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Anne - January 19

When reading about milestones, are our little ones expected to master these skills by the end of that particular month? For example, rolling over is a milestone for 3 months...should my baby girl be rolling over by the end of her 3rd month anytime during that month? Thanks!


Barb - January 19

anytime during the month...but all babies reach each milestone when they are ready : )


KrisD - January 19

I'd say it's just a guide. My baby is 20 weeks and is just beginning to master rolling over. I'd say it is my fault, though, b/c I never gave him much tummy-time. My doctor said not to worry about that one till he was getting close to 6 months.


Heidi - January 19

That's right. Every baby is different. I don't pay any attention to what other babies Emma's age is doing.


Christy - January 19

There is definitely some give and take there. I wouldn't sweat it. Our friend's son could sit and stand at 8 months, but still couldn't roll over-lol!


Ginger - January 19

My son will be 6 months next week and has no motivation to roll over or sit up on his own.


The real Lissi - January 19

Nadya is 4 months but she's rubbish at rolling over. We keep trying to coax her but so far nothing's happening. She's working on getting her feet into her mouth at the moment and this makes her roll onto her side by accident, so hopefully it won't be long before she learns a new trick! I do get worried when I hear about everyone else's babies rolling over by 3 months though! She's doing well in every other aspect. Can almost sit by herself, and stands up all the time, but rolling over never enter's her head.


Heidi - January 19

A 7-month old at my daughter's daycare can sit up really good on his own but he can't crawl yet. I got Emma to roll over the other night but I had to get her started so to say and when she got to her tummy she screamed. She hates being on her tummy!


KrisD - January 19

I think if they don't like being on their tummies, they don't like to practice rolling over. And my friends baby NEVER crawled. But walked pretty early. My son will only do Back-to-belly and only in one direction. They're such little mysteries, aren't they?!


Christy - January 19

How did they get babies to sleep on their bellies back in the day? LOL!


Meredith - January 19

I was very concerned with these things the first time, and wanted to compare my girl to others close in age. This time, I can barely remember when she is supposed to do things. I think I do not want the second one to grow so fast!


erin - January 19

i can't get my son to stay on his stomach! he never did like tummy-time, so when i put him on his stomach he immediately rolls to his back and when there's a toy that is out of reach and he accidentally rolls to his tummy while reaching for it, he immediately rolls to his back. i do not think my son will EVER crawl b/c of it!



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