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fefer1 - August 19

Time for a new thread! Here's to our little guys getting bigger!!


fefer1 - August 19

Hey, how is it going with the SIL? Bet it's a huge help having her around! :) I got my Born Free Bottles today!!! I wasn't sure if I'd get them or not since there was no way to register on line that I saw - I just mailed a copy of his birth certificate with our address and stuff. Got 10 bottles today! I'm so excited that I actually won something - kind of cool! When Rachel was born they had that Jeff Foxworthy promo where if you were born on the date of his new show (first one born) you got a bunch of cash or something. Can't remember what the prize was, but Rachel was close - no luck though. :) Well - Rachel has been a pill - she's super tired still. Yesterday she slept from 12:30-4, slept till 8:30 this morning and has been asleep since 1pm and it's 4 now. Tired little girl!!! I have to decide about work too - do I go back or not?? I can't find any child care so I may not have a choice. I was hoping to get my sister or my friend to do it but no such luck since my sis is working now and my friend doesn't want to do it all the time. oh well..I'll figure something out.


mjvdec01 - August 19

It is nice having her here, however, the age difference is very evident, she is only 21. That is great that you got the bottles. Did you get both sizes? I love not working. I have enough to do at home. Anyway, we just had dinner and I have to get Nate his bottle. Talk to you later.


fefer1 - August 20

yeah, 21- you know nothing about kids. :) well, at least it's nice to have an extra hand around. I got 4 9oz bottles and 6 5oz ones. I think I'll save some of them and use them for baby shower gifts - I doubt I need to use that many of them since I'm not working now as is appears. I'm kind of sad because I LOVED the people I worked with I just don't know how I'm going to get any child care. :( Last night Levi was a pill too - he was grumpy from 8pm until about 11. I fed him at 6:45 and thought maybe he wanted to eat at 8:30 - he ate a little, fussed and grumped and burped, finally settled down about 9 so I put him to bed. 30 minutes later he was screaming again and I gave him mylicon, which did nothing, finally fed him again at 10:45 but he didn't want much. Layed him across my stomach in bed and he pa__sed out. Didn't get up to eat till 7am!!! At least THAT was worth it. :) I was so tired yesterday from dealing with Rachel - she is a terror these days!!! She was flopping on the floor throwing tantrums all night - didn't want to eat - and screamed about everything. We're trying to convert her bed to a full size - just skip the toddler size since we have the toddler guard rails. We'll see how this goes. Hey, what kind of stuff was Maddy into at 2? Rachel's birthday is in a few weeks and I have no idea what to get her - she likes everything you know. I just don't know what's COOL out there that will last a little longer than a few weeks. :) Ok, got to get her out of bed - my coffee morning lasted a whole 10 minutes. sigh...


fefer1 - August 20

so levi is 16lbs 1 oz...>95% for weight, 90% for height (24 1/4 inches) and 80th for head size. :) He's healthy and happy - didn't like his shots but calmed down real quick. All is good! I have a chunk that's for sure!


fefer1 - August 21

one more thing - I think I'm getting my period!!! This sucks!! I had to laugh though cuz time was wanting some lovin tonight and I'm SOO tired - and now I have my excuse. :) haha...how early did you get yours with Maddy? I had 7 months after Rachel was born..this sucks only 2 months after Levi! He's sleeping up a storm too after his vaccinations. I fed him at noon then had to wake him up at 5 to eat, he slept again till 9 when I woke him to eat and he's pa__sed out again. I hope I get a good nights sleep in tonight! Rachel is fussing in her sleep though - maybe I won't be so lucky. :)


mjvdec01 - August 22

Maddy loves anything that makes music. She is also totally in to Mickey Mouse, he and his friends are her favorite. My mom bought her a Mickey keyboard from the Disney store and she loves it. She also really likes puzzles, and art projects. For her birthday we had a party at Pump It Up. It was Mickey Mouse and friends, and the kids loved all the huge jumpy things and the giant slide. It was super easy for me, and fun for everyone, even the parents. I can't believe Levi is so big!! Nate had his one month check on tuesday and he was 10lbs 7 ounces, 22 and a half inches. He is 75th percentile for length, 60th for weight, and 60th for head circ_mfrence. He looks a lot bigger to me than when he was born. He has been consistently sleeping 6 hour stretches and I am so greatful. That sucks that you are getting your period. That is one thing about pregnancy that I loved. After Maddy I had mine about 4 weeks later. I am 5 weeks pp this time and still no sign. I am hoping it lasts a couple more weeks. I haven't been on much because I feel like I have to entertain my SIL. I think she is somewhat bored. I just wonder what she thought having two kids under three would be like?? It is getting a bit better though. Anyway, it is late and I need to get some sleep. Have a good night.


fefer1 - August 22

ahh -yeah, a 21 year old and kids under 2 - I can see how she might get bored. :) Eve nI get bored sometimes. haha...Maybe bored isn't the right word but it's very mundane sometimes. Yeah, periods suck for sure. I thought that since I didn't get mine for 7 months after Rachel was born the same thing would happen this time - what a bummer. BUT, there are no cramps, just bleeding and it's not really that heavy. I'm a__suming it's my period. I remember it being more painful when I got it for the first time with Rachel. oh well...


mjvdec01 - August 23

Well, my SIL is getting on my nerves. She spends all her time either on the phone, watching TV, or on my computer, and she really isn't too interested in playing with Maddy for more than a few minutes. On top of all that, she is trying to discipline her. It is all starting to really p__s me off. Jimmy leaves for his business trip on Sunday, and will be back next Saturday, the same day his sister leaves. He has noticed all of this also, and is going to talk to her tomorrow to see if he can get through to her. Honestly, if it is going to be like this, I would rather her go home early. I have to get some sleep, talk to you later.


fefer1 - August 25

how is the sil thing going?any better? So why did she come out - just to visit or to help? what a pain! :) By the way, we're giving Levi his own room. Rachel has a full sized bed in progress - we're putting it together now - and I said what the hell, let's get rid of the spare room. We sold the Queen bed on Craigslist in 3 hours! It was GONE. We finished the ceiling -had to sand, patch and paint it - now it's ready for furniture. We have my desk in there still but eventually it will be gone. I have to make room for it somewhere. Rachel is demanding my attention now - got to run!


fefer1 - August 26

I feel so much better today! I got sick Sat night, thought it was allergies but maybe not. I was miserable on Sunday - and not so well yesterday. It COULD be allergies still but whatever the case, I'm doing better. I fell asleep on the couch Sunday with Levi on my chest and Rachel next to me watching cartoons. Thank goodness she behaved for an hour! She never once got up. So...anything new happening?


fefer1 - August 26

did I tell you we're getting a dog? :) It's a long hair chihuahua...it's so adorable! Our babysitter is giving it to us - they have too many dogs and can't pay enough attention to the little guy. He's only 6 months old and SOOOO sweet. He loved Rachel. I'm freaking out more and more now that I've committed to it. Yikes..a dog! I've never owned one before. :) We'll probably pick him up after the holiday weekend since we're at the cabin all weekend.


mjvdec01 - August 27

Hey there, things are really hectic around here. Jimmy's sister doesn't leave until Saturday morning and then Jimmy gets home that same evening. Things are much better with his sister now. I had a chat with her a couple of days ago, and we are getting along great. I haven't been getting a lot of sleep, and am so freakin' tired! So, you are getting a dog, good luck with that. LOL. I don't think I could take care of one more living thing and keep my sanity. Anyway, I have to feed Nate so I'll talk to you later. Have a great day!


mjvdec01 - August 31

Okay, my sil is gone and Jimmy is home... thank god! He is sleeping downstairs with Nate tonight so I can get some sleep. I am sick again with a horrible cold and my allergies are really bad as well. I actually locked my bedroom door so Maddy goes downstairs in the morning instead of waking me at 7am. Anyway, it was nice having my sil here to share the responsiblity of two kids, but, it definitely wasn't the same as having Jimmy here. Hopefully we can get together soon. Let me know when you get back. Have a great holiday weekend!


mjvdec01 - September 2

Okay, we are having a horrible time with Maddy. She won't leave her brother alone. She is constantly in his face with her slobbery fingers! It is making me crazy... all day long, Maddy, don't do this, don't do that... take your snotty fingers out of his mouth!! The other day she tried to feed him Cheerios! Don't get me wrong, I am very happy she likes him so much, however, it is getting really annoying that she constantly wants to be right on top of him. All the hugging and kissing she wants to do is bugging the c___p out of me. I do let he touch him, but not nearly as much as she wants to. Are you having issues like this with Rachel?


fefer1 - September 2

hey there -we got back last night and it was half a hellish trip and half fun. But first, about Maddy- maybe she needs to hold him more, help with stuff so she can get her baby fix? Rachel was all over Levi for a while - wanted in his stuff, had to touch him...you name it. I finally gave up, just as long as she wasn't going to hurt him. I don't like her touching his pacifier though - but it's hard to keep her away from it. She wants to put it in his mouth when it falls out - she will see it and say uh-oh and grab it and try to shove it in. :) It's really cute - but her dirty little fingers all over it grosses me out. :) I'm sure it will just make him stronger - haha. I think you just have to work with it and deal for a while. The more you tell them no, the more they want to do it. SO...this weekend...we went out to the cabin for Friday and Saturday night and were heading to my moms sunday morning. My dad, step-mom, stepsister and niece went as well. There is only ONE bedroom at the cabin and the main room has a pull out bed and there is an enclosed porch with another pull out bed. My dad alway sleeps in the bedroom, usually no big deal, but now I have two small kids. Rachel will only GO to sleep when she's alone in a room. If she sees people she will want to play play play. Well, we get to the cabin and my step mom has set up an airmattress on the floor in the bedroom for my niece and step-sister... no place for Rachel. I started off kind of p__sed because of that but decided we'd try to put Rachel on the porch to sleep and bring her in when everyone went to bed. Well, she was sound asleep so we left her - but at 4am she was crying so Tim went to cover her up and the woke right up and screamed for 2.5 hours. We brought her in with us but she was NOT going to sleep - not in her pac-n-play or in bed with us. Every time we would put her down in her bed she screamed like I've never heard her do before. I think she was kind of scared. She finally fell asleep around 7am and then my dad gets up for the day dat 7:15. So I'm really tired, my dad and Tim and the girls go jeeping and I'm stuck alone with my kids and my step-mom, who I like but have a hard time being alone with. at 10"30 Rachel was toast, so I said she was going to go in the bedroom and take a nap. My SM says "oh, I don't think her bed is going to fit in here. I told her to pick up the air mattress and put it on top of her bed...and I'm not kidding, she sighs heavily and says " But .. their stuff is on top of it" like a bratty little teenager. I had my back to her at that moment and I had to bite my lip to keep from turning around and tell ing her off. I was SOOOOO p__sed! She's 46 years old acting like that. I could NOT believe it!!! I said nothing...and she moved the c___p and Rachel took a nap - and so did I. :) Well that night was going to be interesting since I did not want a repeat...but, we put her to bed on the porch and tried to move her in when we went to bed but she woke up and it was even worse. She was so hysterical I thought she was going to choke on her spit or something. After an hour of this I got so p__sed off that I got up, packed some stuff and was getting ready to leave to find a hotel for the night but Tim stopped me and we ended up packing ALL of our stuff and leaving. My dad and SM were in their room with the kids and never got up when we left....I was so p__sed off that my dad/SM did not offer the room to us having two small kids. The whole weekend too she, SM, was all over Rachel..sit down, don't touch that, dont' drive your car on the wall it will scratch it, Levi needs a hat on...you name it. I couldn't handle it anymore. We left the cabin at 11:40PM, got to my moms at 12:45 and Rachel was pa__sed out, went to sleep in her own warm room and was fine the rest of the weekend. I just can't believe someone who is so a___l about everything and watches kids like a hawk would think it was ok for me to put my kid to bed outside and then tell me my other kid needed to wear a hat INSIDE or to let my kid scream like that for two nights. I talked to my sister about it and she said that she's been having issues with my SM too...I don't know what's going on - I was so angry and kind of suprised my dad was clueless to it all. I think we're gonna have to have a talk. This is the first time in nearly 12 years that I have finally seen this side of her/ him. Ugh...I'm so frustrated. :) Sorry for the rant, but let me tell you, it was SOOOOO bad. I felt like a horrible mother letting my kids scream like that and that's why we left. I wasn't going to put her through that anymore. I left him a message(my dad) when we had cell reception, but I haven't heard one thing from him. Not "sorry you had to leave" or anything. That is surprising to me as well.


mjvdec01 - September 3

That sucks! I don't know how you were able to keep your mouth shut?!?! I would have had a fit. You definitely have an issue to discuss with your dad. You are totally right about Maddy. I don't let her do as much as I should and I do hover a bit. I don't think I would be so bad about it if she didn't have snott pouring out of her nose. Nate is already congested enough just being a new baby. I just don't want him sick. I guess I need to let go a bit and back off. I am going to start fresh with her in the morning. Hey, Nate is spending his first night in his room tonight. Overnight he usually sleeps about 6 hours, we will see what happens. I think he will do okay. He sleeps great in his co-sleeper, and the swing. I have to get to bed. I'll talk to you later. Maybe we can get together soon. We should try your house one weeks and mine the next, what do you think?



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