Mommy Survival Kit

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MommyMeg07 - August 27

Hi everyone! I'm trying to make a Mommy Survival Kit for my cousin, who is about to have a baby. My dd is 18 months old, and it's amazing how quickly you forget things you need! I was planning on buying her like a book to read while she's br___tfeeding, nipple cream, tylenol, an eye patch cooler thing that goes over your eyes for swelling, stuff like that. What are some other suggestions y'all can think of? Things to help her feel pretty or relaxed or de-stressed.... anything you can think of! Thanks so much!!


wv_red - August 27

Get her a heating pad if she doesnt have one. It does great for that end of day back ache. Scented candles. Oh they have those neck warmers that are filled with potpourri that are relaxing. :-)


stefkay - August 27

Yes, some type of back ma__sage one of those wooden rollers or something similar. My upper back by my shoulder blades hurts/aches so bad sometimes from b___stfeeding so my boyfriend will ma__sage my back for me at night after last feeding before I go to sleep. It helps a lot!


britt_m - August 27

About the heating pad I've actually fallen in love with those rice packs. I even made a few now. You take like a sock or a towel, washclothes, just cloth whatnot depending on how big you want it. I just made a eye pillow and added rice. You throw it in the microwave for a minute (not wet and with a cup of water next to it) or longer depending on size and it'll get nice and warm, ahh. Or you can put it in a zip lock and toss it in the freezer for an cool pack. I'm 32 weeks right now and these are like heaven for me I'm sure they'll be just as handy afterwards too. You can use them on engorged b___st or to help with let down and b/c of the rice they'll like contour to your shape. My DH uses them on his calves, he does a lot of running. Hmm, I've gotten a ring sling, still using it for my toddler and will definately use it again with my newborn and it can be used to discreetly b___stfeed. You could get her a gift card to a ma__sage clinic, for a ma__sage, reflexology or spa treatment. You could get one of those feet rollers, you set your feet on and roll back and forth, feels great on tired feet! Maybe a gift card to motherhood so she can get a few b___stfeeding shirts or whatnot.



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