MIL Gave My Daughter A Cookie

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Ashley - November 2

My MIL gave my 6 month old daughter a cookie with nuts. All of a sudden I turned around and I saw my daughter choking and she was turning blue. So, I grabbed her and tapped her back and she spit out a huge chunck of cookie. When I asked my MIL why she gave it to her she said she thought it would be fine. My question is, I was told you are not supposed to give nuts to babies incase of a peanut allergy. Do you think this could of harmed her?


Rachawl mommy2lucas - November 2

I doubt that it harmed her as far as allergies go. She would have probably had a reaction soon after the fact if she would be allergic. I would be more worried about the fact that small pieces of nuts are definitely a choking hazard.


Barbara - November 2

Yes, of course and not for nothing even if she doesn't have a peanut allergy.. she was choking for crying out loud.... what MIL give's a 6 month old baby a cookie with chucks in it... I would never let her feed her again... sorry but it's the truth... best of luck with this situation..


Jamie - November 2

Do nut allergies run in your family? If not, I would maybe just check with a pediatrician at her next appt, and avoid peanuts for now. If allergies do run in your family, I'd consult a doctor ASAP


Ashley - November 2

I know, can you believe it!!!!! I cannot tell you how p__sed off I am!!!! I never had such a scare in my life, I just keep thinking how my baby girl could of died lastnight!!!! I can't stop crying or thinking about it! (am I being overly dramatic?) I actually did try calling her dr. but for some reason she's off today, luckily I have an appt. tomorrow. Btw, there are no allergies in my family.


Steph - November 2

I agree with Jamie, I don't think that anything could be caused from that, but I'd skip the nuts for now. Also, your MIL made a mistake so I would not say that she could never feed your baby again. I would give her a list of the things that are acceptable for her to give to your baby and call it good.


Narcissus - November 2

The protein in a peanut is far more allergenic than the proteins from nuts (cashews, pecans...). Right now, peanuts (legume) and nuts are choking hazzards which makes their potentials as allergens sort of null and void. It's always good to avoid foods that your family has an allergy history to, but the majority of patients who find out that they have a peanut allergy do not have a family member with the same allergy. You usually find out the hard way by experimenting with foods.


momma - November 2

i know the feeling my mil gave my daughter a sucker on her "1/2 b-day" she was right there watching her but it still upset me (my daughter shoved it really far in her mouth and gagged a little and she got all sticky right after a bath) my mil also thinks she is ready for crackers, biter biscuts and milk she is always sneaking something to my daughter aghhhhh i cant get her to stop i said i didnt want her to have some of that stuff yet but mil said she my granbaby ill do what i want (i mentioned it to my dr. and the dr. said it was ok as long as someone was watching her and to stop if she started to choke) sorry so long i needed to vent hope it works out for you


Ashley - November 2

Hey momma, I feel for you. Feel free to vent whenever you need too! I just don't get the obseesion with people always trying to feed babies grown up food. People are always trying to get her to taste everything and it seems as if no one respects me when I say NO! Just needed to vent too!


Mommy - November 2

I know how you feel. My hubbies aunt has tried giving my son fruit loops. He's also 6 months old. I got so annoyed. She knows not to do that anymore.


Bonnie - November 2

I agree with Steph, it was an honest mistake. A lot of things we can and can't feed our children are different from what they were back then. Just let your MIL know what is and is not acceptable to feed her at her present age. Don't worry about the peanut allergy part.



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