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apr - March 14

I have been feeling very weak and tired the last couple of weeks, and I have been diagonized with Mono!!! I am scared, and I dont kno what to do. Obviously theres nothing to do for it, but I just dont know how I am going to survive the next few weeks/months/year(s)


sahmof3 - March 14

First of all, I'm sooooo sorry you are going through this. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy!!!!!! I had mono in college. At the worst I couldn't even get up off te sofa at all!!! That's when I was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with mono! After that I slept as much as I could and ate really healthy. That was about all I could do. I was basically quarantined, so others taped the lectures and brought me a__signments and tests... which is the only way I pa__sed my courses! The worst of it lasted a month and after that my strength and energy began to rebound. I think I still got the sore throats and mouth sores for about another month or two, but I had improved a lot by the end of the first month. I can't imagine going through this while caring for a LO, though. You are going to need to sleep when your LO sleeps... get as much rest as you possibly can. Ask for help for things like laundry and cleaning or whatever you can get. It is also important that you don't do much heavy-lifting and no long walks, etc. for the time being (like you even could at this point, right?) because sometimes w/ mono your spleen can become enlarged and rupture with too much exertion. You definitely need to talk to your doc about that even as you start to feel better, so that you know when it's safe to exercise again!! I'll write more if I think of it....


apr - March 14

thanks sahmof3-right now I am crying away. I dont know what I did to deserve it. I feel awful, and I dont know how I am going to go to work, and we really need the extra money... oh dear : ( I am happy to hear though that it only lasted a month for you (the worst part) b/c ppl have been telling me it can go on for years... :-o. Please ladies, I need lots of support now...


mcatherine - March 14

apr - so sorry to hear this is happening, hon! I don't know anything about mono - but you know I'm here when you need to vent about it!!! You'll get through this - I know you guys need the money and this will make it pretty tough on you, but you're going to make it through this quickly and come out on the other side just fine. You know me - I can always throw in some tasteless joke about how much weight you'll lose and I'm jealous because I only got the stomach flu for a few days or something else like how exactly DID you catch the kissing disease... just let me know :o) :o) I'll be thinking of you...


jb - March 14

I also had momo when I was in college. It is true, the worst of it lasts about a month. I don't know why people are telling you it lasts a year. I agree with Sahmof3. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Be sure to ask for help when you need it and most importantly, get sleep. If you don't sleep, then it could take you longer to recover. I hope you feel better soon.


kellens mom - March 14

Why do terrible things have to happen to such great people? Darn it anyway. I have never had mono, but I have heard that it can be brutal...I can't imagine your suffering. Time will heal all, so I will pray that time goes by quickly for you over these next couple of months.


Shannah - March 14

apr, i am here for you too, if you need to chat or vent. i wish i could say i would help you but we are not close, but if we were i would come by and help!!! i will do some research on mano too and share it with you! hope you start feeling better real soon!


apr - March 16

Just want to update you all. I was diagonized with EBV. For those who dont know there are 2 types of Mono. CMV and EBV. CMV is dangerous if u get pregnant... Anyways, I ahvent been on the computer at all the past few days. I really felt awful!!! I couldnt even lift my head off the cushion! Thats how bad I felt, and I seriously dont wish it on anyone to feel this way! With that being said, thanx to those who are/will giving me support! I really need it now


LollyM - March 16

aww, I had it when I was in highschool and man did it suck! They didn't find out until it was gone (my spleen was still swollen) but it really did suck. You just gotta' try to get some rest and drink lots of fluids. mine lasted two months, because mom kept thinking I was making up reasons not to go to school and so I had to go anyway and it made the mono worse. I also had a boyfriend at the time who I made out with just about every day and he never got sick, so don't be to paranoid about ds getting it! If you have been feeling bad for a while, it is probably almost over anyway, so just try to keep your spirits up ok! have hubby make you breakfast in bed or something =)


Mingill - March 16

apr, I just wanted to say how sorry I am that you're sick right now. I don't know anything about mono except that it makes you so tired and weak, I can't even begin to imagine how you must feel. I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you get over this as quickly as possible.



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