH!


Scrooge - December 5

Oh, and whoever it was that didn't nicely put away the lights for the Christmas tree last year, and just threw them into the box in a tangled knot, needs an a__s whoopin'! Its starting to feel like a Chevy Chase Christmas already! Now I'm just waiting for the cat to chew through the lights, or a squirrel to jump out of the tree onto my back! We've already got Snots the dog.......


Narcissus - December 5

tis the season to be jarry, ra ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra... i think you need to watch BAD SANTA!! Hehe. That put me in the holiday mood last year:)


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - December 5

LOL that is too funny! This year Amaya and I helped my mom put her tree up. She first of all has lost her stand from last year (the one that goes with her 10 ft tree (yes and she has recently moved to an apt that has 9 ft ceilings!) so the first night we put the tree up and then realized we didnt have a stand. We took it all back down and the next day went to Walmart to buy a stand. Well the only stands they sell are for real trees and you drill them into the tree trunk but we bought it anyway and needless to say it didnt work, so Day #3 she came to my house took my old tree out of storage took it all out of the box just to get the stand. It worked but it could fall over anyminute! The tree stand was for a 5 1/2 ft tree! lol Anway Merry Christmas to you too Chelsey! It will get better (maybe in January!)


chelsey aka, Scrooge - December 5

I was in the Christmas mood until like 1/2 an hour ago! Plus, the morons we are, had to buy a 7 foot fake tree that you have to unfold every single branch and make it look good! With no gaps? Yeah, right! Narcissus, I like Bad Santa! Great movie!


chelsey - December 5

Merry Christmas to you too, Stephanie! Thats a heck of a big tree your Mom has! I remember when I was a kid, my parents ended up putting the tree in a 5 gallon pail with cement! The stupid thing fell over about 3 times in the tree stand! Plus it was a big tree, so they had to cut about a foot off the top! No place to put the angel, so it was kind of off to the side!


Barb. - December 5

Merry f***ing x-mas to all as well... me and my hubby are broke but for some reason he insist in putting up a tree which i don't mind.. but do we need that many lights on the d__n tree.. he has about 6 sets of lights on the d__n thing..i like x-mas but i'm just too tired and sleepy..and to chelsey good luck with the evil to lucas mommy i feel your


Narcissus - December 5 all are too funny:)


chelsey - December 5

Good question Barb! Who the hell need 6 strands of lights that are 8 feet long each?!!!!!!!! And it never fails, put the lights on the tree, then the decorations, and then a strand of lights burns out! Good luck trying to find that one measly bulb at the back of the tree............aarrgghhh!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - December 5

Well for some of you that already have children you know this, but I have had to wrap one present 4 different times in the last 3 days because Amaya keeps unwrapping it (ITS NOT EVEN HERS! ITS SOCKS FOR HER DAD! LOL) Little Brat!


Santa - December 5

like grandpa used to always say 'if it don't go in shove it in the end aw da shot gun an implant it into the floor boards'


chelsey - December 5

Santa - seems like a good idea to me! Actually, tree is up! However, I put the lights on backwards and ended up with nothing to plug into the outlet! So, after I take this break, I have to strip all the lights off the tree, and put them all up again!!!!! God this sucks! Stephanie... are your presents even going to make it to Christmas?!!! Funny little girl, that Amaya is! What fun are presents under a tree, if you cant open them 800 times first!


Barb - December 5

I think that Amaya is the cutest thing ever... however my gifts are being opened by my cat and that is just annoying...that little evil cat... he won't listen and i swear he will be pooping a x-mas ordiment that will show him...


Santa - December 5

like grandpa used to say undo the electric outlet rope it to the tractor an pull it to da tree.


chelsey - December 5

Lol, Barb! My husbands cat puked all over their families Christmas presents under the tree one year! And the dog ate the ham off the table!


*leslie* - December 5

well I have to say that I have everything ready bows, ornaments, tree stand etc and still waiting for that tree!! I think when we get it its going to be all dry, hopefully tomorrow it will be here



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