Midnight Shifts Help For DH S Sleep Schedule

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c_baer19 - November 30

My DH is going on 8 PM to 8 AM shifts starting December 1st, and he's not quite sure how to work it all out. I know some of you are on this shift, so I was wondering if I could get some advice. I don't want him staying up all night and sleeping all day even on his days off - he'd never see me OR the baby! He works 2-4 days a week, and the rest he has off. Anyone have any advice on how to work out a sleep schedule so he can still be up on his days off? Much appreciated.


iemc19 - November 30

My dh has had that kind of shift pattern for 12 years now...he does 3 day shifts of 8pm-8pm, has 2 days off then 3 night shifts of 8pm-8am then he has 7 days off..... When he starts his 1st n/shift he gets up as normal with us and then goes back to bed at midday until 5pm, up for dinner with us all and then chills til he leaves just after 7pm (don't ask- we live 5mins from his work!)...Then he sleeps when he comes in until 4/5pm - alwasy eats with us...On his last shift he comes in , goes to his bed until 1pm and then he's woken ...Otherwise he would be stuck in that cycle....Quite often he finds that he barely sleeps when he is on n/shift except for the last one when I cruelly wake him up!!! And quite often he will insist on staying up on his last shift because he's missed us...but over my dead body!! He will sleep a couple of hours or he's a total bear to us!!! Good luck, hope you find a pattern to suit you all....


iemc19 - November 30

Sorry - his day shifts are of course 8am-8pm! He prefers n/shifts to day shifts because our younger children are all in bed - mainly asleep !ha! when he comes in and definately asleep when he leaves in the morning He can go the whole 3 days and not see them!!


eclectic66 - December 1

I work 3 nights a week 7p-7a and I know what it's like. I definetly enjoy working nights bc at least the baby is sleeping most of the time I am gone so I don't feel like he's missing me too badly...lol As far as getting dh to not keep his night shift hours on his days off...it will either happen naturally (which it does for me and I've been working this shift for over 10 years) or he will need to try to do some sleep training. For me, the night before I go to work I will stay up most of the evening and then sleep until 3 or 4pm. On my days off..I usually sleep in until 3p (after working all night) and then stay up and go to bed that night when everyone else does and the next day just get up at the same time as dh. It seems to work out pretty well. Now keep in mind I would never be able to pull off this schedule if it wasn't for dh being a full time stay at home dad...and letting me get my sleep during the day on the days I work. Hope that helps. GL


wailing - December 3

OUr schedules are kind of like that too. BF runs a restaurant so he is at work until 3-4am sometimes and has to do that for 3-4 nites. SInce I've gone back to work it's been the same thing. We're still trying to figure it out, but so far what we do is on the day that the person comes home late the other person gets the baby in the morining for a few hrs so the other person can sleep in. But no later then 1-2pm. It's hard to get used to and you'll be sleep deprived in the beginning, but you'll fall into a pattern soon. Good Luck:)



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