Minipill Anyone Take This

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Kris10 - January 7

just wondering if others have had side effects from this.. anyone br___tfeeding and taking it? Has it affected milk supply? Any info would be great! Thanks! :)


C - January 7

I started taking this at 6 weeks. I haven't noticed it affecting my milk supply.


LilMum - January 7

I am supposed to be taking it but I haven't gone to the pharmacy and filled the perscription yet :P I took it after my first son and I didn't see any difference. Maybe your little one is going through a growth spurt and that's why it seems like your milk supply is low?


mommy716 - January 8

I asked my nurse about that and it turns out not as much as we think runs thru the b___st milk!


Tami - January 8

I am on the minipill, started it as six weeks and haven't had a problem at all. Oh, I am b___stfeeding exclusively as well. My baby is almost three and half months now, so i guess I would say it works pretty well.


Christy - January 8

I am supposed to get a script for this Monday at my follow-up (which is 9 weeks pp, I might add!) I was on bcp (Yasmin) for 13 years prior to stopping to get pregnant. I hope this minipill doesn't make me gain weight, be moody, or break out. Anyone notice such side effects?


Kris10 - January 8

thanks for all the information everyone. I am supposed to start taking it today. I'm with you Christy, I'm worried it might make me gain weigh or break out. ANyone notice any nasty side effects like these? Thanks for the help ladies! :)


Faiths mommy - January 8

I have been on it since my dd was 6 weeks old she is now a little over 5 months old, I have had no problems with weight gain or breakouts, when I started the pill I spotted for like 2 days but it was very little I only noticed it when I wiped. I also have had no problems with milk supply. Just make sure you take it at the same time everyday, there is a 2 hour window if you miss that 2 hour window use a backup method of birth control, If you miss a day do not double up like on the reg pill,make sure you use back-up birth control if you do miss a day. Hope I covered alot any other ?'s please ask and I will help as much as I can.


Christy - January 8

Faiths mommy- thx for the info. There is really only a two hour window, though? I usuallly took my bcp at the same time everyday, but sometimes a bit later on the weekends. Never had any issues, but maybe bc the minipill is progesterone only you have to more diligent?


nicksmommie - January 8

hi yeah ive taken this pill....i was 16 when i had my son so right after i got on birth control...but i was b___stfeeding so the dr. put me on that special mini-pill so i mean i never had any side effects or nothing like that...the only problem im having right now is switching back onto regular strong dose of birth about moody! haha but dont worry i dont think it will effect your milk supply or anything like that! :)


Kris10 - January 8

thanks for the help girls! Makes me feel much better about taking it!


Dawn C - January 8

I am on it also. Started when lil guy was 4 1/2 wks. It made me bleed at first. I went another week and bled again. Just finished my 2nd pack and bled at the end only. I started my 3rd pack today. I strictly b___stfeed and my supply is fine. I have not lost any weight nor gained. I stay hungry though but I guess its from bf



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