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first-timer - December 8

I am 10 wks pp and started the mini pill last Sunday ( 6 days ago ). I had not yet gotten my period since giving birth before starting the mini pill and it appears that today my period has started. Has anyone else experienced a period right after starting the pill and then how did the rest of the month go?


DDT - December 8

Yes, I started the mini-pill at about 3-4wks pp without having a period before that. I started bleeding about 1.5wks after starting them and carried on spotting and bleeding constantly for about another 1 month. I then quit the mini-pill and started using the regular pill (I had stopped BF) and still would end up bleeding/spotting constantly. The doc said it was because my hormones were still trying to balance themselves from after the pregnancy, and because the mini-pill is very sensitive and you have to take it at the EXACT time every day else it can cause spotting/breakthrough bleeding. I hated the constant bleeding so after 2 months stopped the BC altogether. I got my 1st "proper" period (4-7 days of heavy to light bleeding) at 5 months pp. Now at almost 10 months pp I have yet to have my 2nd period pp. It sounds like you may have some breakthrough bleeding because the pill should keep your cycle within 4-5wks each month...technically anyway.


lily10 - December 8

The same thing happened to me when i was on the mini pill. I started taking the mini pill at 6 weeks pp and about 1-2 later I got a really heavy period or spotting that lasted for days. I stayed on the mini pill for a about 2.5 months and I had my period about 6 times!!! I hated it, so I discontinued taking the mini pill. I would bleed every other week while on the mini pill.


KOGreer - December 8

I am on the mini-pill (Errin) and have not had a period or spotting yet. I started it at 5 weeks PP and am now 5 months PP. I was really paranoid about taking it every day at the exact same time (I was setting an alarm to wake me, it sucked) but my Dr said that it needs to be taken within 6 hours of the same time every day. I don't go to that extreme, I end up taking it within the same hour every day, but now I am not so paranoid.


first-timer - December 9

I have been taking it within an hour each day so maybe it is just my body adjusting. BUT if I have spotting all the time like some of you are mentioning I am going to go off it as well. One of the best things about being pregnant was not having to worry about it!


javidsgirl - December 9

i had the same problem as you lily10 on the mini pill. i take alesse now it is sooo much better


Krissy25 - December 9

KOGreer, i'm also taking that pill too and i have had no spotting or bleeding at all. I too am paranoid about taking it the same time, my dr told me to not go any longer than 3 hrs. but i stick to the same hour everyday. I'll be glad when i can go back to the regular pill and not be so worried all the time.



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