MIL Asking Quot Is 5 Month Old Crawling Quot

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AnytimeLittleone - January 12

My MIL keeps asking me "is she crawling yet?". I find this a bit odd, considering that dd is only 5 months old... I tried to be very vague about her question, and simply asked her at what age HER kids started to crawl. She told me that all of her kids, and grandchildren crawled at around 8-9 months. I then reminded her that dd is only 5 months, and she said "Ya, I know, so.. is she?". Im trying to figure out why she thinks my dd should be crawling? I mentioned it to my own mother, and she suggested that maybe since dd is 19lbs and similar in size to a 10 month old, that maybe shes assuming her developement should be advanced as well. How should I handle this? I think my MIL is treating my daughter like she has developemental delays, when really she's advanced for her age. I cant bare to be asked "is she crawling yet?" one more time!


sahmof3 - January 12

If she says it again, you could say, "Since you are the most eager to see her crawl, you will be the first one I call when she does."


ren05 - January 12

hi, yeh that sounds a bit silly considering some babies don't even crawl till 10 months or later, my ds didn't even crawl at all just started walking at 9 months.just ask her next time she comes over to get on the floor & teach her to crawl just for a laugh.your dd will do it when she is ready.


Anne - January 12

I feel for MIL asked me if dd was eating "people" food yet....she was only 2 months old at that time.


Emmie - January 12

My grandma is always asking me that about my son. He is 8.5 months old and does not crawl. I told her I dont mind him not crawling at all but she decided to crawl around on the floor to teach him to crawl. Pretty strange looking for an 80 year old.


sahmof3 - January 12

lol Emmie. That would be quite a sight :-)


AnytimeLittleone - January 12

that would be hillarious to see my Grandma do something like that! But seriously... my MIL cant honestly be expecting my 5 month old to crawl right?


Danielle19 - January 12

I say next time she asks just yes then maybe she'll quit asking, my MIL always ask if my ds is teething she has since he was 2 months old and everytime i have to tell her no hes a baby they all drool a little, i feel your pain though


mommie2be - January 12

Just tell her yes and that she's actually driving now as well... She just sounds over eager... to an insulting level.


EMBERBABY - January 12

I feel you my MIL knows better but my FIL asks the same thing you MIL asks. He doesn't ask me he asks dh. LOL he is clueless =0) mommie2be, that is good suggestion LOL.



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