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onceinalifetime - May 25

Well i am just 16 years old, and i was wondering what the costs are you are paying for your baby. I am only talking when they are only a few months old. Such as, food, clothing, assesories, and everything else. Oh, and most importanly, a babysitter for throughout the day. Any information would be greatly appericated. Thank you.


ralhun - May 25

It doesn't have to be that expensive. We get all our clothes from a local baby sale. I can get all his outfits for about £20. If you b___stfeed it is free. We have a toy library which is £20 a year. Nappies are expensive but cloth ones are cheaper in the long run. We don't have a babysitter, I stay at home, so can't help there. Equipment can be expensive but again you can pick up a lot second hand. Except of course the car chair which needs to be new.


dee23 - May 25

i dont think ill be able to help you as i live in australia, we prolly live in different countries...maybe state where u live as prices are different from state to state, country to country.


HannahBaby - May 25

I live in NY where everything is expensive!! My inlaws live in NC where everything is cheap!! I had a big baby shower so i didnt have to buy ANYTHING for my daughter. I got all of my big stuff and tons and tons of clothes. The only thing that really hit my wallet hard was the diapers and formula.


ashtynsmom - May 25

I pay $125 a week for daycare, and I live in Illinois. That is fairly cheap. I know some daycares here run in the $200's per week for child care. Diapers and formula- I use generic. Parent's Choice formula- I go through a can a week and it is $15 per can. Diapers- Parents choice also, and they are $8 for about 50 diapers, which also lasts about a week. Those are the big expenses. Not to mention wipes, shampoo/wash, baby detergent, bottles and upgrading to the next stage nipples as they grow.... a lot of money, really!!


JEN - May 25

Diapers and formula are pretty expensive... We average about $375-$400 per month on just these 2 things. However, you can do things like join the clubs offered by the manufacturers of these products ( like,, etc) to get coupons. Also, b___stfeed as long as you possibly can and try to find a brand of generic diapers that you like. I got a lot of second hand clothes from friends and tons of clothes and stuff at my baby showers- you do not need to spend a lot on clothes...they grow way too fast!!! As far as daycare goes, it depends on where you live. I am in Houston, TX and the average cost of daycare here is between $800-$1200 bucks per month at a public daycare ( I stay at home with my son for now). If you are worried about not having enough money there are many government programs out there to a__sist you with child and childcare costs ( I'm not sure what your situation is). Babies really don't need that much "stuff" though. A safe place to sleep, a few outfits and blankets, food/ maybe bottles,diapers/wipes, and a safe car seat are really the big things you will need right off the bat.


Ginny - May 25

I live in TN, and I b___stfeed, so food costs are next to nothing. She just started rice cereal, and that's about $2 a box, and after 2 weeks, I still have most of the box left. I use cloth diapers at home, and the store brand of disposables at the babysitters and at night. Some people don't care for the store brand, but they fit my baby better than Luvs, and the same as huggies, and hold in poop b__wouts better than Pampers, so that's just my experience. I use WalMart's Parent's Choice and a box of 80 in size three is $10.56. I haven't bought ANY clothes (even though I wouldn't mind) because friends and people from church have given us so many hand-me-downs. Our crib was a newer hand-me-down from a sister-in-law . And my stroller/car seat combo was a gift from my co-workers, so I'm not sure how much it cost. Her bouncy seat was $30, but I used a store coupon and got $5 off. I pay my sister-in-law $50 a week to watch her for 4 days. A daycare around here was $175/ wk for an infant. I hope I've helped!



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