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mjvdec01 - September 3

That sucks! I don't know how you were able to keep your mouth shut?!?! I would have had a fit. You definitely have an issue to discuss with your dad. You are totally right about Maddy. I don't let her do as much as I should and I do hover a bit. I don't think I would be so bad about it if she didn't have snott pouring out of her nose. Nate is already congested enough just being a new baby. I just don't want him sick. I guess I need to let go a bit and back off. I am going to start fresh with her in the morning. Hey, Nate is spending his first night in his room tonight. Overnight he usually sleeps about 6 hours, we will see what happens. I think he will do okay. He sleeps great in his co-sleeper, and the swing. I have to get to bed. I'll talk to you later. Maybe we can get together soon. We should try your house one weeks and mine the next, what do you think?


fefer1 - September 3

hey there - how did he sleep in his room? We started that a couple of weeks ago and it's going great!!! I love not hearing all the grunts and groans. :) Levi gets up most nights still only once, between 3 and 4am. If I don't feed him at 10 he wakes up at 1am. So..I feed him now!!! By the way, Rachel is doing MUCH better with her new bed. She only fusses for a couple of minutes and it's like she did in her crib. It's so nice! No more banging on the door and screaming like a mad woman. ahhh!! We also bought Levi a crib at BabiesRus...we'll get in in a week or two since of course, it's not in stock. :) It's a dark cherry color...now I need furniture to match! Oh, and not to talk politics, because some people are sensitive, but with Sarah Palin, I got so p__sed at people! Suggesting that women can't work and raise kids. You'd think we've come farther than that by now. I don't know why but it just p__sed me off that people would suggest that but not blink if a man had to raise his kids alone and work. No matter which side of the fence you're on, it annoys me to no end that anyone would suggest a woman can't do that. Stupid. GRRR!!! :) My hormones must still be raging. haha! So you're gonna relax with Maddy? I think I have a really laid back approach - maybe more so than some. I just don't worry too much about stuff...I know that I turned out ok and so did my brothers and sister and we were probably a big bunch of snotty kids germing up our siblings. Tim's mom is a super worry wart and worries constantly about the kids when we're visiting. :) She'd have them bundled up in 8 layers on a 72 degree day, afraid a breeze might kick up. It's cute - but I must drive her crazy. Yea, we can do our house thing, that's cool with me. Maybe you can help me be creative with the kids rooms...I'm not very good at decorating. I have to paint like 10 times before I find a color that works. :) I can organize like no other, but I can't decorate very well. sigh..


mjvdec01 - September 3

Nate did great in his crib. I put him down at 10:30pm after he ate and he woke at 4:30 this morning to eat. I got him back to sleep by 5:30am, but made the mistake of putting him back in his room. We don't have blinds in there yet, so as soon as the sun came up he was awake again. I really didn't want him back in our room, so I took a chance and it didn't work. Lets wait until next week to get together, Maddy is still sick. I'll come out to your place first and we will see what we can do about decorating the kids rooms. I loved decorating my kids rooms, I really get in to it. I don't know if I told you or not, but, Nathan has an appointment with a pediatric surgeon on Tuesday. His belly b___ton still hasn't healed and it continually oozing. He may have a condition called urachus. It is when there is an abnormal connection between the bladder and the belly b___ton, and it would need to be corrected surgically. I am pretty freaked out about it. He is only going to be 7 weeks tomorrow and is just so little to be going under general anesthesia. The pediatrician tried to seal it up with silver nitrate, and for a couple of days I thought it had worked, but then it started again. Anyway, we will find out what the deal is on Tuesday. Nathan is awake... gotta go!


fefer1 - September 4

hey, keep me posted on Nate. That is scary stuff. :( Next week the best days for me are Weds or Friday. Thursday I'm having lunch with a friend who's visiting, Tuesday is Rachel's 2 Year appointment and Monday night is my first night back volunteering!!! Got to run, Levi is needing to eat and Rachel should be up soon!


mjvdec01 - September 5

Lets try for wednesday next week. Maddy is getting over a cold and should be much better by then. I don't want her getting you guys sick. It is hell to have a kid with a runny nose. I am really nervous about Nates appointment. I have this bad feeling that he will need some sort of treatment, be it surgical or otherwise. Okay, I have got to get to bed. Nate will want to eat in the next few hours and I have to make it to the gym in the morning. Nighty-night.


mjvdec01 - September 7

We had a great day today. First of all, Nate had his third consecutive day of sleeping from 10pm until about 6am solid. It has been great. Jimmy took Maddy to the Y to go swimming and then we went to the park at Point Defiance, then to Dukes on the waterfront in Tacoma, then we went to the beach and threw rocks in the water, then we played in the gra__s and fed Nathan, then off to Babies"R"Us, then home. I think it was probably the best day we have had together since Nate was born, and Madalyn loved getting out of the house with both of us. A lot of the time it is just Jimmy who takes her, to give me a break. I am really glad I went. Tomorrow I have to have the van to Honda by 8:15 for the 30k mile service, and there is something wrong with the brakes. They have loaner cars, so I won't have to wait around or be stuck with no car all day. Other than that I am going to the gym and cleaning house. How are the kids?


fefer1 - September 7

hey there- I've had a rough couple fo days with the kids. Levi has gotten really fussy during the day and won't sleep long or won't let me put him down. It's kind of difficult with Rachel around and a baby I have to hold. I can't even take a shower with these rugrats! :) I had to wait till Tim came home to get a shower, which I hate. ugh! So we got a babysitter last night and went to a movie and it was sooo nice to get out!! We saw that one with Ben Stiller and Robert Downey and Jack Black - Tropical Thunder. :) It was actually pretty funny - and Tom Cruise even had a small role. We have a full day today - Rachel is TWO TODAY!!!! I can't believe how fast it goes. We're having a small party tonight with my sister and family and a friend of mine and next week we'll get together with my dad. He's going to Canada for my brothers ordination ceremony.


fefer1 - September 7

by the way, Levi slept all night last night. I fed him at 6 and the babysitter gave him about an ounce after I left - and he didn't get up till 6:45 this morning. After a few days of sleeplessness - he's sleeping like a babe! Awesome! AND... we got our dog yesterday. He's so cute! Rachel is in heaven. haha...ok, got to watch the Seahawks game - we recorded it - wrap Rachels gifts, ice the cupcakes and clean house. My sister's fam is coming over and a friend of mine for cake later. Can't wait to celebrate! :)


mjvdec01 - September 9

WooHoo Rachels two!! How was the party? We are taking Nate to see the surgeon in the morning. I am really nervous. I just have a bad feeling that whatever the problem, I am not going to like the solution. This is so stressful. Anyway, I have got to get some sleep, Nathan may be up again in a couple hours to eat again. Oh, Maddy STILL has the snotts. I don't think you want us at your house. I'll let you know what happens with my poor baby boy when I get home tomorrow afternoon. Have a good night.


fefer1 - September 9

hey, that's cool about tomorrow. I was going to let you know I'm overwhelmed this week anyways. I've been doing stuff every day and I'm freaking out - I need a break! :) Let me know how the appointment goes!! I just mowed the lawn - crazy me! I got so fed up with it being a mess so I did it myself. I don't know if it looks any better though! I haven't mowed a lawn since I had 12-13 or somewhere around that age and my dad was p__sed! :) Rachels party was simple and fun - we're having another one on Sunday with my dad and family - and it's my step-sister's party too. I'm so tired..ugh. Rachel is 27 pounds and 2ft 8 inches...she's in the 15th % overall - she's a tiny little thing. All is good and I guess she didn't need any shots, they finished her off at 18 months - no more till she's 4 I guess. Sweet! Her iron was good too. The dr even told me she doesn't need vitamins - I was so surprised! It seems like they are always shoving pills down your throat these days. ahhhhh....I can't get off the couch now! I need to change the cat litter too and do the dishes - and take a nap. ;)


mjvdec01 - September 11

Hey, I only have a minute. Nate's belly b___ton is okay. The surgeon said that it looked alright inside, and that it is just taking a long time to heal. He showed me how to use the silver nitrate at home to do every week or so if I need to. He definitely doesn't need surgery. What a relief! Anyway, he weighs 13 pounds 2 ounces and looks so big to me. I have to get to bed. Lastnight he slept from 10:30pm to 7am and I doubt I will get that lucky again tonight, so I need to get going. Catch ya later!!


fefer1 - September 11

that's great about nate! glad you got a good night sleep! Levi was doing so good and last night I didn't want to wake him at 10 so of course, he got up at 1am to eat. ugh...you'd think I'd learn. :) He is on day four of no poop too - he has the nastiest smelling gas too! I thought Rachel had pooped yesterday because it was so stinky but nope, it was levi's little b___t. haha..it's stinky! Rachel may have gone a day at most without pooping so this is a little weird for me - but it's nice that I don't have to clean up poo! I'm waiting for the major b__wout though.


fefer1 - September 13

hey - how are things going? Tim has spent the last two nights working on tiling my friends kitchen so I haven't see him till 11pm...I feel like a single parent. Still waiting for him to get home. Just thought I'd say hi and let ya know all is well other than the fact that I'm totally exhausted.


mjvdec01 - September 14

Hey, sorry, I posted last night but I got booted off line before I could save it. Then it was too late to do it again. :o{ I know it sucks when they don't get home til late. I feel like a single parent a lot of the time. Jimmy leaves for work by 4:30am and if I am lucky he is home at 7:30pm. I really can't wait until we are able to move back to the Seattle area. Hopefully it won't be more than another year or so. Anyway, we have a busy weekend. Today we took Maddy to the Puyallup Fair after her swim cla__s. I made it to the gym this morning for my step/strength cla__s, and we didn't get home until about 6:45pm. Nate was a doll all day. All we had to do was feed and change him to keep him happy. Tomorrow is Jimmy's work picnic at Sammamish State Park. I am looking forward to it. It is usually a lot of fun. Also, I actually got in to a pair of regular jeans today!! I have lost 8 pounds in the last month, but I still have about 30 pounds to go before I am where I want to be. I can do it. I have been going to the gym six days a week. I am also happy to report that as long as Nate's last feeding is between 10 and 11pm, he will sleep a solie 7 to 9 hour stretch!! Hey, I was thinking that maybe you and Tim would want to go to the Fair with Jimmy and I on the evening of the 20th? If you can get a babysitter, I think I may be able to get Julie to watch Nathan, and Maddy will be spending the weekend with my mom. I think it would be fun. We could go have some drinks and then head over. I want to go on the slingshot. I did it a few years ago and it was a real rush. Of course I screamed the entire time, but it was really fun. Anyway, just a thought. Let me know as soon as possible so I can ask Julie. Gotta get to bed!


mjvdec01 - September 14

read my last post if you haven't already.


fefer1 - September 14

nevermind my email - I decided to check in real quick. :) Actually, Tim and I are going to see the Phantom on the 20th. yay!! My sister is watching the kids for us that night - I can't wait to get out and do something besides a movie. The NEXT weekend we're going to Yakima again to get our dog fixed and to go to the Yakima State fair - I like it a lot more than the Puyallup because it's not as crowded and it's just as good for me. Foreigner is playing on that Sat night too so we're leaving the kids with my cousin and Grams and going to the concert with my mom. haha...an oldie but it will be fun. :) Ok.. now I'm gonna watch my movie! ;)



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