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jennyr - February 24

Ok my little one is going to be 14 months next week. She takes bottles all day long. 4 oz, 2 oz, 3 oz, It goes like this. 4 oz in the morning when she wakes up at lunch she get about 3/4 oz at her nap time at 3:00 she gets 3 oz at dinner she gets 4oz and then at bed time she gets a 5 oz bottle. I want to get her ff the bottle really soon. SHe actually is taking this sport sippy thin that has a nipple like a bottle but it is not a bottle so that is a step. I don't think she should be getting that many bottles a day anymore. She drinks juice with her meals and water to. I offer her a drink throughout the whole day because she might be thirsty and not be able to relay that to me. SO my though is to go this route. Please let me know if this sounds good. She is suppose to get 15 to 18 oz of whole milk a day said the doctor. Here goes. Wake up 5oz in sport sippy. 3oz at nap time at 3:00, 5 oz at dinner time and 5 oz at bedtime. Is that ok to only give her the bottle 4 times or a sippy cup thing only 4 times. Of course I will still offer her juice and water thoughut the day. I will actually only use the bottle at nap and bed time the other two times will be the sport sippy thing. Sorry so long it is just I have got her in such a great routine that it is hard for me to brake myself of it. She has been on the same routine since she was about 6 months old!


Laceyandsamsmamma - February 24

I am not sure about the milk thing I never kept track of how much or how many times either of my kids get milk but if you are trying to get rid of the bottle there is a sippy cup by NUBY that is wonderful if they dont chew on the nipple which my dd didnt but my ds did so we couldnt use that because he bit holes in the nipple so for him we used a bottle wih a soft nipple made by Gerber I think it was called transitions. I used those cups as a stepping stone to a regular sippy which my dd didnt take till almost 3 and my son is almost 2 and trys to take it sometimes but at bedtime he only will take the transitions cup. But the doctor told me that both cups were better than the bottle for their teeth so there is my advice. Unless your child has some kinda medical condition I wouldnt worry about how much milk your child drinks as long as she is drinking it and eating well and gaining weight. That is what my doc. said Good Luck



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