MMR And Var

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jilly01 - March 12

my dd has her 1 year appt in a few hours and i am all about vac's, but i was wondering did any of you have them half dose the MMR to avoid reaction and i am not doing the chicken pox (it doesnt work i have the info and data and a child to prove it with shingles). giving the MMR slower you think it matters?? she has done awsome so far with shots. doesn't even cry while getting them.


HANNAHs Mom - March 12

Hannah is receving all shots. She just had the chick pox at her 18m check-up. The only thing I changed in her vaccination schedule is delaying the MMR until she is two. She is a brave one too...hardly a peep or wimper when she receives her shots. The nurse told me the MMR is a painful one though, just to prepare you :(


ssmith - March 12

Just curious.....what benefit is there in delaying the MMR?


Steph - March 12

Jilly01, I don't plan on having Trev get the chicken pox vaccine, and my daughter did not receive it either. My daughter did get the MMR at 1, and I'm not sure about what I'm planning to do with Trevor.


jilly01 - March 12

the benefit is that kids still are getting rubella and chick pox even after vaccinating so by delaying alittle you are give them more time to be immunue


jilly01 - March 12

oh i should add that i delayed till 18 months for the MMR and not doing the varicella at all time the state makes me for school, anyone up for a chicken pox party??? he he


HANNAHs Mom - March 13

Is there really any benefit to delaying the MMR? Maybe, mabye not…I don’t know. For me, it’s more peace of mind while I do more research. A few years back the MMR was administered at 12m, now they changed it to 15-18m bc they decided the baby’s immune system would be stronger and better equipped to handle it (that alone makes me wonder). The reasons I have decided to delay are 1) I know several moms who’s babies had an adverse reaction to it 2) the so-called link between Autism and MMR, true or not 3) and most importantly, I am following my instincts on this one. Hannah may start school, one day a week this Fall, so she will need to have the MMR if I do enroll her. If I decide not to put her in, I may delay the MMR even longer. Also, sometimes I just feel that the drug companies are vaccinating our babies for their $$ benefit…not ours.



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