Miserable Baby In The Car Seat

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kimmysmommy - March 11

my dd is miserable when i put her in the car seat. she will be 3 mo. on 3-16, and has never been too fond of it, but just lately, in the last week or so, she has been absolutely miserable when i put her in it. she screams and turns herself red....it makes for very stressful driving...any one know how to keep them happy back there??? they must get lonely. :(


HANNAHs Mom - March 11

My dd behaved the exact same way around that age...I think it is a stage which they eventually outgrow. I would put my dd in the car and quickly start the car and get going so the motion would help soothe and I hung little toys on the carseat. They also sell mirrors that you can hang from the back seat so baby can see herself. Good luck...it does get better :)


C - March 11

My son used to cry when the car would stop at a light too long. I give him a paci and a toy and now he seems ok. He's getting older too so that might make a difference. I do notice he'll cry when he's fighting to not fall asleep. He will usually stop crying if I put on music that has a nice beat to it.


karen - March 11

Oh yea . Kodi hates being straped in , and wiggles himself out all the time . Some one has to sit in the back with him all the time.


Ca__sieSong - March 11

At what age do they start at least tolerating (if not likeing) the car seat?


YC - March 11

Hey kimmysmommy, my dd Kai is one day younger than yours. She will be 3 months on 3/17/06. Anyways, she has absolutely HATED her carseat since day 1...literally. She screams when she is put in but usually falls asleep once we get going. Fisher Price sells this mirror that they can see themself in and you can see her from the front seat. It has a remote so from the front seat you and turn on a music and light show for the baby. It was only about $20 bucks. I got it at WalMart. It seems to keep her entertained all the way to daycare (1/2 hour drive).


TRP - March 11

When my dd was younger, about 2-3 months, she'd just start screaming from time to time while we were in the car for no apparent reason. This might sound mean, but we weren't being mean and we only did it for a couple of seconds, but we'd turn the radio up loud. It always made her stop crying. Maybe it was the shock factor. I'm not saying everyone should try it , just letting you know what worked for us. I was in the back seat with her when we did it also. She's very healthy and has no problems for those who may think we were being cruel. I love my dd very much and would never hurt her! =)


Zacks Mom - March 12

I put a hanging toy above him, give him a paci, start the engine and play "Miracle" on repeat.


ZacsMommy - March 12

Zac loves his car seat. he's 2 1/2 monhs. i even let him just sit in it during the day w/o being strapped in. but i put his fisher price toy mat thing over(it has a mirror & mobile) so maybe that's why he likes it so much. he goes 2 sleep the second we get in the car ( for hours at a time). have u tried any lullaby cd's in the car?


Bree - March 14

I guess I'm lucky. My Sam (also almost 3 months) loves his carseat. Sometimes when we get home he's snoozing and I leave him in it to nap (take the seat inside, of course). I'm lazy I guess you could say. I also like to pop it onto the stroller (they go together) and roll him around the house sometimes. He's sitting up and loves to take it in. We sit on the porch and he's as content as he can be.


kimmysmommy - March 16

well, i got her one of those little mirrrors, and it keeps her entertained for a little while, but then she starts wailing again...thanks for all your input...... :)



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