Moms With Talking Toddlers

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Emily - February 6

My two year old was a great talker. She started out like any other kid, a word here or there. Then she started with the two word sentances. Then moved onto more complex sentances and putting sentances with other sentances to tell stories and ask questions. Sometimes she even manages to spit out a gramaticlly corrrect sentence. She started the sentence thing almost over night. She went from one to two words at a time to simple senctances, like "Bring Marce back!" The nurse came and got her sister while she was visiting us in the hospital and she was mad. That was the first time I remember her using a sentence. She was a month and a half shy of two. She is two and a half now ans all the sudden she studders. It happened just as fast as the simple sentences did. She says…..I, I, I, I need to go potty, or wh, wh, wh, what is he doing? It isn't real studdering as in like all words, but mainly the beginning of sentences and on big words. Also she has started using more baby talk. Like not pronouncing her words as well. He ch sounds and the like are lispy. This is all the sudden too. Is is that she is just getting excited? Or is there a real problem. Should I take her to the doc now or wait and mention it the next time we are there?


Christine - February 6

My son who is now 4 was a very early talker, you could understand everything he said and like your little one could form sentences early and very clear. But the older he got it got more difficult to understand him (sometimes). For example his L's come out like he Y's??? He'll say I Yuv you or chap stick is Yap stick. It's the strangest thing. He is getting better but it's weird. We did ask the dr. about it a long time ago and she said that certain syllables are hard for children to say and sometimes until they reach like 7 or so sometimes their L's are harder to say. I thought that was strange but she said she would keep an eye out on it. As for the studdering, I would def. ask the dr. about it when I saw them but I don't know about a special call to them. Sorry so long only to say I would wait.


tyler0323 - February 6

There is no need for speech therapy or anything. she is still learning to talk. The studdering is something my daughter went through too, it had to do with not thinking of what she wanted to say before she started to say it, there for studdered on the first word while thinking of what was to be said next. You will notice alot of changes in speech while they grow. My dd is now 5, in kindergarden, and still has trouble with mixing up certain letters or using plural when it should be singular, things like that, but its all common, and they learn as they grow. you can talk to your doctor about it aswell, but im sure there isnt anything to be alarmed at but it never hurts to ask.


Emily - February 6

The only reason I ask is cause she didn't used to studder or mix up her sounds. It is like she has gone backwords. She is so funny and I love the words she has for certian things. Liek she says that is mes instead of mine. So cute. That is not what I am worried about, it is how she prounces her words and the studdering.


sahmof3 - February 6

I haven't had one that stuttered, but I have noticed, like the others have said, that my kids will learn to say something and then regress on it while they are learning something new... and eventually come back to it. For example.. my 19 month old could say "cup" a few months ago. Then he started adding more words to his vocabulary and started calling cup "duckah". He just last night finally called it "cup" again!! Each of them has done this numerous times, so it's probably not a big worry. I'd call your ped to get their take on it, though.


Kristin11 - February 6

my daughter who just turned 3 was a early talker too and speaks very well, but all of a sudden she seems to be talkign so fast that she is stuttering over her words and spitting out jibberish sentences too. I am glad it isnt just me. i think they just get over excited.


Emily - February 7

Getting overly excited seems to be teh general concenous among the family. THe studdering is kinda anoying I just have to remember to be patient and tell her to slow down. It helps a little. The regression thing witht he words is kinda cute, but I dont want her talking lke that for ever. she talks better than her cousin who is 10. She needs speach therapy.....She is awful. (I blame my sil mainly cause I dont like her....ha just kidding.....)



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