Mom Driving Me Crazyyyy What About Yours

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Skyfeather - July 5

Even before I was pregnant my mother and I were never on the same page. I never was close to my mother and for me at this point in my life I have to much going on to want to play her games. The problem is I do know my daughter needs to have her grandmother in her life so I have to put up with seeing my mother more then I want to or more then whats healthy for my sanity. The problem is no matter what I say to her she never gets it and will twist things around to suit her and make her look like the hurt party. She does things that i told her if she ever did in front or around my daughter that would be it, no more visits but I told her in a nice way. Saying that if it ever happened in the future thats what I would do so lets not let it happen, she immediatly twisted it to suit her and ruined my first mothers day by calling me every sort of name in the book and screaming and crying and calling non stop. My fiance would be happy if we never saw her but he tells me shes my mother so be nice. She calls nearly every day saying Im being horriable because I dotn come up to her house which is nearly half a tank of gas there and back. I tell her she can come to our house for a short visit on certain days, usually when my fiance is at work so that way she doesnt bug in on his and I time together. If she doesnt see Kaylee myd aughter everyday she complains that Im a bad person etc. Get the picture. Im at my wits end because yes she did buy Kaylee a bunch of clothes which I am thankful for, yes I owe her 300 that I am paying her back for, due to her lying about a bill but just to get her off my back Im paying her bill.I really dont know what to do since anythign I say doesnt get thru to her. I wish I could move and not tell her where I live, is that wrong? Of course she knows my new cell phone # which I regret giving her because she calls so much and fi I dont answer will leave long msgs that take up minutes. (I feel like she does this on purpose) I supose Im doing another rant and vent but the last time I had a problem you girls helped by just listening and that made me feel so much better. Does anyone elses mother bother you like this? Im ready to run away screaming.


Syn - July 5

I don't have a problem with my mom. but I can't stand my husbands grandma. I told her i had a midwife and she keeps going on about how I should have the baby in the hospital. and c___p. but the midwife said it perfectly safe to have my baby at home. then she goes on about having a doctor there in case i need cut and I try to tell her that the midwife does that herself and that new studys show that u r more likely to have 3rd degree tares if u r cut. but she won't lisen. I just want to rip her hair out. she is such a pain in the a__s. I plan to have my baby at the hospital then I can come home affter 3 hours ( then to that shes like on no u should stay there in case the baby get sick. Hello, the midwife will come to my place to check the baby) anyway i swear if she says anything else about having the baby at the hospital i'm having it at home. o and she keeps tellinh me i'll be late. but i think hes coming early and so does my mom and grandma. I wish i could tell the old bag to shove it. anyway for your problem. I would get a new cell number. just tell your mother you got rid of it. who cares if she believes u. then u should stop seeing her as offten as u can. her behaviore probable isn't healthy for your little girl to be around. u could just make it so u only see her every once in a while. o and get a phone that tells u whos calling so u don't have to listen to her all the time. u could even turn of the answering machine. well thats the best ideas I can come up with. maybe u will like some. but remember if she is getting to u then theres a chance its affecting your little girl with out u even knkowing it.


first time momma - July 6

girl, i have been in your same situation, not with my baby because i haven't had him/her yet..but I have had family problems, my mother is on drugs..and at some point when the relationship becomes unhealthy, you have to just cut them off. only about 3 people in my entire family have my phone number and address..its less stress for me that way...I love my mother, but like i said she wasnt healthy for me...Now she is in jail because of the drugs and wont get to see the birth of her grandchild. but if she gets out and continues with the same lifestyle, i wont expose my child to whats best..grandmother is only a t_tle that should be earned and not given


Skyfeather - July 6

Thanks yea'll at least I know Im not alone. My mother does do drugs but she has not yet done them before or during the time she is with Kaylee and I. I told her if she ever did them around her or when we are at her house she would never see us again but she of course took that as the hurt party- what ever. If my fiance and I can get custody of his other dughter we will definetly move far far away and I will change my #.


Lisa - July 6

My mum and I were never really close either, but she was a fantastic nana to all my kids. She pa__sed away 3 years ago and I would give anything for her to meet her new grand daughter. My kids were all very fortunate to have a nana like that....she was the best! They missed her terribly after she died. She was about the only person I could happily leave my children with, knowing they would be in the very best of care. :o)


helpful hints - July 8

my mom is cool for the most part.Its my monster in law that i have a problem with.Lets just make it short.She is a b___h


kEEKEE - July 10

I have a crazy mother and MIL!!!! Yup, both....Can you beat that? Heeheee.....Do what is best for you and your family. Good luck!!!!


E - July 10

I am the luckiest woman here!! My psycho mother moved to Egypt 4 years ago for her third husband. Straight out of a book, huh? We manage to get along now that we communicate soley via email. She still refers to herself as a grandmother, even though she has yet to send anything for her grandson.


Mel - July 10

Hey, are you sure we don't share a mom? My mom is exactly the same. It has gotten so bad I have had to cut off visitation from my 2yr old son. Its been 1 month and she is still calling and coming to the door but I have sent a letter saying if she keeps coming around I will get a restraining order. Its gotten so bad she is threatening to beat my husband up if she sees him. She making up lies that my husband is a drunk and kicked my son in the groin. That was the last straw. I am so tired of her lies.Hang in there and just do whatever you have to do to protect your baby. I started to feel that it was becoming an unstable situation. Sorry about what you are going through. I know how hard it is to deal with a parent that is not acting like one.



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