Milk Allergy

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aubs - February 5

I have no idea what to feed my son, he reacts so quickly to anything with milk in it, and gets horrible rashes, and is SO fussy, and he just can't live off of those little sausages. I need more ideas so that he actually gets full, b/c fruit and vegies don't fill him up either, and he can't have any cheese, what do you mothers with babies with milk allergies do? He still relys on a lot of milk I think b/c he doesn't get full otherwise, which should be switching and he should want to eat more solids. Thanks somuch!!


LisaB - February 5

Can you give him lactose free milk? My ds has a milk allergy its not that bad as cheese and yogurt are ok but he drinks lactaid and I will use that to make things he can eat.


aubs - February 5

Strangly enough he reacts to anything with small amts of milk in them. I was feeding him Spaghetto's and then he started breaking out with those and ravoli...due to the small about of cheese and I think casin in them. I did buy him soymilk, but I've heard that you're really suppose to keep milk allergy babies on soy formula until they outgrow it b/c soy milk isn't as good for them??? I just need to know what other foods to feed him though, there's just nothing he can eat that I can think of. I will try the lactose free milk though. Thanks


AnytimeLittleone - February 5

Hi Aubs... Im a__suming you have a toddler, as he's eating cheeses and whatnot. My dd is 6 mos old, and has both a cows milk protein allergy and a soy allergy. You might want to visit this page.. its on another forum that I belong to, specifically for kids that have GERD/Allergies... (no dashes). It lists a lot of products that are Milk AND soy free. Hope it helps!


spamanda - February 5

If you have a food co-op or a health foods store in your area, go there and talk to someone about lactose-free foods. They definitely might have suggestions for you. I know our co-op carries wheat-free baby snacks like crackers and cookies. Ours carries a "cheese" powder that's milk-free that can be used with noodles like macaroni and cheese.... Anyways it's worth a shot! Also if you contact the allergy department at your hospital they might have ideas. One more good place to try is livingwithout dot com, it's a magazine for people with allergies and just looking at their home page I see they have a section of cookbooks. Good luck!



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