MIL S Dog Am I Being Unreasonable

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Lindsey - February 19

OK, we are planning to go and see my MIL in september for a week, she has offered to let us stay to save on hotel costs. The thing that worries me is their dog, he is a collie and is the soppiest dog i've ever met, they have had him since he was a puppy (he is now 14 yrs old). he has never bitten anyone but I have suggested to my dh that we pay to have him put in kennels for a week, he has been in kennels before when my mil goes on holiday. There have been so many cases here in the last year about dogs killing/scarring babies that I am worried for my son. He will be 15 months old by then and i'm sure toddling around and being into everything. Do you think I am being unreasonable by asking them to put the dog into kennels?


Kara H. - February 19

I don't think you are unreasonable, but I do think that it may offend her if you ask. I would express your concern over the dog since he doesn't have a lot of experience around babies and ask if she has a plan to keep the two separated. She may have already planned to keep the dog outside during your visit. If she has no plan and doesn't think its a problem I would express that you are not comfortable with the baby and dog being together and suggest that maybe the two of you could brainstorm on some ideas to keep them apart to make you feel better. If she still doesn't think its a problem, you know she will baulk at the idea of putting the dog in a kennel. In that case, I would probably just tell her that you are going to stay in a hotel to be on the safe side. She will either agree, or be open to other options to get you to stay there. In which case she may then go for the kennel. And since it was not your first suggestion, she may be more receptive to the idea.


KLC - February 19

Asa mother I can se your concern about the dog. As a dog owner myself I would be very offended if I offered to have someone stay with me and they asked my dog, who we consider part of the family, to leave his own home. What I would suggest is talking to your MIL about your concerns and asking her if there is a way to keep the two seperated to avoid any possibility of something happening. As a responsible pet owner I would be more than willing to do whatever it took to keep both the dog and the baby safe and I'm sure your MIL will too. But asking her to make the dog leave his own home for a week may not go over well :) Goodluck and let us know what happens.


Emily - February 19

I can se your point, but I think it is a little biased. Not all dogs are mean. We have a lab ( a big dog ) and she is the gentlest thing with our girls. My mom who watches the girls while we work has a begal/terrior mix and he is good witht hem too. He leaves tehm alone more than anything. (well my two year old plays with him, she takes one of his toys and runs around with it and he chases her until she stops and gives it to him) Hte key is to never leave your child unattended with a dog or cat or any other animal cause like you siad, you never know what can happen. I think that when you visit, it would not unresonalbe to ask that your mil keep he dog away from you son as smuch as posiable but to offer to send him to a kennel would be kinda rude. She is opening yher house to you and you want to ask her to kick her dog out for the week. I do not mean to offend you, just saying that is how she may see it....


Nerdy Girl - February 19

I share your concerns. Check out Alissa's thread "he got bit by a dog." We had a dog when I was growing up, and my mom HATED the dog. She literally couldn't wait for it to die. That is why our whole family was shocked when almost 20 years later she went out and bought a chocolate lab. The dog we had when I was a kid was a little dog, and my mom still b___hed about what a mess it made. Well, this lab is totally huge and totally crazy. She got the dog when I was 7 months pregnant with my 2nd baby. She used to babysit for me once a week, but the dog changed all of that. I did not feel comfortable with my two small kids around this huge hyper dog. It is too big for my mom to control, and it had already knocked my dad down the stairs. Obviously my parents are not expert dog trainers either! (LOL) The dog seems nice, but I still worry about the size difference or about the dog misinterpreting something one of my kids does. For example, if my 14 month old loses his balance and pulls on the dog's tail when falling, do we really know how the dog will react? It's little things like that which make me nervous to have my kids face to face with a large animal. I don't know what to tell you because this dog has really changed my relationship with my mom.


MM - February 19

I personally feel it would be rude to ask her to keep the dog in a kennell after she invited you to stay with her to save you some money. But I would talk to her about keeping the dog away from your child.


LisaB - February 19

I do think its unreasonable to ask them to kennel their dog. I myself am not a dog lover they scare me around kids and when we brought our ds home we ended up getting rid of our dog cuz she nipped at the baby so I understand you not wanting the dog around the baby but as a guest in their home you don't have the right to tell them to kennel their dog. A hotel may be a much better option.



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