Mongolian Spots

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Me - August 29

My newborn has 2 very dark spots - one on her tailbone, the other on her left buttcheek...they look like bruises; the doctor said they're Mongolian spots. What are Mongolian spots, and do they go away? I'm a bit worried, because it looks like we beat our child.


N - August 29

From what i've heard they do not go away, they are like birth marks. I know how upsetting they can be, they really do look like bruises. I have heard that, like most birth marks, they will fade as the child grows, but probably won't ever be gone. Don't worry, just let anyone who is watching your child know what they are.


me too - August 29

They do usually go away by ages two to four. Some take longer to fade away, but will fade away by the time they hit puberty. "Mongolian spot is a hereditary developmental condition caused by entrapment of melanocytes in the dermis during their migration from the neural crest into the epidermis"


Jadyns Mommy - August 29

How odd, I have just noticed this as well on my daughter in the last week and was very worried about it as well because it looks like 2 small bruises near her shoulder blades and another larger one right near the top of her bottom. I interrogated her poor father and grandma as well as checked everything from her carseat, bouncy chair and ba__sinett to see if anything hard was underneath them causing the marks. I saw slight discolorasion when she was first born but they seem to have darkened. I have been told that it is more common in Hispanic infants and my daughter is White/Hispanic. Has anyone else heard this?


chelsey - August 29

a friend of mine has a little girl, who has a mongolian spot, around her tailbone. It looks like a bruise too! From what I understand, it is a birthmark, and a baby will only get it if both parents are Asian. (or if their is Asian blood, on both sides of the family)


monica - August 29

my boys are only half asian and they both have the Mongolian spots. My 4 year has one on his ankle and tailbone. But they are both fading away...


Me - August 29

My DH and I are both 100% caucasian...if only Asians get Mongolian spots, why does my daughter have them?


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - August 29

Asian baby's are not the only ones to get them, my daughter is mixed (caucasian/ african american) and she has one. I am not sure as to why your baby has one, we were told by our doctor that babies of darker skin tones get them easier. I thought it was a bruise also so we asked (it looks like she has been spanked) and she said they do not hurt, and it will more than likely disappear before her second birthday.


kEEKEE - August 29

My son has a Mongolian spot on his shoulder also. The spot do look like a bruise. I was told it is a birth mark. Birth marks normally fade with time.


CEM - August 29

i've heard that mongolian spots are birthmarks that children of colour get. not only asians, but children of african descent can get them as well. i am half asian and don't have any, but one of my sons has them. their father is 100% caucasian. he has it on his back, just above the waist-line, and it also looks like a bruise. it might have something to do with complexion, he is the darkest of the three and the only one to have a mongolian spot. the other two are blonde and fair and don't have any at all.


me too - August 29

They are only more common among darker skinned races, such as Asian, East Indian, and African but not limited to those races.


here it is... - August 29

a mongolian spot will occur in 90% of black babies, 80% asian, 65% latino, and only 5% caucasian.They tend to disappear at 1 -2 years of age, most of the time!


m - September 1

Hi, Just to be careful it is a good idea to take pictures of the spots to have on hand. I have a cousin from China who came over as an infant. My aunt was questioned repeatedly about abuse by people who saw the spots. People in the USA don't always understand.


Me - September 1

My mother recommended that, because we are Caucasian, and Mongolian spots are so rare for Caucasion children, we get a statement from the doctor saying the marks have been there since birth.


wenling - September 2

from where i am, i think i haven't seen a baby without... AS they get older the skin stretches and fade. it doesn't go off totally but become less visible.


Nay - September 3

my oldest had mongolian spots that looked almost like bruises. she is now 9 and there is no sign of them. mongolian spots tend to be more likely in mixed children because of pigmentation issues. my daughter is half native american half white. I freaked out as well LOL took her to the doctor and thought someone was beating my baby :-( hers were also on her bum.


caucasian - September 28

If my kid has this, and we're white, does this mean we have negro/hispanic/asian ancestry??



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