Mom S Of June Babies That Refuse To Nap

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mlm056 - November 20

Hi Ladies -- my lo simply doesn't like to nap - he is in fairly good spirits all day -- but cat naps for 30-45 mins 2-3 times a day. He's up at 6am and goes until 7pm -- for those of you in the same situation -- what do you do with him all day?? He isn't able to sit up on his own yet -- so I am really 'hands on all day' hence nothing really gets done -- he will only entertain himself for about 15 mins with his jumperoo or rainforest playard... the swing is an option certain days... any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated! (I need to get laundry done!! and maybe prepare a meal or two!!)


excited2bemama - November 20

HAHA-- I am in the same situation. My lo is a great sleeper at night and until lately would nap up to 3 hours in the afternoon ( plus an am nap). Lately I can't get her to sleep more than 45 min and sometimes she thinks 15 min counts as a nap!!!!! It is frustrating as she wakes up still tired. SOmetimes if stick her paci in and try to get her to go back to sleep but that only works once in a while!!!! I am a SAHM mom and this makes for LONG days too. She can only entertain herself for like 5 min and the rest of the time she wants to be able to see me. She spends alot of time on the floor on a blanket playing with toys and rolling around. She also will spend a few min in the exersaucer or jolly jumper. I put her in the highchair in the kitchen with some toys on the try while I make lunch, do dishes, etc. SHe can't sit up on her own either really- she will fall over after a few mins. WE go for daily walk sin the stroller and I have a backpack for her that sometimes I out her in while I make dinner. I usually fold laundry on our bed and just lay her on the bed while I fold clothes..... I dunno its hard because I literally have to ENTERTAIn her all day and I used to get so much dome during those 3 hour naps!!!!


mlm056 - November 21

Hi Excited -- so glad someone else is in my boat! Does your lo spend alot of time on her tummy -- I feel badly b/c ds HATES tummy time -- hence when I am not 'proping' him up with pillows, supporting him or if he is in his jollyjumper -- then he is always on his back -- which I hate... hopefully a month to go until he can sit by himself... thanx for responding -- seems like we are the only June mommies with Nap troubles -- lol!


excited2bemama - November 21

hey- she spends a fair amount of time on her tummy. She can roll both ways now but for some reason its harder for her to roll from her belly to her back.. so she usually whines for me to roll her over even though I know she can do it.


squished - November 22

Oh my god it's like I wrote this LOL!! Our ds was never a long napper, but lately he will not nap at all. He'll be bleary eyed and exhausted but will not take a nap. I too have not been able to get ANYTHING done. Our house is a wreck. He only entertains himself a while too and he wakes up happy but as the napless (or very short nap) day goes on it just goes downhill from there. He's normally a great tempered, smiley, little boy but without naps he's just grumpy. I too have to entertain him a lot as when he's tired he doesn't want to get in his bouncy or anything and I am so exhausted after over 2 weeks of this it's getting ridiculous. I don't know what else or new thing to try. I hope it's a phase :)


Kims_new_belly - November 23

well my lil girl is now 8 months.......and she went through a crazy 4 month phase...........she started getting up 5-6 times a night......and turned from a good napper to a 30 minute napper........I could almost time it.......i was sooooooo sleep deprived.....I did a bit of reading and what was typical in what i read was keeping baby's surroundings with the least bit of stimulus but with white noise (fan,humidifier)....I don't know if this helps...but it helped me..she's an hour and ahalf sleeper now...woohoo.....I'm still sleep deprived because I still get up to check on her...LOL.....but at least she's sleeping


mlm056 - November 24

HI Kim, I did just that -- removed the mobile and put on some white noise, and I purchased some gripe water -- when he cried out, I dunked his nuk in it (took 5 times!!!) and woo hoo -- 1.5 hour nap yesterday -- TWICE!!! And now as I type -- he is napping 43 minutes and counting! THank you for your suggestions.


excited2bemama - November 25

still doing 30 min here... how long does this phase last??? she used to sleep 45-3 hours now if I get 45 min out of here its a miracle.. still sleeping great at night now. 2 of my friends with babies the same age have the same problem.. 30 min naps


Lauren2006 - November 25

Try to put some music on every time before the nap to introduce your baby to the pre-nap or pre-night sleeping routine. It should really help. We use the Christian choral children's music from Otrada orphanage. If you want to try it, you can find some samples and Cds online searching for Otrada Christian girl's orphanage (The St. Nicholas Monastery Otrada Orphanage). These girls are orphans, they live and study at the monastery and create this music that is most touching. Babies like to listen to it as they can feel the Christian joy of the girls and their Sisters in Christ.



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