Mini Pill Vs No Pill

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evae777 - April 22

anyone on or not on the mini pill and br___tfeeding but haven't gotten their period? I wonder if being on the mini pill will help keep my period away while I br___tfeed or if it doesn't matter since i am br___tfeeding?? i seem to be spotting and it is really annoying. im not sure if it is because of the mini pill & if i should just go off of it since its not like we ever have s_x anyways!!


maryg - April 22

I have a friend who bf'ed and used the mini pill. She had spotting but no period for over a year! I'm bf'ing but not on any pill and haven't had a period yet--I'm 7 1/2 months PP. Guess it's different for everyone!


first-timer - April 22

I am on the mini pill and b___st feeding ( almost 7 months pp started the pill 2 month pp) and I still have no period. I don't know which one is keeping it away though. You have to take the mini pill at exactly the same time every day in order to keep the spotting away. I find that if I am later than an hour a few days out of the month I get spotting. I now set an alarm to take it. I am slowly starting to wean now though and that is one of the many reasons why. I am just too busy to have to keep track of the time to take a pill every day and would like to go to a different pill.


Gretta - April 22

Ha I went on the minipill and hated it! Spotted the whole first month - so i went off it and we used condoms the 2-3 times a mnth we had s_x. I was much happier...hahaha


denimb__terfly - April 23

I totally agree with first-timer. Set an alarm and take it every day- should work at stopping the spotting. As for me, I got off the minipill 4 weeks ago and about a week or 2 after stopping I got a full period! My first period since the baby was born (I'm 7 months PP) But, after the period, I decided to go back to the mini. I was beginning to think the b___stfeeding was keeping my period away (he b___stfeeds only since birth and barely ever even eats baby food as he has no interest in it!). Anyways, when I stopped the pill I pretty much immediately got a period so I figure I need the pill (because usually you are ovulating if you are getting periods and ovulating means another baby if no protection- well for me anyway)


evae777 - April 23

my last day taking it was this past sunday and I spotted again right the next day! i am thinking i might even get my period so it may be best to just stay on it. When do you guys think i can take it again considering i just went off it last sunday? can i just start a new pack this coming sunday??


evae777 - April 23

towards the end i was doing well too... taking it on time and no more spotting. urgh!! denim b___terfly, when did you take it again after stopping ?


evae777 - April 23

hate to bug you guys with another question, but does anyone know why we spot?? if it is ovulation then what is the reason for spotting?


first-timer - April 24

I believe that the mini pill stops ovulation unlike other pills. So I think the spotting is related to that but I am not sure. You should be able to go back on it again on Sunday since it is one consistent amount of hormones. Also some women do get a period when they are on it. For those women usually it happens the last week of the pack but I think those cases are rare. Like denimb___terfly, I am not willing to take a chance at not being on a pill. Just once my LO is weaned I will switch to something else.


denimb__terfly - April 24

Honestly, I stopped taking my pills during the week (so my pack was left off on like a Thurs. or Friday I think) My period started on a Monday and I think on Friday I started my pills back. I had been off the pill for 2 or 3 weeks. Anyways, you get the idea. I would just start back on Sunday if you are starting a new pack. I don't know why we spot on it, but my doctor warned me that if I was not consistent I would spot- so my cell phone reminds us all that I need to take my pill LOL. Also, FYI for everyone- when you stop b___stfeeding- change your birth control! After my son was done b___stfeeding I still was getting the depo shot and I got pregnant 2 months after I stopped b___stfeeding ( 1 month after getting a shot that was supposed to last me 3 months) I really think that I should have switched to a regular pill and that would have prevented the whole problem. I don't know if the minipill is the same way, but since the shot and pill are pretty comparable I would guess that they are. My daughter is 8 now and I love her to death, but I still shake my head when I think about when they told me I was pregnant with her. I should have won an award for the most dramatic response or something. I kept arguing with everyone- but I am on birth control! Ha ha. Just a friendly heads up.



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