Mom S With Military Husbands Deployed Overseas

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kellens mom - February 9

I was driving to work this morning and saw a vehicle with a sticker in the window that said "Half my heart is in Iraq". A portion of a heart shape was red, while the other portion was military camo. The sticker got me thinking about how many mom's are without the support of their husbands because they are overseas.


USMC_wife - February 9

That's great of you to do this thread, kellens mom. My dh is home now, but it is very difficult when your loved one is away. The worst thing is not knowing if they will come home alive or not.


Mellissa - February 9

I have one of those magnets, but i chose to keep in on my fridge instead of my car (didn't want to alert perverts that my hubby was gone). he's home now, so i'm happy. chad was deployed from the time my dd was 4 months until she was 18 months. then again when i was 4 1/2 months pregnant until Diesel was 3 months old. It's really tough, but we made it through. I know you probably have the frg and all, but if you need any more support, i'm on the forum just about everyday.


mosley12 - February 10

my husband right now is with a nondeployable unit, so im lucky because all he does is go out on two week mini deployments, and i worry about those. i couldnt imagine him being gone for a year or longer. i have major respect for women who deal with it


faeyth - February 10

where is your husband staitoned, mosley?


Rabbits07 - February 10

My dh is no longer military, but just wanted to say that I empathize with those with loved ones overseas. My dh (bf at the time) was deployed to Saudi in the first Gulf War when I was 5 months preggo with our first child. He didn't get to see her until she was 9 months old. That was a very hard time for us. As I mentioned he is no longer in the military and I'm glad that part of our life is over. Thanks to each of you and your dh's for the sacrifices you make daily.


kellens mom - February 10

I know there is at least one more of you out there. What is the gals name whose daughter just got out of the hospital because she was having breathing difficulties? She lives in Hawaii, but has been visiting family in Washington since her dd was born. Her husband is now home for a short leave. I hope they are enjoying each other. I can't imagine how hard it will be for him to leave that baby to go back.


mcatherine - February 10

kellens mom - I think her name is preggosauce.


jas - February 10

I think it's preggosauce too... My dh is military - he is TDY, (not deployed) while we are in the middle of a move. I don't blame you for not putting the magnet on the car - seems like all the pervs come out when hubby leaves... I really hate the line once you state you are married "Happily?"... uh, yeah... Anyway... A little ot there, sorry...


mosley12 - February 10

faeyth, we're in nc. he's also on light duty because of his back, so mini deployments arent a common thing..and its good cause he was telling me about people who have had there heads chopped off while on those mini deployments! he really knows how to put my mind at


SonyaM - February 10

We are not military but live in San Antonio and have several bases here so we have a lot of neighbors whose dh's or son's are deployed. There were four on my street at one time. Now there are two. It's scary for them and sad for the children. I thank God for those willing to serve and pray they all come home safe SOON!!!!!!!



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