Mirena Or ParaGard

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mahagen - February 19

Hi ladies, I was wondering if anyone is planning on getting and IUD after having there baby or I should say at least 6 weeks later? I am going to get one but I am not sure what one would be the best to get. I keep hearing good things about the Mirena and some negative things about the ParaGard. The difference is ParaGard is cooper, has not hormones and last up to 10 years. The Mirena has hormones but releases a very small amount just like birth control pills, last up to 5 years and is plastic. I just need advise on what one others have had or plan to get if any. I know some people have their beliefs about birth control but this is a choice my husband and I have made and would appreciate some insight on what others experiences are or plans. Thanks for the advice in advance!


newbabyras - February 19

I've had the Mirena twice now, and LOVE it. From what I understand, the mix of all the things Mirena does (hormones, etc) make it more effective. I had my first one for five years, took it out and got pregnant 3 months later. I only had my second one for 10 months, as we decided to keep our babies closer in age, so I've only had it out for a couple weeks now. My OB had me wait 10 weeks ppd, but that may have been due to my c-section.


mahagen - February 19

Great!!! I read up on both IUD's and it seems like the Mirena has more positive then the ParaGard. Most women are worried about the hormones the MIrena gives off but I heard it very little and you don't even notice it. Thanks Newbabyras for your input!


jennifer_33106 - February 19

newbabyras~Do you know if you can still BF with that IUD? Also what are the risks of pregnancy with it? Do you think it is better then the pill?


Brendansmom - February 22

You can only bf with ParaGard.


MrsShelton217 - February 22

Not true: Breastfeeding is TOTALLY safe w/ Mirena. I have had it for about 4 months now, and my son is still b___st feeding.


mtnla__s - March 1

Mirena is great. I just had my second inserted yesterday. You can b___stfeed with it. My doc won't give anyone the Paragard because it can cause heavy bleeding. The Mirena thins the uterus so less bleeding. I had mine put in for that reason the side affect is the birth control. The insertion wasn't painful sort of like getting a pap smear.


wailing - March 1

You can b'feed w/ Mirena. thinking of getting it myself. Heard great things about it from everyone.


britt_m - March 4

I was actually suppose to go to the doc after AF was done and discuss/get the mirena. Haha, AF never showed!


Re - March 19

Hi..I have the paragard currently and love it except for the fact that I bleed alot more and cramp 3 times worse. But I had the mirena for 2 1/2 yrs a nd the nausea on a daily basis was unbearable. Had the paragard for almost 2 yrs now no problems...thinking about having another. I dont have any specific beliefs about birth control. Its your body and you need to do what works for you. I know someone who was against the iud and now they're pregnant with their 4th child..lol So good luck...!


pregnantjackie - March 19

please note I have never had the Mirena when I say this....but I have stumbled across many posts on forums where many women are still getting pregnant on the mirena, and some resulting in miscarriages and tubal pregnancies.


wailing - March 19

I was going to get the MIrena but now after hearing Ms. Sheltons story am unsure. Pregnant Jackie, have u heard about alot of ppl getting preggo on it? It's supposed to be 99.9% effective???? Just wondering. The scary thing is that if u get pregnant w/ it in, they don't reccomend leaving it in, but taking it out can cause a misscarriage.


pregnantjackie - March 19

go to the pregnancy complications forum on this site and check out the iud pregnancy posts...scary. I dunno about that 99.9%...


MrsShelton217 - March 20

FYI: I am pregnant... LoL. Still have the mirena in too far along to remove it!


pregnantjackie - March 27

MRs. Shelton, I am curious as to if this will affect your pregnancy/labor/delivery to your knowledge and how?



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