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Jamie - November 2

I have a 2 year old daughter, and am 20 weeks pregnant with a boy. I have a couple of friends telling me that boys and girls really aren't that different, and another set of friends telling me that they are so different, they may as well be different species. Which is it? I had thought that having a little boy wouldn't be that different from my little girl, except for individual personality differences. My daughter has always been a super easy baby, sleeping through the night insanely early, very gentle/mild with other children, etc. She is a bit of a drama queen, and will throw a fit if you so much as say her name sharply. (I'm hoping that by the time she's a teenager, she'll figure out that she's never yet gotten her way by throwing a fit...but we'll see.) I figure changing my son's diaper will be easier, as I won't have to worry about fecal matter in all the folds of the genitalia; we're not circ_mcising, so no worries about having to learn about caring for an open wound...I am fairly certain I'll have an easier time getting br___tfeeding off the ground, as this time around at least one of us will know what we're doing, and hopefully my labor will be as uncomplicated as the pregnancy itself, so I won't be all doped up on pain killers like last time. I just started showing within the last week, so I'm guessing that these questions are all popping up because it's finally becoming "real" - and of course, we just found out the s_x this past Wednesday.


kimberly - November 2

I have two boys now and my dd is only 11 weeks. So I am opposite of you I have no idea what to expect with my dd. But, form my experience with neices and nephews and my own boys. They are like night and day. Girls tend to be whinny and boys just play rough. As far as diaper changes with boys vs girls they are equally challenging. With boys it goes up under thier thing and thier sac (for lack of better word) and if you are not circ_mcising then you will have to keep the skin folds clean too. Boys pee up and girls pee down, so with boys you have to always be ready so you don't get pee'd on and with girls you always must have a diaper under them so they don't pee on thier clothes. Also from watching my nieces grow up and my dh's oldest teenage son, I would say boys are harder when they are little and girls are harder as teens. Good Luck, you will do just fine!!


tish212 - November 2

ok I am pregnant with my first...but let me say this I have done foster care for years so I have had my fair share of little boys and little girls in my me the boys always seemed more laid back...and the girls well like u said drama queens.... but here's my opinion...its how u raise them as long as u use the same basic "raising format" that u used for ur daughter ur son should be similar to her.... but as far as infancy goes....they can all be different ... each baby is born with its own personality... so my fingers are crossed that ur lil boy is as easy as ur lil girl


Justine1 - November 2

I had one girl then one boy and I find them quite similar. They are both happy, easy going children - the boy is more cuddly/clingy but other than that they are pretty similar. I know some people who bring up boys and girls differently, often letting a boy get away with things just saying "boys will be boys" they wouldn't let a girl away with.


Jmom - November 2

I have a 19.5 month old boy, and a 5 month olf girl. I TOTALLY see a difference! My son is SO laid back/ My daughter is so needy, loud etc.. I don't know if it is 1st child vs second child, but my son was EASY- slept lots, dd doesn't sleep during the day, hates to be alone for a minute. Loves to be held, play with me etc.. Son is very independent and has been since he was a few months old...


kimberly - November 2

My boys are also sensitive and sweet but the things they are interested in are just rough. My oldest is in football so he tackles! My youngest is just a daredevil. He rides his bike and pops wheelies and does tricks. He loves skateboarding and he also copies his older brother and plays football with the older kids. So by saying boys are rough, I was just meaning they have interest that are a bit rougher play sometimes. Of course I say this with no experience raising an older daughter yet. One of my nieces imparticular is a very whinny needy child and is never happy with anything. Maybe she is just spoiled but I remember my little sister being this way too.


GloriaD - November 3

I've talked to people about this a ton and my conclusion is its more about birth order than s_x. I have a ds7, dd5 and dd that's two months old and it seems that the first ones are usually more independent, sensitive and laid back and the second one is more needy, wild and challenging. I definitely agree though about boys being easier than girls as teenagers and about the diaper thing. Definitely make sure its pointing down or else they pee right out the top of the diaper!


Jamie - November 5

Thanks for taking the time to answer; I guess I'll just have to wait, see, and wing it! lol...I am probably more nervous about my 2nd child than I was with my first.


sahmof3 - November 5

The only "stereotypical" thing I really notice with Justin (my youngest), 2, vs. Leah, 3 1/2, is that he is really active... always in motion, crashing cars, running, climbing, etc. Leah will join in the fun when she's with him lol, but she likes to take breaks to just sit and color, paint or play with her baby dolls or something where she can use her imagination and make up stories and act them out. It's the two of them here for the majority of the day now that Nathan, my oldest (7) is in school all day. Nathan is kind of hyper and he used to tantrum a lot. Now, he gets whiny and teary pretty easily. He has Asperger's (a high-functioning form of autism), so he gets out of sorts easily by any change in routine or when unexpected things happen. When he's happy he gets silly and wants me to do silly dances with him or hop with him... something active and silly! He can also be extremely focused on things he likes (watching ants is his "in" thing right now) and he'll sit and watch them for an hour or more sometimes if we let him, which we try not to too much or he'll make it his routine and we'll never get him inside to get homework and stuff done! So, he's probably a lot different in that way from most boys. Leah is very outgoing and a drama queen lol. She rarely tantrums, but often gets sa__sy now that she's 3!! She used to be such a good little smiley, sunshiney baby and toddler that I never thought the day would come... but... it did!! Justin is friendly, but not real outgoing, and plays in an active way... mostly just does his own thing. He's pretty happy-go-lucky. His tantrums come on out of the blue and wrap up about 2 minutes later!! He usually gets mad, screams, bangs his head on the floor and when I start ignoring him he has a big need to "make things right" again and will just come and look so ashamed and give me a big hug and then we've "made up" :-D If that's as bad as it will get, I'll take it... oh, I hope so *knock on wood!* They are all so different, though, that Forrest Gump's mama's advice is probably the best "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get."



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