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Dre Eva Mom - April 8

Hey everyone. I was just thinking we could have a little chat when needed. I know there are times that life stinks and people in the civilian world just don't understand. Like right now, we are overseas in Germany, and want to take dd home to see everyone and still do not have a passport after 2.5 months. Sometimes we just need to vent to others that understand, or get support from those who have / are going through the same things.


Kelly K - April 8

Here's another way I can understand. I'm not a military mom, but I am a military brat. I was born in Germany actually and moved back and forth from there to Memphis all of my life.


Jamie - April 9

Where in Germany are you? We're in Darmstadt. We didn't get Serenity's pa__sport until she was 5 months old! It sucks, but think of it this way - the baby will be older on the flight. What is the problem with getting her pa__sport? For us, DH's unit would never let him go to the appointment - I had to call and reschedule the thing 4 times - finally, after setting it the 4th time, I called his 1SGT and complained about his NCO not letting him go, and explained that he HAS to be there, to get her claimed as his dependant. DH said the NCO got ripped a new one for not letting him go to the first appointment, and has been able to go to every appointment since then. :-)


Dre Eva Mom - April 9

Our problem here is just the process taking forever. We appiled when she was 1 week old. We are at Spangdahlem AB near Luxembourg. About 2 hours from frankfurt.


jas - April 10

I can understand that! Wow - We are in Japan. My son is 2 weeks old and it won't be until the end of the month before we even get an appointment with the pa__sport people!! Nuts!!! We will be PCSing in January and we are hoping for a Germany tour!!


Dre Eva Mom - April 15

jas - what base are you at in japan? that was dh first choice, but the one we agreed on was germany, so he changed it to here and we got it! We took dd in for her pa__sport at 1 week, and still nothing (well, 1.5 weeks - she turned one on mon and took her in on friday). I hope your pa__sport office ther is better. The one here lied to us - we still don't even have the ss card.


Dre Eva Mom - April 16

Well, we were told that the pa__sport will behere no later than the 1st of may - we'll see!


MelodyB - April 17

Dre Eva Mom- I am also a military mom in Germany. My husband is stationed at Baumholder, which is a few hours southwest of Frankfurt. And the fools at our base are so disorganized when it comes to birth registration and pa__sports. I have heard so many horror stories about getting a pa__sport through the military. I was hoping to take my son home to the states for a vacation but I don't think that will happen until this summer. Oh well, I guess.


Jamie - April 17

It does suck, doesn't it? Melody, maybe you'll be able to take him home for Christmas?



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