Mild Heart Attack

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HannahBaby - February 17

Just wanted to let you all know that i almost had a mild heart attack when i saw the lastest news on Britney Spears (for all you dont know go to people . c o m) I loved her, thought she was a great mom......Shes slowly losing everything that she worked so hard to get......Ugh You all know how much i loooooove Britney Spears....its a sad day in my house


Renea - February 17

what in the heck was she thinking? Well, I can say one thing--she could pa__s as a handsome guy.


SonyaM - February 17

I have never really cared for her but I really think she has LOST her mind!!!!!!! She needs to get her priorities in order and start taking care of her kids. She seems to always be out and about having a grand old time while her kids are who knows where.


dueJan1607 - February 17

She's been acting crazy lately. What a poor example for society!


Deirdra - February 17

Oh my lordy! I heard it on the radio this morning and kindof laughed it off...i couldnt believe it? whats wrong with her? shes insane...sorry hannahbaby i know you love her...


sahmof3 - February 17

WAHHH! I can't bring up (says my browser won't allow me to view contents). What's going on with her????? I'm curious.


LisaB - February 17

I am really starting to think the toll of having 2 babies in such a short period of time is taking its toll- before I label her crazy I would almost think she is suffering from a form of ppd or ppp. I hope she seeks help- it is just so far out there that I dont hink its attention shes after but really maybe psycosis.


Renea - February 17

Tammy--she had been in a rehab place and checked herself out within 24 hours. Went and got her head shaved and some tattoos.


sahmof3 - February 17

Oh... lovely! LisaB... I think you are onto something there. It seems like she's in a sick contest to get more negative publicity than Paris (who I think is just happy that someone is falling to and even past her level).


Momof5 - February 17

What next??? I just don't understand her sometimes.. It's time to grow up and be a MOM...


k.p.j.e. - February 17

LOL she is such a freak.


srigles - February 17

Seriously, what would possess her to do something like that? That's just too weird.


apr - February 17

the woman is absolutely nutto!!!!!!!!!! wowee


melissa g. - February 17

this is sad to say but Federline just might end up with those kids! He's a loser slacker but she seems to be losing her mind!


apr - February 17

oh, I just wanted to add after her 2nd child there was a thread on here how celebrities look like after giving birth etc etc (I think there was one)...well anyways, I was just thinking how empty their lives are and how we have to appreciate living a normal life...look at her now, she has 2 healthy kids, and she doesnt even know how to enjoy them... I so hope I dont get bashed for saying this, but all I mean to say is that erm not everything is as pink and rosey in their life as we think it is


ry - February 17

She is so gross. Its funny though how all men used to drool over her and look at her now. A perfect example of how fake [beauty-wise] some celebs really are.


ssmith - February 17

Hannahbaby, I think you need to go find that girl....and talk some sense into her!! Something is seriously wrong....I feel really badly for her! Where's her Mom, and why isn't she helping out her daughter, who is obviously a bit out of control.......??



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