Miracle Baby

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AlissaF - January 20

I wanted to post this a while ago, but never got around to it. I know a few of us are dealing with babies with various health issues and scares and I just want to share this story in hopes that maybe it can bring hope to someone who needs it. One of my friends discovered last june that she was pregnant with her first baby. it was unplanned and she is only 20, but she was really excited. since she finally had health insurance, she did a follow up on a previous knee x-ray that showed abnormalities. when she was 11 weeks, she found out that she had cancer in her knee bone. at 13 weeks, she had a complete knee replacement. For the surgery she was put under and the baby was not monitered because baby was so young that if anything were to happen, there was no way they could save it. after the surgery she was put on pain meds and other various meds... all while being 3-4 months pregnant. at 18 weeks they started her on chemo. She wanted to wait, but was told that if she waited, she only had a 30% chance of survival. with chemo, she had a 80% chance. she underwent 2 rounds of chemo, both which almost killed her due to complications. At 24 weeks, her bp started skyrocketing and they couldn't figure out why. she was not preeclampsic. the only thing that could keep her bp down was magnesium, which makes you feel like c__p and there was no way that she would stay on the magnesium for the remainder of her pregnancy. finally at 27 weeks, her bp was still so high and she ran a very high risk of seizure and harm to the baby. they decided to induce. They gave her baby steroids to help mature her brain and lungs. after 2 days of labor, baby briana was born naturally weighing only 1lb 9oz. BUT, she was pink and breathing on her own! She was so small that gramma's wedding ring was loose around her foot. she was put on a c-pap so that she didn't have to worry about trying to breathe and could develp in other areas. by the time she was a month old, she was off all machines except for low oxygen and a feeding tube. She is 2 months old now and is up to 4lbs. She is expected to go home within the next 20 days and so far shows no effects from the chemo and other meds. She is expected to make a full recovery! her mom underwent her third round of chemo 3 weeks ago and was able to handle it better now that she was not pregnant. She still has 3 more rounds to go, but there is no sign that the cancer has spread! I just wanted to share this story cause whenever I see pictures of baby briana or talk to her mom, I cry over what a miracle baby she is. She truely is a miracle! If her mom hadn't have gotten pregnant, she probably would not have discovered that she had cancer. Briana saved my friend's life. 1lb 9 oz.... wow!


dee23 - January 20

wow....this made me cry. she is most definatly a mirical baby.


sahmof3 - January 20

That is so amazing!!! I don't mean to take over your thread, but thought I'd share my dh's sister's (my SILs story). They had 4 kids already and were done. Well, they had an, "oops" pregnancy lol. Anyway, she delivered all of her other babies with a midwife at the midwife's house and was planning to with this one also. Toward the end of her pregnancy the midwife noticed that my niece was always way over to one side, but there was something solid on the other side. She told my SIL that she needed to see an OBGYN. She went and found out she had a large tumor. She was taken for an emergency c-section and she had ovarian/uterine cancer. She had never had a symptom at all!! She had an immediate complete hysterectomy and began chemo. They live way out in the country and she was in the hospital for a long time, so it was really hard on her being separated from my niece... she has a large, close family though, that all helped her. Anyway, ovarian cancer doesn't have a great cure rate from what I understand, but she is now 10 years out and has been cancer-free for 7! She doesn't know if it would have been caught in time had she not been pregnant!!!


lexa - January 20

Oh wow! All I can say is Miracles do happen! Im really glad everyone is doing well! For your friend Alissa and sahmof3!


vonzo - January 20

i had a tear in my eye when i read this too! How amazing for your friend! I had a miracle baby of my own. I was told that i had more chance of winning the lottery twice consecutively than conceiving naturally on my own. Then bam Amber appeared, whilst i was on the pill too! As the old saying goes...never say never!! (there go my chances of winning the lottery!)


sahmof3 - January 20

*oops*... I must have been tired... she is actually my dh's brother's wife (still my SIL lol).


Maggie - January 20

I don't mean to offend anyone here, but I'm Catholic so when I hear a story like this all I can think is that God has a plan for your friend and Briana. Even at a young age I believe God spared her to be a mother, and I believe that Briana is destined for greatness. Maybe she will be President one day! I only say no offense because lately people seem to get up in arms when you discuss anything religious. Alissa I will keep all of you in my prayers. This was really a wonderful and inspiring story.


Erin1979 - January 21

wow. That is truly a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing.


maryl14 - January 21

alissaf----wow your friends baby has one awesome will to live god was truely watching out for your friend and her baby sahmof3----- i'm glad to hear your friend fought the cancer battle and has won i know several who haven't and this brings me joy to know that someone as won


soon2bemomof3 - January 22

Wow, amazing stories. I don't want to take away from anyones but I do have my own miracle baby, my ds who is now 2 mnths old. Summer of 2005 my dh was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. He had a left side orchiectomy (removed t______e) and underwent 3 months of Chemo and Radiation, the drs told him to freeze his sperm as he would probably never be able to have more children otherwise (we have a 2 yo also) well we couldn't afford freezing sperm (EXPENSIVE) so we figured we'd be happy with our girls ( i have a 9 y/o dd from another relationship and then we have the 2 yo together). Well 6 months after his radiation treatments were over I found out i was pregnant. I WAS SHOCKED!!! We at first were concerned that maybe something would be wrong with the baby but he is fine. He's very skinny and has laryngomalacia (breathing problem that heals on it's own) but other than that he's healthy. Amazing things happen all the time.



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