Mixed Children

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babyonboard16 - March 3

I'm going to have a mixed baby half black half white, does anyone else have mixed kids, and I need some advice on hair and all that, any advice will help.


LollyM - March 3

I was going to start a thread about this =) having a mixed baby is really different than having a baby who is primarily one race. They seem to get the best qualities from each race =) my lo is half white 1/4 portuguese and 1/4 mexican she is so beautiful. she has brown hair and eyes, and her skin is on the fare side. I think she looks mostly white, but than again, allot of portuguese people look white. my nephew is half white, half black, and he is very adorable as well. He is 9 years now. His skintone is right in between his parents and he has curly brown hair, but it doesn't get really nappy like some people's does. Mixed kids do run into some problems when they are older though, because the often find it difficult to completely identify with people of any race since they look different than both of their parents races. I think mixed children are beautiful in every way. Hopefully the racism in our world will stop by the time we all have every race in us =)


babyonboard16 - March 4

I completely agree with you, I had posted a thread in the third trimester one and this girl made a really rude comment, it gets really old. I bet your child is beautiful:)


vanja10 - March 4

hi. i jut gave birth to mine 2 days ago. my lo is half white, half black and he is the cutest. :) i know a lot of mixed couples and all of their kids are adorable. they really get best of both worlds. good luck w/ urs and how old is ur lo?


Renee924 - March 4

My husbands cousin, is very pale white and she has curly reddish/brown hair, is married and has a baby with a Jamaican man, very dark skinned. I've seen a lot of beautiful mixed babies, and there's is no exception. She's got light skin, but it's very very creamy. It's absolutely beautiful. I'm the kind of pale that blinds people but she's the kind of pale that you'd want to show off :) And she's got jet black hair, that is in ringlets, like they curl it daily, and she's got almond shape dark brown eyes, they almost look asian. Anyway just wanted to add and agree. A lot of times I wish I were mixed something just because they're so beautiful and exotic.


babyonboard16 - March 4

It's so nice to see supportive people over in third trimester a girl got onto me for not saying bi-racial, it's ridiculous, anyways I'm due on April 30th.


DownbutnotOUT - March 4

Well I am white as can be, dh lovignly calls me cracker or pale b___t lol, he is status native. I would like to join this thread???


Monica_WeinerBaby#1 - March 4

babyonboard16 i left a comment on 3rd trimester for u


Mingill - March 4

I just wanted to weigh in on this, I am half North American Native and half East Indian. Growing up, I never even realized I was different until I got older (teens and 20's) and started to run into racist comments. My whole family is a unique blend and I think we're lucky. I identify with both cultures, although because I was raised on my reserve, I have a stronger tie to the Native side. My son is what can only be called multicultural. He's 1/4 Native, 1/4 East Indian, 1/4 French Canadian and 1/4 Polish. We intend to teach him about each culture. He's a beautiful little boy. As far as hair etc. goes, it depends, I know 2 siblings who look completely different, one getting the thick coarse hair, and the other getting fine straight hair. I am confident that my son will grow up proud of who he is and where he comes from. If you teach your child to be proud of who they are, it will help them shrug off any comments that people may make later on in life. That's really the only advice I can give you.


AnytimeLittleone - March 4

Hey babyonboard16... I dont have a mixed baby, but I wanted to tell you, that I have never seen a mixed baby that wasnt absolutely beautiful. As a new mum, you'll just learn as you go. I am white, and my husband is white... but we're so different. Im paler than pale.. and he has a lovely olive complexion. My daughter takes after him in every way.. curly hair.. olive skin... things Im definately not used to! You just gotta go with the flow... things will be ok!


Lalla - March 4

hi babyonboard16. i also have a mixed, or what we lovingly call a blended baby. I am white and my dh is african-american. Our dd turned 1 yesterday!! I have straight hair and my dh's hair has a very tight curl, so our daughters is right in the middle, and dark, dark brown instead of black. Her hair was straight up until about 6-7 months when her hair started to curl up. If you have any more questions let me know.


babyonboard16 - March 5

Thanks to you all, trust me I'll be back with lots more questions after this baby is born haha, I am an only child and haven't spent a lot of time around babies.


LollyM - March 5

hey again babyonboard, sorry to hear that you were hara__sed in the 3rd tri forum! I don't see anything wrong with saying "mixed" they are mixed race after all. How many weeks do you have left? I know you are in the tough part now! I remember being sooo miserable! the time will come before you know it though =) Also, Dh and I have receved looks from people who are clearly racist. At first it bothered me a little, but now I just stare back! lol I think racist people really need to get a life. How lame can some people be?! good luck, and I'm sure your baby will be beautiful also =)


Crisi P - March 5

I agree with Mingill about teaching them about their different cultures and showing them they can be proud of who they are. I dont have a mixed baby, but I have learned this from my sister who is a full Korean adopted into an all white american family. She grew up very proud of who she is and likes that she's unique. I guess we'll eventually have some mixed babies in our family because she doesnt look twice as the asian guys she meets. She likes them white!


Emily - March 5

My dh cusin has mixed babies. She is white and married a black man. Their kids are so cute! They have the custest little smiles. Their dad is very dark and they are also very dark. They have boys so she keeps their hair short. Sorry I can't offer any advise as my own children are not mixed. I just think hers are the cutest.


morgk - March 5

Babyonboard16, I am black (not sure what the politically correct term is these days) and my husband is white We are expecting our first child in May. Skin/hair care of bi-racial/mixed can be a bit confusing. I know how to deal with afro type hair/skin etc but am at a loss when dealing with caucasian skin and vice versa for my DH. Between the two of us we'll figure it out. What to do will depend on if your child's hair is more afro or leans towards the caucasian. A great book that was recommended to me is The Black Parenting Book by Abner/VIllarosa/Beal. You can order it from Amazon.ca (or .com if you're in the US) but I got mine used from Abebooks.com. It's not only a great general baby reference but speaks to specific things such as skin/hair care, teaching your child about their culture and how to deal with racism. Plus it answered a very pressing question for us: how long do they take to colour in? :-)



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